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  1. Here we go - dumb question #2 :?: How long is too long to leave a brew in the fermenter? I've been told that it should be bottled as soon as it reaches FG, but then I've heard of people that leave it for 4 weeks before bottling.
  2. Thanx for that guys! I'm a great believer in the KISS principle ...... Keep It Simple Stoopid! The less steps there are, the less chance there is of me messing it up!! I've been pretty happy with my beer up to now (TOO happy according to the wife!! :wink: ) so I think I'll be giving racking a pass for the time being as it would appear it is not going to make any significant improvement to my beer. The batch in question has been in the fermenter for 9 days, so I will take another reading again tomorrow and see whether it is bottling time yet. :lol:
  3. We're just a couple of trend setters Oliver!!
  4. Here's an idea for the site. How about some info pages for those of us that are "information challenged". eg different fermentation processes, racking, kegging, etc It could be set up as kind of "knowledge base" whereby the members could contribute their own hints & tips in an easy to find format. Also, how about opening the forums up to everybody, but retaining a "members only" section. That way "joe average" could learn about home brewing and see what he is missing by not being a member.
  5. Will it hurt to leave it a few more days before bottling? How long is too long to leave it in the fermenter?
  6. Ok - Dumb question #1!! I keep reading all this advice on here about "racking" beer before bottling it. What is racking and how do I do it? What do I need? etc etc
  7. Thanx for the advice Keiran, but I am totally clueless about "racking". The brew smells ok really does look very watery. This is my regular brew recipe and it usually comes out looking about Carlton Cold color. You're welcome to come over and have a look and show me how to rack it if you want. Of course, we might have to sample some of the previous batches first!
  8. Absolutely mate! Gotta check that they seal properly!!! :twisted:
  9. Yes Keiran. The tap is pointing the right way. I thought of that too - lol. I was just surprised at the pale & sickly colour more than anything. I don't wanna waste my time (and carb drops) bottling it if its gonna be crap. I'd rather start again.
  10. Any time you wanna come over Gazza there is always a bed at our place for ya mate. (Like I need an excuse to go to the footy!! :P )
  11. Not sure if I have a problem or not ..... My brew looks VERY cloudy, and doesn't appear to have any real body to it. Brew Date: 22/2/2005 Brew Type: Coopers Lager (Original Series) Water Added: 23 Litres Can Best By: 9/12/2006 Yeast Best By: 30/11/2006 Fermentables: Brew Enhancer 1 Temp @ Pitch: 26oC OG: 1.039 SG 28/2/2005: 1.018 SG 1/3/2005: 1.014 There have been some very big temperature variations with this particular batch of brew. I have a brewers heat pad under my fermenter which is thermostated at 25oC. However we have had some hot days and keeping the wort cool has been a problem.
  12. If it makes you feel any better gazza - I married a Carlton supporter!
  13. Gazza - sorry mate. I couldn't forego my mighty magpies for anything - not even colored coopers caps! I haven't been able to find any here in Melbourne tho. I asked at the local Harris Scarfe and they looked at me like I had 3 heads - lol !! Maybe Coopers could make some white ones then I could have the black & white colors on my beer! :twisted:
  14. My main bug with the membership is that the discount/s are pretty well useless to me. The 10% discount at the coopers store is of no value, because any discount is more than eaten up by postage/freight costs. I bought my last lot of supplies from K-Mart, and on a $70 purchase saved over $25 on the Coopers price (even after discount!) There has been one club night in Melbourne since I joined, and I found out about it a week after it happened! So the club nights are fairly much a waste. I must admit, however, that I do get very good usage from the forums. I joined the Club in the hope of making some friends with a similar interest (brewing). Unfortunately, other than one or two casual exchanges here in the forums that hasn't happened either.
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