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  1. OKthanks, but one question still unanswered what does this do to the beer. And on the side note I just tasted my lager after a month in bottles. Great tasted and it is very clear.
  2. Thanks I got it to work, thanks guys, that was a great help.
  3. Ok, my lager is just about finished, and I\xb4m gonna keg it. The FAQ says that I must prime it with sugar 3g per liter. Put it in the keg and purge the headspace with CO2 I was wondering do I have to purge it right away or can I leave it for a week and than purge it. Because I have not gotten a CO2 tank. What does happen if I just prime it with the 3gr of sugar per liter and close the keg and let it sit for two weeks like we do when bottling.
  4. Hi I just put in a batch of Coopers Lager and put in about 1.2 kilo of dextrose sugar and a brew enhancer. I took the OG and it was about 1035. I tried to take a SG just now and it has been 2 days in fermenting and the airlock hasd been bubblinglike crasy. When I put the hydrometer in it started rising above 1035 to 1050, 1060 and so on. And ideas.
  5. can any one tell me how to convert bar to psi or kp.
  6. Hi I guess I put to much Priming Sugar to in to my bottles of Ginger beer. It has been 3 months almost and I opened one this aftenoon and it shot beer a meter high in the air and went on gushing until it was half empty. I used 450 ml glass bottles and put 1 and 1/2 carbonation drop in to it. When I open one bottle after three weeks after bottling it was ok. What I\xb4m worried about now is that I used them same ammount of carbonation drops in my Stout wich I but on bottles 2 weeks ago, I opend a bottle today and it was ok. I\xb4m worried that after some weeks I will have a gusher everytime I open a bottle. What I was thinking was to open evry bottle to let out the CO2 and close them again, you think that would let out the extra CO2.
  7. Hi I use 473ml beer bottles that I rack my beer into. How many carbonation drops should I use 1 or 2.
  8. I just opened a bottle of the Stout I made and it was fantastic, the flavor is awesome, the mouthfeel of the malt, just name it. Everybody love it. I higly recommend it.
  9. Thanks Paul, I\xb4ve enclosed a pic I took this afternoons showing my Hydrometer in a sample of the stout brew. And it it stooped at the 25 mark and moved slowly up to the 30 mark. Again thanks guys for all the help.
  10. I thought so too, he hydrometer I used is my father and he uses it with his wine and spirit making, I will descripe this hydrometer it has a black top and from 0 it goes up to 15 and at the bottom it says 120. Is there a seperate hydrometer for beerbrwwing and wine making. It is fermenting and the airlock is bubbling and there is froth on the surface and it has a very good smell I want it to be ready now :) I took the OG after pitching the yeast, maybe that was wrong.
  11. Ok I made the first batch of stout, put in 500gr of dark malt (liquid) 250gr Dextrose, 250 gr rawsugar, 500gr brown sugar. When do I measrue OG, I put the Hydrmeter in and it stood at 5000. I found this formula somewhere to determine the alcahol level but I don\xb4t remeber where. Could someone help.
  12. Thanks guys, I was wondering, as we don\xb4t have Brewing enhancer 2 here in Iceland I was thinking about using a product that is made here non alcaholic Malt Extract it comes in 500ml cans ready to drink and the ingrediants are Mat, sugar, yeast, hob, liqorice. Do you think it would be ok to ad that into the brew and let it ferment. We have something called Enhacer fro Beer called Kreamyx and the ingre are corn syrup, lactose, glucose, matlo, dextrin of corn, alginate from alga, brewing salts and quillaja. Also should I use dextrose or White Sugar. Could this idea work, water, stout, 1kg sugar, beer enhancer malt extract, let ferment. Should the brown sugar come on top of that or should I cut the white sugar down to 500gr.
  13. I need help with this, I can\xb4t make heads or tail with this instructions that came with the can it is in Danish. Could some one tell me howto brew the Stout. Thanks
  14. Hi I\xb4m totaly new to this forum and the brewing of beer. I just made my first batch of Coopers Draught. I have some questions, what is the difference between Lager, Draught, Real ale and Bitter. Also, after bottling how should I store the bottles, uppright, upsidedown or on the side. Any pointers about brewing and bottling would be helpful. Acctualy my name is not Bruce it is Hilmir and I live in Iceland. I just remeberd a sketch by Monthy Pyton group where some Australians all called Bruce were drinking beer and lots of it. That is why I used Bruce as a nickname
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