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  1. Hi all, I tried this!! And I highly recommend you don't I popped a coldie and it was flat - must have forgot to put the priming sugar in the bottle before capping. So I decided to try the soda stream. Poured the beer into the Sodastream bottle and twisted it on, but when the gas starting going into the water the whole inside of the bottle just turned to foam. Then when I went to take it off it sprayed foam started spraying 1m in all directions all over the kitchen... missus was really happy
  2. Thanks Norris – I've just taken it back and he's pointed me to a home brew site which sells maltose and corn sugar (dextrose?). I'm thinking of trying 1kg of maltose + 500g of dextrose with a Morgan's Amber Ale can... Does that sound ok? I've never used maltose before, I usually use 500g-1kg of LDM + 500g dextrose.
  3. Thanks guys – I might pass it back and just try to find some dried fermentable malt and dextrose for now...
  4. Hi all I’ve just been given this malt by my local craft brewer where I live in a small town in Japan. I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying, but it sounded like I can just use this malt as is? I’m worried those husks will ruin the beer, but it sounded like he said they would dissolve or something... maybe that’s the case for his operation but I just use the standard coopers kit... I guess it will all just settle into the gunk in the bottom and be fine?
  5. Awesome thanks Mitch - if we're up towards 5% I'm happy.
  6. Thanks Mitch - I'll test both hydrometers at 20C. The IPA is a 23L batch. Is that the volume you mean? I think they were pretty well mixed but will take extra note to do this next time - the LDM/dex did clump together a bit after adding it to the water so maybe all clumps weren't dissolved.
  7. Thanks Lab Cat - this is what I figured - 1kg of LDM should be about 4.2%. Add 500g of Dex and should push up towards 5%. Which is what I did on this batch - 1kg LDM + 500g dex. But on the hyrdrometre readings I'm getting still seems to be 4% or maybe lower which is what's confusing me... maybe it is up towards 5% but the hyrdrometers (or temps) are crook.
  8. Yes - 1.012 with the glass and 1.006 with the plastic. I didn't take the OG with the plastic but will do it with both next time. I didn't know this - I will check that next time. Temp should have been about 20C
  9. Note: I have two hydrometers - the original 10 year old white and read plastic one from the Coopers kit, and a few years ago bought a fancy glass one. I just tried to do the FG reading with the plastic one and it ended up about 1.006. So I'm guessing there is a chance the glass one or plastic one is bung. Will take OG and FG with both next time - maybe the OG reading with the plastic one will be higher and thus give me a better alcohol reading.
  10. Hi guys, any thoughts/knowledge appreciated. I'm a long time brewer but never get overly technical or serious - I just like making and drinking interesting beer But I've just got back into it after a few years and having trouble getting the alcohol content up. I live in a remote area overseas and I can't get the Coopers brew enhancers, I can only get LDM. I put down a couple of Pale Ales and Real Ales with just 500g of LDM and turned seemed to turn out a mid strength. Tasted great though. OG/FG gravity readings were about 1.038 / 1.014 - about 3.15% (I think). I've just fermented a Morgans Frontier IPA with 1kg of LDM + 500g of dextrose I had lying around. OG/FG was 1.042 / 1.012 which should be about 3.94% (I think). I expected it to be higher given I added three times more sugar as the previous 3.15% batches. Please enlighten me Thank you!
  11. That's good enough for me So long as it's not going to ruin it I'll throw em in and get some freshies for next batch. Thanks again Journeyman
  12. Hi guys, silly question time: I've got a bag of Morgans fuggles hops in their original sealed plastic packaging. They're about four years old... should I use them or not? (I live in a remote location overseas and am about to put a batch down and can't get any soon but keen to add these hops if consensus is it should be fine).
  13. Thanks everyone - what a great forum! Glad to hear this method works - noted re not mixing bleach and vinegar straight
  14. Awesome thanks guys One more thing - does anyone do the vinegar / bleach sanitizer? What I have written down from years ago is 20ml of bleach and 20ml vinegar per 10 litres of water...
