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  1. ChristinaS1

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    I will be interested to hear the results of your experiment Lusty. I often make a series of late additions to my APAs, in approximately five minute intervals, starting at 20 minutes, in an effort to increase the durability of hop flavour in the bottle. This works quite well but, just for fun, I am going to revisit my old idea of short boiling a FWH addition and will try adding the 20 and 15 minute additions to the wort as it is warming up to the boil. I want to wait until I am making a recipe where this technique might shine, like a ESB. I understand it is important to use low cohumulene hops for FWH, which I believe EKG is. I know you are supposed to boil wort for 60 minutes to drive off DMS precursors, but I never boil my partial mash wort that long. I usually add my 20 minute additions as soon as the hot break subsides. I have not noticed any DMS, probably due to dilution with the extract, which has been properly boiled. Cheers, Christina.
  2. ChristinaS1

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    Kelsey, there you hit the nail on the head: AG brewing requires a full volume boil. You need a way to bring that volume to a boil. You need a large vessel to hold it, and some way to heat it. A stovetop is not going to be able to bring a full sized batch up to a boil. Full sized batches require equipment that you are not likely to already own. It will have to be purchased, and stored between use. With the lack of winter and 220volt electrical grid, the vessel and heat source issues are easier to solve in Australia than in Canada, if you have the funds, but there is always the problem of space. If space (and money) are limited, you are better off using it for a brew fridge than an AG system, IMHO. John, thanks for pointing out that there are many ways to brew good beer. You are probably the most well-rounded brewer on the forum. Thank you for your perspective. Cheers, Christina.
  3. ChristinaS1

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    Thanks Lusty. As a partial masher myself, I appreciate your trying to carve out a space for it on the forum. I agree that spending some time partial mashing before going all grain could be a very useful for a lot of people and ought to be encouraged. In fact, going all grain doesn't have to be the final destination. All grain isn't for everyone. I simply can't do full size all AG batches, for a variety of reasons. While I could do half size AG batches, I can't be bothered to put that amount of work in for just half of the end product. Unlike many on the forum, I find brew days a PITA and still somewhat stressful. For me home brewing is a way of saving money and getting access to better beer. A partial mash of 900gm-1.5kg can make a big difference to a kit; some of my partial mash brews are at least as good or better than the craft beer made in my small city. While it takes quite a bit more time than steeping a few specialty grains, the taste is much better, and many more styles are possible. Give it a try and you may find there is no need to go AG. Cheers, Christina.
  4. ChristinaS1

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Just putting this together now. Inspired by Celebration Ale IPA (which I have never tasted, as it is not available in my area), but an APA: Cascades and Centennial APA 1.7kg Coopers Mexican Cervesa 1.3kg Briess Golden Light LME 350gm Vienna malt 300gm malted wheat 200gm Caramunich 30gm Acidulated malt 4gm Chinook boiled x 20 min 5gm Centennial x 12 minutes 5gm Cascades x 2 minutes 5gm Centennial x 2 minutes 9gm Cascades hop stand starting at 75C x 20 minutes 9gm Centennial hop stand starting at 75C x 20 minutes ale/lager Gen 2 slurry from another batch 23L I will be dry hopping with 9gm each of Cascades and Centennial later. This is my first time using Chinook; just dipping my toe in. Cheers, Christina.
  5. ChristinaS1

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I just bottled this brew and am excited to report that, for the first time ever, I have succeeded in capturing something close to what I have tasted in the pubs in England. I am very pleased. I am not sure what accounts for the authentic taste, whether it is the 350gm of Maris Otter in the partial mash, or the 65gm of Thomas Fawcett's Pale Chocolate (using both for the first time), or the combination of the two. That is not to say I would not change anything. The recipe could no doubt be improved by using S-04 or a liquid English yeast, and somewhat increasing the amount of Maris Otter. BTW, based on BlackSands ribbing, I bumped up the amount of Cascades to 7gm. I know that part is not English, but it is good. Cheers, Christina.
  6. ChristinaS1

    Mangrove Jack's craft series kits

    Oh my, I am not doing very well today. Time to go to bed!
  7. ChristinaS1

    Mangrove Jack's craft series kits

    Sorry, my bad. I have only used one or two MJ kits, and it was years ago. For a short period of time they were cheaper than Coopers kits, and they had 100gm more of extract. I can't remember much about them except that one got infected, probably because it was under-pitched. Those kits (Traditional Series, not the Craft Series) didn't come with the Craft Series yeasts but rather 6gm of some unidentified yeast. I made the mistake of adding 1kg of DME to it (instead of 1kg of dextrose, which is what the instructions said to do) without adding more yeast. Actually I see they still make these kits and now the instructions say to use 1.2kg LME or 1kg dextrose. I would not add 1.2kg of yeast to these kits without making a Shaken Not Stirred starter or adding some more dry yeast. Cheers, Christina.
  8. ChristinaS1

