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  1. having around 450 PET bottles and about 120 glass, I tend to use the glass for something special which I'll age for 12-24 months and the plastic for short term and every day drinking. having said this the plastic bottles are more convenient, just rinse and replace the cap after about 5 uses and your laughing. sadly though most of these bottles have been given to mates now I've been converted to the way of the keg enjoy the beer and all else is irrelevant
  2. yeh thanks for the info much appreciated
  3. G'day all just to let everyone know that the packs have made it to the Sunshine State .........not bad at all, but I don't want to ruin the surprise but keep checking the mail
  4. I'm with bags, please release some merchandise for us fortunate beings that would like to enlighten the heathen horde to the ways of home brew what better way to spread the good word than to have have our bars adorned with the righteous words "Coopers" and "Homebrew" to have our beer taps emblazoned with the truth would be a honor albeit unworthy to all but the most dedicated of the faith
  5. Thanks for all the info guys, you've finally enlightened me to give kegging a go, just put to bed two batches of pale ale one of which I intend to naturally condition and age a bit and the other I'll force carbonate in the keg so I can enjoy straight away (almost) thanks again
  6. thanks for the info, I've got a keg fridge to paint ....... now if only I could get me grubby little mitts on a couple of decent stickers to embellish this shrine
  7. I'm with Greg B, I'd like to see these immature prats on a good session of best extra and the best would be seeing them front up again in the morning. :twisted:
  8. Thanks for letting me know about the mag, I've found it quite entertaining especially if ya dismiss the teething problems. I hope they can keep coming up with original and entertaining articles, possibly expanding the home brew section. p.s. the missus reckons I'm now spending a unhealthy amount of time in the library (especially sunday morning)
  9. Gday all, for those interested dstore online have these rings http://dstore.com.au/Gadgets/Ring-Thing/817500.html now if only they worked with the P.E.T bottles hmmm.......
  10. Thanks Luke for the tip, I'll be trying that in me next brew I reckon p.s. St Paddy's day was spent drinkin' little to much of the black stuff
  11. G'day Mate, do ya like coopers best extra stout ? if so I swear by two tins of stout, 200grms brewing sugar or maltodextrin made up to 23 lt. not the same as best extra but a bloody good drop all the same
  12. G'day Evilian, I found the same problem of not being able to let them age long enough, so I waited till the kits were on special and bought another one. this gives me the luxury of splitting 3 cans of brew between two fermenters and adding an bag of BE1 to each to give a good flavour to alcohol ratio, which even some of my diehard non homebrew mates say is not to shabby remember the best thing about brewing at home is experiment to find what YOU like
  13. tis sounding like what's needed on a bleak winters afternoon. way to go mate. :wink:
  14. well that just goes to show why I joined.....to learn from those who have trod the path of experience. me still thinks I might try a triple stout minus the dry malt ( here's to a steep learning curve ?) regards to those Druids in the Know
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