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  1. something like lashes I hope 46l 8kg weyerman ale malt 0.9kg wey carapils 0.9 wey munich 11 0.18 wey carared malt 0.1 wey acidulated malt 65c-60 min 18.4 cascade @60 20 Amarillo @10 23 cascade @10 23 nelson @10 23 Amarillo dry hop 23 nelson dry hop wyeast 1056 no chill OG 1.044 FG 1.011 IBU 30.9 SRM5.2 65% EFF ABV 4.3 I hope it works but drink mistakes lol
  2. Beyond that, what else is there that is really worth whining about? "My stubbie holder doesn't fit the new bottle" is a joke to read from a person supposedly over 18yrs of age to even mention. Grow up, & move on. Anthony. well in saying what you have i'm 3 times 18 and i'm not going to buy a stubby holder to fit the bottles as my other post that's my bitch about the upgrade full stop.
  3. I don't really like the new bottles . I bought a carton of pale ale last Friday to take away to find my stubby holders fall of the new yuppie stubbies ken
  4. I Hope you are all still having a great day. cheers ken
  5. hi it's been awhile since I've posted but i'm now sampling RIS I brewed almost 4 months ago. yes it came up to expectations @ 9.7% very more-ish and from the old guy next door IT WOULD PUT A HORN ON A JELLYFISH!! cheers ken
  6. I hope so becase, excluding the beer in the FV, I am down to my last 20 bottles [crying] Hairy I think i'd be having nightmares if I got down to 20 bottles lol
  7. I brewed a ale recipe awhile back that had 1 kilo of honey in it. it was not bad after about 3 months I did the same brew with 1.5 kilo of honey and it is too sweet all about balance there cheers ken
  8. I cannot believe I did this but I gotta fess up. the actual recipe says I needed 0.06kg of dark crystal not the 0.6 kg that I put in the batch twice mind you. I was pouring a stubby of the commercial cpa to save the yeast and looking at the colour. while I was drinking it I was looking at the recipe on ahb and what I did in beersmith and then the bloody penny crashed with a thud. it tastes ok its just a lot heavier than what I was looking for . I guess that's ten cartons i'll have to drink to remind me[biggrin] [biggrin] ken
  9. i'm drinking the coopers recipe for c/a and its not very old. i'm looking for a all grain recipe for it a clone or whatever bloody nice but i'm trying to get into grain without going back to cans. just fermenting a double cpa clone batch. so i'm looking for a next ken
  10. thanks Phil, a bit of an explanation on the yeast. I had planned on reculturing coopers but the WL009 I have is near it's best b4 that's why i'm going to use it. I've still got some mods to do to gear yet like stainless wire slings for my kettle so they wont melt of burn the new reg I bought yesterday arvo on the same burner I bullshit compared to the old one that was truly stuffed. it doesn't bother me to change or modify any of my gear. cheers ken
  11. Hairy, no dramas except the time involved. spent nearly a month planning and research lol mash temp bit high 67-65 strike temp 70 learning curve I guess big volume s/temp66=67 next time [biggrin]
  12. Saturday, my first go at BIAB ag. target was 46L in f/v 7.0 KG JWM EX/PILSNER 0.6 KG JWM DARK CRYSTAL 0.4 KG JWM WHEAT MALT 1.3 KG SUGAR 56 G POR 60 MIN 2 WHIRFLOC TABS NO CHILL still in cubes WL009 yeast on the weekend going on the cubes I reckon I got close to 46l started with 56 b4 boil (CPA CLONE) without the coopers starter cheers ken
  13. i'd put a lid on anything that will hold beer lol
  14. GABBA


    beerlust if it blows it blows it has been a week @ 26 so what will be will be nothing ventured nothing learnt it was just a play brew. the reading is accurate on my hyd.as per 1.ooo@ 20c for water no big drama
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