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  1. Hi folks, and PB2 :) I was looking for info on the malt bill percentages in Coopers kits, especially the English Bitter. This would make it great for fine tuning recipes with speciality grain additions and so on. Black Rock lists percentages for all their kits, which is terrific. Could Coopers do the same? Or at least, any tips on the makeup of English Bitter would really help me in my next brew recipe design :) I assume from the sticky post that it’s only hops are Pride of Ringwood for bittering and Styrian Golding as a late hop addition to the can? thanks all, b
  2. How did the side-by-side 5am Saint taste test go? :)
  3. brucep3

    2012 Vintage

    Where can you buy Vintage Ale in Hobart? Cheerio, B
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