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  1. Finally got around to the esva 16 and also the discovery ipa.... Does any one have a recipe for me to try......? I havent decided what to brew next .kit and bits preferred as i have no knowledge of full grain yet plus i am not set up for it Cheers
  2. both of mine are about an inch out of the dirt slow and steady haha
  3. Yup' date=' 23 litres Payno KR: Why the pale malt grain? Did you attempt a mash? Someone may correct me on this, but I don't think it will add anything being a base malt. I had it, it needed to be used, in it went. (yup , mash). [/quote'] How did this turn out? Thanks
  4. Gday josho. Sounds like a cool brewery mate mind if I ask which one. If you check my sign up date' date=' pre-that I didn't even know BIAB existed, and I just did my first one on Sunday. Granted I already had a 30L boiler due to an unused Still Kit. King Ruddagers vids were the first BIAB's I saw. Don't worry too much and just do it chances are youll end up with beer. GL.[/quote'] Cheeky peak in wodonga said to pop in when ever... Yeah i think i will just have to give it a go
  5. Hey guys i have just run out of the coopers sanitiser and need some i remember reading on hear some where that you use napi san? Is this true of so what sort Thanks guys
  6. are these recipes usable as they are printed? or do they have to be modified for back yard use?
  7. I planted my 2 rhizomes today a chinook and cascade
  8. Hey all the wife has found this and i suggested i ask if this will be ok as a starting point Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/122085599792
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