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  1. For what it's worth Lee, I also use PET bottles and have brewed almost all of Coopers brews and one Tooheys lager in my kit and re-used my bottles over and over again. All of my brews taste different (and I think pretty good too)and I only rinse them out with luke warm water after drinking and then use a quarter of a "Milton" tablet in each to sterilise before bottling. Cheers
  2. Guys and Gals at Coopers, Recently brewed a batch of the Coopers Stout according to the instructions in the last Newsletter. (Mix + BE #2 and 18 litres water) After only two weeks in the bottle it tastes fantastic. I am looking forward to trying it in about 3 months as I am sure it will only get better. Thanks for the advice in the Club Newsletter, it is invaluable to less experienced brewers like me.
  3. I went ahead and tried a Coopers Bitter with an additional 250gms of normal sugar to get the OG up to 1050. I have bottled yesterday at a FG of 1010. I got two readings over consecutive days so I am confident that I reached FG. What I am wondering is, how much extra sugar or other fermentable product can you add before you need to increase the amount of yeast used. Do you just work it out based on the 7gms per kilo or will the yeast in the satchet break down more than a kilo of sugar?? I suppose the proof will be in the drinking as far as the bitter goes!! :?
  4. Should have mentioned, I have my heater belt plugged into a 24hr timer so it only comes on when the temp drops and goes off during the day. I'm not as fortunate as Doc as my water heater is outside in the cold and would not make any difference to my brew temp. That and it's about 6' high so geting the brew ontop would cause a few probs. The other reason for the belt is that it is only 25 watts and costs about 38 cents per week to run even if it was on 24/7 so cost isn't really a factor for me. Initial cost of the belt is around $30.00. Hope you get some help with the yeast. Cheers :)
  5. Not sure on the yeast but as for the heating problem, I purchased a "Brew Belt" from my local Kmart (two product placements in one sentenc, not bad) and it works a treat even down here in Wollongong where we have had some sub 10 degree nights. The belt is adjustable and fits the coopers kit perfectly. Keeps the brew to 22-26 degrees in my garage. I have been able to brew an Ale and a stout this winter with no problems. One of the other more experienced brewers will no doubt answer your yeast question.
  6. Sounds different to say the least! A couple of questions though. 1. Do you crush the weetbix. 2. Do you melt the jam in boiling water or on the stove or just dilute with enough to make it pouring consistancy? What sort of OG and FG should I expect and how long in the fermenter before bottling (on average) Also I assume this is for one can of stout and 23 litrse water. Have you tried less water or more stout mix? It's sounds so crazy, it just might work!!!!
  7. I agree. I have re-used my first lot of PETs from the original kit twice and have had no problems. As for sanitising, I rinse after each beer is finished (cold water) and then two hours before I brew a new batch I place a quater of a Milton Tablet (baby bottle steriliser you buy from chemist or supermarket) in each bottle and top with cold water. I also put half a tab into a small icecream container and soak the caps. Before I bottle I rinse each bottle and the caps with cold water to get rid of the amonia smell from the tablet. No probs with three brews in these PETs. I also know other brewers who don't bother with the steriliser solutions and they have had no probs either. What ever floats your boat I :) guess! :)
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to get the missus to hide a couple of dozen in another State so I get to sample my beer at it's best. :lol:
  9. As an Ex-Sandgroper I am happy to lend my support to the cause. I may even make the trip over to join the party!! Fremantle Sardines on an outdoor grill, washed down with Coopers Sparkling. Life doesn't get much better than that!!
  10. I have just finished reading the July 04 Newsletter (Enjoyable and informative as always), and noted that one member in the Readers Letters section on the back page, says that he celebrated St Pats day 2004 with a bottle of Coopers Stout from 1995. I am not doubting my fellow homebrewer however, I was always told that home brew had a shelf life of only about 12-18 months before it started to go off?? The other question is, how the hell did this man resist the temptation to drink the stuff before the first six months were up!! A better man than I. :lol: Thanks
  11. Rod, Heres the story so far. Brew 1. Coopers Bitter: 1.7kg mix and 1kg coopers brewing sugar with yeast sachet. OG 1040 - FG 1010 = 4.04% Brew 2. Coopers Baverian Lager: 1.7kg mix 1kg coopers sugar with yeast sachet. OG 1042 - 1014 = 3.7% Brew 3. Coopers Lager: 1.7kg mix 1 kg Brewiser Body Brew (no coopers at shop) with yeast. OG 1050 - 1014 = 4.8% (we are getting closer) Brew 4. Coopers Ale: 17.kg mix 1kg Body brew and normal yeast. OG 1040 - FG 1012 = 3.7% PS: All three 23 litre water. Brew 5. Coopers Stout: 1.7kg mix 1 kg Brew Enhance 2 and yeast. 18 litres water OG 1050 - 1016 = 4.5% (I assume the higher OG is due to the reduction in water?) Still the final reading seems too low for a good stout?? I am using the equation of (OG-FG) /7.46 +0.02 to get the readings. I have checked my hydrometer as you suggested and it is spot on. I am perplexed. I think I'll go and have a beer and await your reply! :?
  12. I couldn't agree more!! Since getting into homebrew about 6 years ago (my father in law's and now my own) I have also noted a dramatic decline in the number of jack hammer operators who have decided to start their shift in my brain at 7am the day after a big night. I never used to believe a South Australian mate of mine, when he said "Drink Sparkiling or Pale mate. You won't get a hangover" Well what wise words they were. My appreciation also goes out to Coopers, who's brewing techniques and quality ingredients have saved another generation from the evils of the hangover! Cheers
  13. I have put four brews down since starting on th magical home brewing journey and even though I follow the instructions and use the correct quantities of yeast and sugar, I can never seem to get the FG down to the 1006-1008 mentioned in the brew notes. I constantly get readings of 1010-1014, as a final (yes I check three days in a row to make sure it's finished). With a OG of 1040 I am ending up with average alcohol content of approx 3.8-4.3%. :? It's not that I want to brew beer that will blow my mates heads off, but it would be nice to get a full strength 5%er now and again. :wink: I am guessing I increase the amount of sugar in the original wort to increase the alcohol, but what effect will this have on the final product taste wise? Any help is appreciated. PS: I am using PETs for bottling. Thanks
  14. Well, my curiosity (and lack of any other beer in the fridge) prompted me to try a bottle of my forsaken Baverian tonight, whilst watching Friday Night Footy ( a little earlier than the two weeks suggested). In the words of the great Dr. Frankenstein, "It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definately be leaving it for a few months before opening another bottle. Thanks to all who convinced me that all was not lost. I can sleep easy tonight. Cheers
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