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  1. Frank

    Brewery Tour

    Thanks Paul! It's always easy showing people around who are enthusiastic and love great beer as much as I do! Seeya next time. Cheers, Frank.
  2. The competition page should be up and running by the 21st of December at the very latest.
  3. Nothing yet confirmed - sorry. As soon as we get a date and venue I'll post it here. Cheers, Frank.
  4. Frank


    .... or make pizza with them....
  5. I've just heard on the grapevine that a Club Night will be held in Gawler on the 19th of July at the Southern Hotel. Cheers, Frank.
  6. As soon as I'm given a firm date and venue I post the information here. Cheers, Frank.
  7. The next Adelaide Club Night will be held on Wednesday, 25th of July at the Sand Bar in Henley Square. No word on interstate nights yet. Cheers, Frank.
  8. I can't comment on the quality of the programme in question, never having watched it. However, switching to VB as a form of protest? This is self flagellation in the extreme that probably contravenes both the Geneva Convention and the UN Human Rights Charter. If Fire Twirl Girl wants to kick back on a Sunday night with a Paley or two and watch BB, at least she's got the good sense to drink decent beer!
  9. We can understand your frustration Stuart. The reason we couldn't do the Interstate Club Nights last year is because Lion Nathan launched its hostile take-over bid just as we started organising them. As you would be aware, this took almost all of Dr Tim and Glenn\u2019s time over that very stressful period. The first half of the year is very busy for our Sales and Marketing Teams around Australia and therefore we try to hold interstate nights in the latter half of the year. Rest assured we will do every thing we can to make up for these delays and I extend a sincere apology on behalf of Tim, Glenn, the Coopers and Premium Beverages Sales teams and the Coopers Club Crew. Cheers, Frank Akers Coopers Club Coordinator
  10. We've got heaps of free passes to give away to a preview session of "FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION" screening over the weekend of the 19th-21st of January. Go to the competition section and lodge your entry. I haven't seen the film, but if it's half as good as "BEST IN SHOW" then it'll be hilarious!
  11. We're giving away more movie passes. One is an advanced screening in Adelaide to promote METAL: A Headbanger's Journey and the other is open to all members outside SA. We have ten double passes to Like Minds starring Toni Collette. So go to the comps section and get your entry in! Cheers, Frank.
  12. At least you're missing it for a good reason mate! Have fun. Cheers, Frank.
  13. Sorry Scott I've been a little stretched lately so I haven't checked the message board as often as I should. Yes, country members get an invitation and I do try to get them out as early as practical but by posting the date and venue here as soon as the details are confirmed, we hope that as many country members as possible can make it. Cheers, Frank.
  14. The WA Club night has been confirmed for Thursday, 16th November at Moondyne Joe's in Freo. Cheers!
  15. Who are we to knock back an opportunity to meet the Gorgeous Grid Girls? It would have been downright rude of us to say "No sorry, we're just there to a have a beer or two. We certainly don't want anything or anyone distracting us from the important focus of our gathering." This was a last minute thing that fell into place due to a happy alignment of the planets, so as far as precedents go, I can't make any promises! Cheers, Frank.
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