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  1. Hey Fellas, I was pretty impressed by my faux larger attempt which I bottled today, couldn't believe it when I took the Fg reading it is one of the clearest beers I have made. Two weeks @16 the one @0-2, so impressed I even changed my profile pic although I couldn't work out how to rotate.. Cheers Chezza
  2. Hey Gaggle, Not to rain on your parade, but... I bulk prime in the the fv and stir, gently obviously but don't have any foaming issues. The only time I have had foaming was with warm beer, over priming or infection. Just my two cents. Cheers Chezza
  3. Hey Fellas, How about this one because it has been spun this way a few times for me. 'Your obviously not very good at it if you keep making all different types can't you just find one and stick to it?' For me I usually try to explain that I like every type of beer and my latest batch is my favourite (usually, had some shockers come through) and why settle on one.. Commercial beer drinkers don't see the logic in this argument and put it down to ohh it's crap beer ???? well that's the way Im spinning it they are uneducated fools with uneducated palates haha Love me Sundays have a good one!!
  4. Hey Scottie, Yeah much the same for me the only brew off the top of my head I've done a few times is the heritage lager and a kg of ldme because brewed as a lager is is a great drop, and the only one of my beers the father in law will touch. When I was younger I really associated with brands and was bought by the marketing and couldn't change beers because I couldn't get over the taste, now I go out and try all different beers they have on tap (for research of course) and try and pick what went into it, and if I like it try to replicate it. For the record it was pure blonde naked I used to drink I just loved the awkward moment when you asked for a naked blonde Cheers Chezza
  5. Agreed!! I can remember that it was pitched on the yeast cake (2nd gen) of a heritage lager and brewed at 13-15c for 5 days then raised to 17-19c for 9 days then cc'd for 7 days but do you think I can remember what went in there?? I even know the other beer brewed at the same time real ale 500g dme 200g Dex ipa yeast cake (2nd gen) and it is a nice average bottle filler!! Just annoying Cheers Chezza.
  6. Don't you hate it when..... Well today I bottled two brews two middys that I didn't take any notes for, one turned out exactly as I planned standard bottle filler as the stocks are running low after chrissy.. The other which I have absolutely no idea of what went in it is probably the best beer I have tried out of the fermenter and was after 3 years of brewing something I would keep as a house ale.. I'm annoyed now because they were both cheap quick bottle fillers..
  7. Hey Fellas, I'll chuck my two cents in too as Anti has always been there to help out a fellow brewer!!! Hope your well mate and just having a good holiday!?!?! Cheers Chezza.
  8. Definitely use 1kg.. But get it from your lhbs you can usually pick up a kg for around $8 whereas coops sell there's for $7 for 500g. Cheers Chezza
  9. I hate running out of beer.. I usually spend about an hour in dans looking at the new beers popping up then go buy a bottle of white rum because why drink expensive crap beer ? Cheers Chezza.
  10. Hey Markoman, Pitching onto a yeast cake is something that I do regularly when I buy yeasts. Another option is yeast washing which would be better if the first beer is hoppier than the second as it will minimise flavour carry over which can lead to off flavours. I haven't gone more than two brews onto a yeast cake because the second brew already will have a massive over pitch. A rule of thumb would be lightly hopped low abv first then your bigger hoppier brews second. Cheers Chezza
  11. Probably like $1.50 at a SA can recycling facility...????
  12. Thanks Anti, I think I will go with a partial and pretty much sub grains for dme.. Another question though is splitting bitterness between batches directly in half? So if I have 60l of 100 ibu wort will that make 4 batches of 16 ibu? As in 100÷4=25 25÷(23÷15) I don't know if my math is right either... Cheers Chezza
  13. Hey Stroller, The kit and Be1 will give you alright beer. The kit with a kilo of dry malt extract 200 to 500g dextrose + dry hop or hop steep will give you better beer. When you design a beer based on your taste you will get the best beer, read everything you can find try everything your game to then post your results. Cheers Chezza.
  14. Hey Coopers, I just want to share my personal experience about free stuff and reviews. Last week for my Xmas break up my boss wanted to do something special take us star employees out for lunch, we sneak down to this boutique pizza bar where you apparently pay for the 'experience' ($8 ginger beer) so we finish lunch all up order two pizzas and three ginger beers and 80 bucks later my boss asked so did you enjoy it, the obvious answer was yes it was delicious I loved it, the real answer is no one wanted to crush him and we could pick the recipe to pieces should we have chose to. In fact a lot more would have been said if I had to pay for it... Cheers Chezza P.s. If it's crap you will force me and a hundred other of Coopers fanatics into partial/ag
  15. Weird!! Worked the second time but the first time it kept saying please enter a valid email address... Ahhh not logging out any more..
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