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  1. ChristinaS1

    Dry Hopping and Cold Crashing

    I cold crash for about a week. Works quite well. Cheers, Christina
  2. ChristinaS1

    Yeast sitting on the foam

    That is normal. Kits with dark specialty malts, like the Dark Ale, and Stouts, tend to have more krausen. The healthiest yeast is the stuff on top of the krausen, at peak fermentation (for ale yeast). In English breweries, traditionally, they would skim this layer off and use it as a starter for the next batch. I think some on the forum have tried it, but it is not practical for most home brewers; they usually aren't ready to put on another batch two or three days after starting one. If you are using the Coopers yeast, the krausen will usually fall into the wort well before the week is out; I have never had Coopers yeast not fall. US-05 sometimes won't fall. When this happens, some on the forum recommend rocking the FV, to encourage it to fall; they find it helps eek out the last couple of gravities points. Cheers, Christina.
  3. ChristinaS1

    This DIY thing of ours

    I recently bought a dehydrator and have made jerky twice so far. The first recipe turned out tasty but was made with soya sauce, which is high in MSG. I am actually sensitive to MSG and if I eat it too late in the day it give me insomnia (it is a neuro stimulant). My second recipe was a dry spice rub, no soya sauce, but is not nearly as tasty; will have to keep searching for a good recipe. Nice thing about jerky is that kids can actually take it to school in their lunches. I got into growing garlic a few years ago, and every year the section of the garden devoted to garlic is getting bigger. It is so good. This year I am growing three varieties. I always thought garlic was garlic, but I realize now that there are dozens of varieties. @Captain 1525229844 I saw a very disturbing investigative report about how minced garlic from China is peeled by prisoners / slave labour. They peel so many, for such long hours, that it destroys their finger nails. They end up having to use their teeth to bite off the end. Cheers, Christina.
  4. ChristinaS1

    Homemade Orange Liqueur

    Hmm, maybe I will trying making some rhubarb liqueur / gin too, just in case it really does take two years for the wine to age. Cheers, Christina.
  5. ChristinaS1

    Homemade Orange Liqueur

    Hi Captain. No, not yet, it is too early; they just finished flowering. Thanks for asking though. It is on my to do list. Spring is very late this year. We had a late frost. They say will reduce all kinds of fruit harvests, such as blueberries, strawberries, and apples. Not sure about the chokecherries. On a slightly different topic, we are in the midst of rhubarb season, which is always the first crop of the season in these parts. I am trying to make some rhubarb-strawberry wine for the first time. Curious about that. Rhubarb is in the freezer and just waiting for the strawberries. I hear it takes a couple of years of aging, but the recipe I am using says "ready in six weeks." Cheers, Christina.
  6. ChristinaS1

    MasterChef homebrew challenges.

    I'd like to see them try to recreate historical brews, like Egyptian beer, Viking beer, or English beer before they used hops, or making brown malt from scratch, the way it used to be made, or some of the old Shut up about Barclay Perkins recipes, or an original IPA recipe. I am sure modern brews taste much better, but it is interesting to see where we came from. Cheers, Christina.
  7. ChristinaS1

    fermented sauerkraut

    Sounds delicious Ben. I like sausages, but unfortunately I am allergic to pork. I recently bought a dehydrator and have started making my own beef jerky, and that is kinda good. I have yet to eat my sauerkraut. There was a bit of mold growing around the edges of my water bag, which did not seem to extend into the kraut. I tried a small sample and it tasted more salty than sour, so I put in a new bag of water and sprayed it with Starsan from the top, but the same thing happened. Not sure if it is safe to eat. What do you reckon Ben? I am looking around for a 2L glass jar with a plastic lid, so I can drill a hole in it and put in an air lock. I don't want to pay the big bucks they are charging for anaerobic fermenters online. It will soon be garlic scape time here. I'd like to try fermenting them. I have also planted four cabbages in my garden, to make kraut with this fall. Cheers, Christina.
  8. ChristinaS1


