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  1. I have just cracked my first ella APA and wow, in higher amounts ella is just magnificent. I have also done a citra pale ale previously with great results. If you still have some left over ella I'd go; Coopers APA can 1kg LDM US05 or mangrove jack American ale yeast + kit yeast You could do about 250g crystal grain soak in the fridge for 24hours or steep at 70degrees for 45mins. I'd brew on the cooler side, I like my ales fairly clean and more on the bright side 17-18 degrees. 25g ella @ 10mins, 25g citra @ 5mins 25g citra dry hop. Or you could go extract based with 2x1.5kg LME cans and up the boil time abit. Some really good recipes to copy and muck around with is the chubby cherub and cascarillo recipes in the recipe section. Just substitute your hops in there. Alex
  2. I am an extract based brewer & on the few occasions I have done this' date=' the day before brewday I simply fill 3 x 4 litre containers with slightly cooled boiled water. Depending on the time of year & current ambient temperatures, I may refrigerate those overnight & bring them out in the morning to warm up, or I may just leave them out on the kitchen bench if ambient temperatures are accommodating. On brewday simply open one of the bottles & check that the temperature is roughly between 18 & say 25°C, then pour out these containers over the yeast cake & stir. This will give you 12 litres of suitable temperature liquid in with the yeast to start off. Any hot water you might use to help mix a kit or some extract, do in a separate pot or vessel & allow to cool before adding into the main FV. Any temperature fluctuations will be minimal given the 12 litres of suitable temperature water you already have in the FV, provided you aren't pouring in large volumes of very hot liquid. A thermometer is your friend here. [img']wink[/img] Cheers & good brewing, Anthony. I do the same as this. It really is a great method and you get double value out of your yeast. I guess you could go past two batches and keep re-cycling yeast or harvesting, but I think infection risk may become greater after a couple of times. Just as a tip though, I tend to start off with lighter brews such as a nice hoppy APA and move may down into dark ales/IPAs when reusing yeast cake and I tend to brew using similar hops, as there's always leftover hop matter in the yeast cake from dry hopping. Alex
  3. Not as weird as it looks. That said' date=' the T-58 should make it interesting. [img']wink[/img] Good luck with the brew, Anthony. Thanks mate, we'll see how this one turns out. I'm thinking at maybe I should have omitted the choc malt. I'm at the experimental stage of brewing now, got some really nice beers aging so I can semi afford to sacrifice a brew to the learning gods (but if I pull it off I'll be chuffed!) It's my first time using t-58, very keen to see what results I'll get from it!
  4. Bitsa American ipa toucan with all my leftovers Coopers OS lager can Coopers APA can 1kg be1 250g crystal malt 150g choc malt 25g cascade at 15mins 15g mosaic at flame out 15g Willamette at flamout T58 safbrew and APA kit yeast 25g Amarillo dry hop OG 1.062 22 degrees for 12 hours and now down to 18 for the rest of the ferment
  5. Aha yeah I know. I should have made my own thread to get some feedback, doesn't matter because I brewed it anyway and it's smelling like a cracker! Cheers Alex
  6. I just finished lagering a Mexican cervaza that I hopped up with citra. I have high hopes it'll come out ok, just in time for summer. Alex
  7. Hi guys, I wouldn't mind getting some opinions on the EB I laid down yesterday. I did 150g crystal & 150g choc malt steeped for about 40 mins at 70 degrees. Took the steep juice to the boil, mixed in 500g LDM, 200g dextrose and took it off the boil, added 25g Willamette and 15g mosaic. Then mixed the EB can in just to dissolve it all easier. I then steeped it down to 40 degrees in my brew fridge over probably 90mins. Last week I did a pretty gnarly chinook/mosaic APA using mangrove jacks M44 US West coast yeast. Which I racked just before putting down my EB. I decided to try something a little different and put my EB straight ontop of the APA yeast cake. Had an OG of 1.040 and after 2 hours the brew had about 2cm of krouzen, this morning it's fermenting hard at 18 degrees. I know it's abit of a mixer of ingredients and I've used yeast cake from an American pale ale to do an English dark ale, but I have some semi high hopes for this brew! Cheers Alex
  8. Cheers guys, I ended up throwing in the hops commando about an hour after pitching the yeast. Will see if I get any different results from doing this and post back. Had some trouble with the mangrove jacks yeast lagging so I chucked in the tin yeast as well after about 24hours. Fermentation looks to finally be starting up! Alex
  9. Hey guys, I just put down a mosaic/Chinook APA with 1kg BE2 and mangrove jacks American ale yeast. Did a little boil with some steeped crystal malt liquor, 10g Chinook and 10g mosaic at 20 mins, 10g both at 10mins and 7g of both at flame out. I remember reading somewhere about dry hopping at pitching yeast time but can't seem to find anything, I was considering chucking in another 10g of both hops at pitching time rather than in a few days. Any ideas? Cheers Alex
  10. Hey mate, you'd want to keep the euro lager in the bottle for at least 16 weeks unfortunately! At the temp you're storing them at they'd still be lagering away abit. Best bet is to just forget about them for a few months and drink your other beers ;-) When I first started I put down some quicker beers to get me through the times when I needed to age some beers for extended periods of time. Good luck and don't stress. Patience and she'll be right. Alex
  11. Yep I picked up 2x pale ale cans, an English bitter can and two boxes of LDM for just over $40. They have the full kits going for $71....BARGAIN. All the cans were may 2016 best before
  12. Yep brewed it with a mate. We plan on getting a spit with suckling pig and celebrating the actual julebryg day! We brewed it with the English bitter tin which was probably about 4 months ago now. It needs as much time to bottle condition as possible. I tried one the other day and despite the initial taste being a little bit weird, it's a very very nice brew. If I had one minor gripe it was that there MAY have been a little too much cinnamon in it for me. Follow the recipe closely and you should see some great results! Alex
  13. Canadian blonde is a good base can, i guess you could say its somewhere between a mexican cerveza and the pale ale cans. I recently did a canadian blonde, just as my easy drinker with a citra and chinook boil with some crystal grain and a spare box of BE2, it came out very nice about 4% alc. Id be wary of substituting the LDM for dex, LDM adds more body and will create a much better balanced beer IMO. If i were to do the above recipe again (which i probably will), id axe the BE2 and use LDM. Hope this helps abit Alex
  14. Was transferring a batch of starsan from my secondary FV to my primary yesterday, which I have done a million times before by sitting the secondary on my primary and just running the tap out. This time it slipped, fell into the big FV, got starsan all over the laundry and ceiling and also split my FV.... Bugger!
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