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  1. One more thing...it's a Brown Ale. According to the Priming Calculator, the level of carbonation would require up to 3.34 grams of priming sugar for a 600 ML bottle. Based on that, maybe one carb tab would be ok? Aren't they 3 Grams each?
  2. I realized today that the Coopers carb drops can be split pretty evenly with a good quality knife. I'm using 600 ML bottles. One drop is too little, 2 is too much. You guys think I'd be fine with 1.5 per 600ML? And if not, my plan is as follows: -sanitize each bottle with a shot of StarSan -let them drip dry on a bottle tree -prime each bottle with dextrose -fill -cap -wait -Enjoy!! Thanks again for all the help so far! Jamie
  3. OK...thanks all. Was hoping there was a way to do it without having to rack to a secondary. I like the bottling mechanism from the FV so was hoping for a way to do it. I'll go with priming the individual bottles.
  4. Hi All... First brew bottled a few weeks ago and I decided to use the PET bottles and carb drops. My second brew (a brown ale) is in the FV now and will be ready to go into bottles next week. I'll be using glass bottles and was wondering how people bulk prime in the FV without disturbing the trub? Worst case scenario I can prime each bottle, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to bulk prime it I think. Thanks a lot... J.
  5. I just bought some of this and am about to use it when sanitising for my 2nd brew. How do you guys use it? Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the FV and collar? Thats what i was planning on doing as well as soaking the tap for a few minutes. Thanks a lot! J.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll try adding dextrose to each bottle. Using that calculator, do you guys choose the actual style of your beer, or just go with the 'home brew' option of 2.9-3.1?
  7. Hi All... Hopefully bottling my first brew next weekend. I'm not using the plastic bottles that come with the kit. Instead, I'll be using 600 ML (20oz) glass bottles. Would it be too much to use 2 carbonation drops for a 600 ML bottle? I only have the one fermenter, so bulk priming won't work since I don't want to disturb all the stuff that has settled. If 2 drops is too much, what's your recommended method? It's a Coopers IPA that I've got. Thanks a lot!!! Jamie
  8. Got a kit for Christmas and started my first brew yesterday. Picked up a Coopers IPA kit and followed the instructions as stated. Didn't want to vary for my first brew. I thought everything was going well, but when I checked in last night it looked like there was quite a bit of sediment on the bottom. I didn't notice it there when I was mixing it, so I'm not sure if I didn't mix it up enough or if this is normal sediment. I took a pic, but it looks like you can't attach them here. Does anyone know how much sediment is expected this early in the brewing process? Not sure if I should discard it and start over or leave it be. Any help would be appreciated!! Jamie
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