    Thanks for that Worthog. I appreciate it. Cheers, Christina.
  9. ChristinaS1

    about ourselves

    Hi Mike. My second car was a 1973 VW Fastback. It was the same colour green as a traffic light. Never had a problem finding it in a parking lot. Loved that thing. It was old when I bought it, for $200. Drove it for two years and never had to put any money into it except for oil changes. Sold it after two year for? You guessed it: $200! They don't make them like that anymore. Cheers, Christina.
  10. ChristinaS1

    Might not be beer but to good not to share,,,

    Wow, that looks great! Thanks for getting back to us with the results. You have convinced me to try it this fall. I will follow your recipe. Cheers Mike, Christina.
  11. ChristinaS1


    Maybe it is the oxidation of malt is that causes sherry flavours? I think it is the oxidation of hops that cause flavour and aroma loss. At the 46 minute mark in that interview with John Palmer (above), they talk about how to preserve hop flavour and aroma. Palmer says "hop flavour and aroma suffer greatly from oxidation. Everything you can do to slow oxidation can help." He recommends minimizing contact with oxygen (purging kegs), capping on foam (whatever that means), and keeping the beer cool. "Storing warm is going to allow those oxidation reactions to occur much, much faster." I don't have enough fridge space to store my bottles cool, so I think that is my main issue. I can't quite believe that PET bottles, no matter what kind of fancy technology they build into them, can be a good as glass at keeping out oxygen. It would be great if someone who uses both did a blind triangle test with a bunch of people, Brulosophy style, at the 40 day point, with bottles that were stored at ambient temperatures, which is what most of us do. I would be very curious as to the results. High temperatures would be acting on both of them, but in theory there would be no (?) oxygen getting into the glass bottles....Do the test too early and a difference may not be noticeable. Cheers, Christina.
  12. ChristinaS1


    Yes, you are right. I should have said flavour. Oxidation does cause the loss of hop flavour, at least according to John Palmer: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/8/f/5/8f58e82370bb3396/bbr02-01-18neipapalmer.mp3?c_id=18891350&expiration=1522331678&hwt=3f24ea62b0cd7af5bef16dbb2e0dd2ba I sure notice a drop in hop flavour in my APAs around the six week point. I am not sure why I notice it while Blacksands and Hairy don't. Maybe in an IPA the drop would be less noticeable, due to the higher dose of hops used to start with? I don't make IPAs. The only other explanation I can think of is that I use Grolsch bottles; maybe flip top bottles leak more than PET bottles? BTW, the loss of hop flavour I experience does not bring with it sherry / oxidized flavours. Cheers, Christina.
  13. ChristinaS1


    FWIW, I have never bottled in PET, so I have no personal experience with it. Stone Brewing, makers of the "Enjoy By" line of IPAs in the USA seem to think that hop aromas start to fade within 35 days, and that is in glass. https://www.stonebrewing.com/beer/stone-enjoy-ipa-series#ageGatePassed That pretty much coincides with my own experience bottling in Grolsch bottles. Cheers, Christina
  14. ChristinaS1


    Hi BlackSands and Hairy. BIacksands, this is the first I am hearing of PET bottles these days being multi-layered with oxygen barriers/scavengers being a common component of their design. Not sure how old the PET bottles were that Headmaster used in the beer he sent to competition, that was marked down on for lack of hop aroma, in spite of dry hopping with 120gm of Cascades and Centennial. In his case the beer had only been in the bottle for three weeks. That is pretty rapid in my book. I would think that PET is still PET, and multiple layers wouldn't make much of a difference. Check the articles in my post of May 8 in the thread below. I suspect there is a reason (beyond concern for the planet) that craft breweries choose glass bottles or aluminum cans over PET bottles....With glass, the lid liners are still a concern, even the oxygen scavenging types. Cheers, Christina.
  15. ChristinaS1

    fermented sauerkraut

    Hi Ben. Do you mean you have fermented limes, lemons, and chillies? Interesting! I have garlic growing in my garden and in a few weeks it will be time to harvest the scapes. I'd like to try fermenting them. Have you? Do you have a recipe you'd recommend? Good to know the ziplock bag works for you....About when would you suggest I check the sauerkraut? Cheers, Christina.