    Recycled yeast after commando dry hop

    My experience mirrors BlackSands. I frequently re-pitch sloppy slurry from batches that have been dry hopped commando style, from one APA to another. Some here would consider APAs a low hopped style. It has not been an issue. I always leave the slurry sitting in the fridge for a night. I find the hops have usually settled to the bottom of the jar by the next day. When I go to pitch the slurry, I shake up the jar, to re-suspend the yeast, but not too vigorously. If you do it right the hops tend to stick to the bottom of the jar. BTW, I always pitch the slurry cold, straight from the fridge. My dry hop amounts tend to run 25-30gm. I find using them commando gives a lot of bang for the buck. I am not sure how high an amount you could use before running into problems with the sloppy slurry method. BlackSands, what is the highest amount of dry hops you have used commando, without issue?....I suppose if you were dry hopping hundreds of grams, you would have no choice but to contain them in something as it just becomes impractical, nor would you want to run the risk of all those hops to suppressing your yeast. Cheers, Christina.
  9. ChristinaS1

    Mangrove Jack's craft series kits

    I have used a few of these over the years: the old Burton Union, Workhorse, cider yeast, and New World Strong Ale. Workhorse was okay but no better than the ale/lager blend in the APA and Mexican Cervesa kits, so not worth the extra money IMHO. The cider yeast, which gets great reviews, wouldn't start for me and I had to add another yeast. My batches with Burton Union and New World Strong Ale both got infected. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they only are 10gm in size and that I live in Canada? They might have been exposed to poor conditions during transport or have been a bit on the old side. Anyway, I am not too interested in trying them again. Cheers, Christina.
  10. ChristinaS1

    Dry hop day 4 or dry hop 4 days

    I think you are right Hairy. That is the way I see it too. I dry hop commando style, so can't take the hops out. I also cold crash, which confuses things. If I want the dry hops in there for 4 days, or whatever, do I count backwards from when I plan to start the cold crash? I usually cold crash for 1 week. I have tried adding the dry hop just as I dial down the temp, at the start of the cold crash, but I find it really subdues / dulls the effect. Nowadays I tend to add the dry hops a day or two before the start of the cold crash and have been pretty happy with the results. Cheers, Christina.
  11. ChristinaS1

    How long does hop flavor / aroma last?

    Please clarify, is this beer already bottled? If not, is it possible to bulk age some or all of it in carboys, and bottle it closer to July? That way you can dry hop closer to when you are going to consume it. I say carboy because you don't want bulk age in a bucket; with such a large surface area it may end up going bad. When bulk aging, carboys should be filled up to within an inch or so of the bung, to reduce the size of the surface area. Someone else can enlighten me if I am wrong, but I don't see a reason for the mango flavour to disappear. Cheers, Christina.
  12. ChristinaS1

    health aspects of home brewing

    Judging whether a beer is good or bad based on whether it gives you a hangover when you over-indulge glosses over a number of issues and over-simplifies things. If you don't get a hangover, you may get a false sense of security that it is safe / okay. Nowadays there are all kinds of emulsifiers and stabilizers in food; in fact, they are almost impossible to avoid. By their very nature emulsifiers are hard on the lining of the gut, which is very important to our health and a measly once cell thick. Since alcohol is also hard on the lining of the gut, best to drink in moderation. Cheers, Christina.
  13. Hi Everyone, Beginners often start out using Brew Enhancers. One of the first things they are advised to do on the forum, to improve the quality of their beer, is to switch to using malt extracts. Well now there is another reason to switch: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23251695 Turns out maltodextrin is bad for our gut and microbiome. People with Crohn's and conditions linked to leaky gut (there is a long list of those, getting longer all the time) may want to stop using maltodextrin. Cheers, Christina.
  14. ChristinaS1

    How to add flavour ie. Pepperberries

    I suggest taking 4L of wort from your next batch, or using some DME to make some wort, and using that to experiment with. You can use one of those small glass carboys as a FV. That way if you don't like it, you are not stuck with 23L, and you can tweak your recipe for a big batch. Cheers, Christina.
  15. ChristinaS1

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    Not sure why, but when I click on the link I get a "not found" error message. Is that because I am outside Australia? What is the recipe?