  15. 1. Not sure! Someone must have said it once - I guess they were wrong? 3. Tap water - After drinking I usually just add a little water and swirl it around and empty, then part fill with water again and give it a good shake, then one more time and just give it a bit of a swirl. Then dry upside and store upside down. I also usually then place them all in a big container filled with water/vinegar/bleach mix just to give them a bit of a sterile rinse before bottling. But just wondering if that pre bottle rinse is really necessary...
  16. Hi legends, just getting back into the brew after a few years break. Just been thinking: Infection usually happens before yeast added right? So bottles don’t really need sterilization - just rinse after use and maybe a rinse before bottling?
  17. Thanks Otto! On your advice I ordered some malt on the spot and pushed my brew back a few days. Not syphoning the beer into the bottle - straight out of the tap of the Coopers carboy. But will look into it. Thank you!
  18. Hi again First an update and thank you for previous advice: I brewed my first batch of Coopers Real Ale with 1kg of light dry malt. And it was amazing! Hands down the best brew I've ever done, I think for two reasons other than the malt: 1. I live in the mountains where there is extremely good spring water and used this. 2. I had a very nicely temperature controlled basement which stayed 18C night and day. Back in Oz it was always in my laundry in QLD so temps were up and down night and day year round. Next, a couple more questions if anyone may oblige: 1. Sugar I want to get a batch down quickly tonight and can't wait for malt to arrive from Tokyo. I'm thinking of testing out 1kg of brown sugar - the most natural, unprocessed looking sugar I can find. Or just a granulated raw sugar. It should turn out not bad hey? 2. Hops - Quantity I got some natural hops from the local craft brewer. I've usually used pellets and they come in pretty small amounts and give a kick. The brewer gave me about a 2L icecream container full of the natural hops and said to throw them all in. Seems like a lot! Should I do it? 3. Hops - Method He said just to throw them unrestrained into the carboy. I read elsewhere that this should be fine - they will just sink to the bottom. Do you think this is accurate, or should I wrap them up in a chux or something? I feel like there will be chunks all through the brew. Thanks!
  19. Hi Morrie It's a grey area I think, as are a lot of things in Japan. As far as I know it's illegal to brew alcohol over 1%. But I hear this law might be changing. And I think it would be hard to get caught unless you were brewing it on the street. One of Japan's major department stores (Tokyu Hands) has been selling and advertising home brew kits for years, so the feds obviously aren't too concerned. More here: http://beerinjapan.com/bij/486/homebrewing-in-japan/
  20. Hey BlackSands, beautiful mate, that's pretty much nailed it! 4.5% will be plenty. And in fact I can get some the 11.5g Safale US-05 yeast from "sakeland.net" as well. In business. Thank you very much for your time!
  21. Hi all, thank you if you can provide any advice to a simple amateur brewer in a foreign land. I've just move to Japan and trying to work out the local ingredients. I like ales and always found the Real Ale a good base, so I bought a few cans of those. I also got some cascade hops from a local craft brewer here. But he says he doesn't use much sugar (?) so couldn't provide me with any. Now I need some sugar... First question: I can source some light or medium dry malt. Will 1kg of that do the job? Or do I need some dextrosey sugar to boost the alcohol content? Second question: If I can't get any dextrose, will regular white or brown or other supermarket sugar to the job here - as my "brew enhancer". Note: if 1kg of the dry malt will do the whole job I might stick with that for the first brew and see how it goes. Thanks in advance!
  22. Great, thanks for the advice guys. I'll let you know how it goes.
  23. Hi all, any thoughts appreciated: Just about to put down a straight pale ale, with the recommended Brew Enhancer 2. I don't mind Coopers own PA, but when I made one a while back it lacked character. I like my richer maltier beers, and I notice suggests 500gm Light Dry Malt + 250g Dextrose. But I'm wondering if the 1kg BE2 + 500gm LDM would go all right?
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