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  1. Went out for dinner this evening to a local restaurant that has a micro brewery attached. Had a Saphir Lager, no doubt patterned after Firestone Walker's Pivo Pils. It was great! Have never taste Saphir hops before, and they are delicious. My LHBS does not carry them but next time I make a bulk online order, I am going to get some. Anyone else tried them? Or tried making a Pivo Pils clone? Cheers, Christina.
  2. Thanks. Sounds like an interesting yeast. Supposedly a dry version of Wyeast 1318. Unfortunately it will probably never get to my LHBS, and wouldn't you know it: they carry WLP not Wyeast. But I am pretty happy with WLP095. Same idea. Cheers, Christina
  3. What yeast and temp did you use Kirk? Cheers, Christina.
  4. Just put this on. A bit late for an Oktoberfest, but I am never in the mood to brew one until October actually rolls around. Oktoberfest 2020 1.7kg Coopers Lager 1.5kg light LME 100 Aromatic 300gm Caramunich 300gm Munich 10L 600gm Vienna 46gm Mt Hood @ FO x20min hop stand 1 tube Clarity Ferm 23 L RO water 14gm Coopers ale/lager blend @ 18C OG 1.053; FG 1.012: ABC 5.3%; IBU 28.8; EBC 16; BU:GU 0.55.
  5. Highly recommend using flavourful base malts, like Maris Otter, Vienna, and some Munich. Makes a kit taste more like all grain.
  6. That is right. Batch is 23L, about 5.3% ABV. I almost always add some finishing hops to the mini-mash wort during the 20 minute boil.
  7. I always use one of the light coloured Coopers kits. Which one depends on what IBUs I am targeting. I probably use the APA kit about 75% of the time, but also the Mexican Cervesa kit, and occasionally the Lager or Blonde kits. At the end of the hop stand I add 1.5kg light LME to the kettle, and then the Coopers kit. This helps dissolve the extract and also cools the mini-mash wort. Then the lid go back on the kettle for the remainder of the cool down time. Making beer this way I can get away with using a rather small kettle and can prepare everything indoors, on my kitchen stove. Cheers, Christina.
  8. I make partials all the time, using around 1.25kg and I have never noticed any DMS, but I never use Pilsner malt. I typically boil for 20-25 minutes. I put the on the lid at flameout, but have experimented with keeping it off until the temp drops to 70C, but I did not noticed a difference. Keeping the lid on is safer from an infection control perspective. Sometimes I leave the lid open just a crack. Long story short: I wouldn't worry about DMS. Cheers, Christina.
  9. As for hoppy beers, there are IBUs and dry hop aroma. IBUs will diminish over time, by about a third at the six month point, and then more gradually. As for dry hopped beers, they are probably best before they are six weeks old, although can still be quite serviceable for a few weeks after that. Don't leave a dry hopped beer to slumber in a dark box. Drink it as soon as it is carbonated, and as fast as you can. If you aren't going to get around to drinking it for a couple of months, don't bother dry hopping it, as it is a waste of money. Focus on your malt bill. Cheers, Christina.
  10. Nice....Yeah, raspberries give off a lot of colour, and strawberries some delightful aroma. Country wines and meads with a large amount of raspberries are often nicknamed "Dragon's Blood." The mead should not stall or take six months if you provide it with staggered nutrients. Are you familiar with the TOSNA 2.0 calculator? https://www.meadmaderight.com/tosna.html When I make country wine I follow the TOSNA schedule and use boiled bread yeast as substitute for GoFerm and Fermaid K and it works well. Cheers, Christina.
  11. That is what I do too: read it for inspiration. I have had my copy for years. It is all dog eared. He knows his stuff. Sometimes I am in awe of how he went from being a home brewer to a brewing radio host, author, and expert. How did he do that? Sounds like a nice brew Captain. Please post your recipe when you make it....I just kegged mine today. Cheers, Christina
  12. @Coopers DIY Beer Team A few of the kit yeasts I have bought recently have a new set of numbers on them, under the Julian date. For example R3426. Can you please explain the meaning of this new code? Thank you. Cheers, Christina.
  13. Heartfelt condolences from me as well Shamus. Sorry to hear about your loss. Your sister died too young. Christina.
  14. It is usually better to minimize the tannins in the first place, rather than try to remove them later. Watched an interview with Michael Fairbrother owner of Moonlight Meadery, a very successful US meadery, and he says that when he makes melomels he only uses juice (also 71B yeast, staggered nutrients, and fermentation at 17C) so that they don't have to be aged as long. Cheers, Christina.
  15. Can you clarify: are you using whole raspberries in the ferment or pressing them into juice? Be careful with whole raspberries. All those little seeds make them very tannic. Better to squeeze them into juice before putting them into the FV. Cheers, Christina.
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