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  1. Well I bottled the brew, all seems to be fine. However, upon further investigation into the inadequate seal, I have noticed that either the fermenter or the fermenter lids thread is a bit off, the lid will screw in fine until a certain point and then it *clicks* and one side is a quite bit higher than the other which stops it from sealing. I noticed it when I first started the brew but didn't want to play with it due to the fact there was a brew starting :D Is there a known problem with the fermenter or am I just the unlucky one? 8)
  2. The gravity is down to 1010 now and the fermentation process seems to be very quiet. There is no sign of infection, although I am worried that if the pressure drops in the fermenter infection may occur.
  3. That's what I thought. There was a lot of froth in the fermenter last night, this morning there is no froth but a look through the lid with a light shows it bubbling away.
  4. Hey all. I have just started my first brew with the Coopers Micro Brew kit. However I have been unable to get a good seal. The fermentation process seems to be going nicely. The airlock is bubbling a tiny bit, not much. There is condensation on the top of the lid which I believe is also a good indication that the fermentation process is under way. Just wondering how important it is to get a good tight seal. I am new to brewing so I will not be suprised if this brew doesn't work :P Cheers. Moose.
  5. Moose


    Coopers Draught has been available at one bottle shop in Narree Warren for around a year. :P
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