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  1. Thanks NewtownClown. I must say though that while I don't think I'm exactly a dunce, the phrase "our quoted colour/bitterness figures are based on a weight/volume dilution" isn't the height of clarity! It may as well be in Greek [smile] Coopers guys, how about simply saying "our quoted colour/bitterness figures are for 1kg of concentrate"? That would make it clear and unambiguous for all and sundry? Sorry, it's the journalist in me ...
  2. Hi guys, There seems to be a bit of confusion about the reasoning behind the formula used to calculate the bitterness that cans contribute to an unfermented wort. I was hoping that you could clarify it for me as I haven't been able to find the answer by doing a search. In the Coopers Brewing FAQs you say that the formula is: Bitterness of can * 1.7 / final volume. So a Mexican Cerveza up to 23 litres would be: 270 x 1.7 / 23 = 20 IBU From this, I assume that the bitterness figure quoted on your website (270 for the Cerveza, for instance) is for 1kg of the product, hence the need to multiply by 1.7 because the tins are 1.7g? Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Oliver
  3. Thanks for clearing up that confusion. Cheers, Oliver
  4. Hi Paul, Are you able to clarify something, please? According to this post: www.coopers.com.au/club/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=865 you can't buy homebrew supplies (about which billy's original post was specifically referring) at the store at Adelaide Airport. Is this correct? Or can one, in fact, buy HB supplies at the airport shop? I'd be interested to know, as I might consider buying some supplies when I'm over in a few weeks for the Crows v Tiges clash. Cheers, Oliver
  5. Hi Worts Happening, Heaps of GB recipes and advice here: www.homebrewandbeer.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12 Cheers, Oliver
  6. Hi William, Did you get my emails and texts recently about some updates to your list? Oliver
  7. You can also reduce foaming by making sure that the temperature of the wort during fermentation is towards the lower end of the scale (i.e. around 18C-20C if you're brewing an ale such as stout). The higher the temperature, the more vigorous the fermentation and the more foaming. You'll find you don't have this problem if you're brewing with a true lager yeast, as true lager yeasts tend to work their magic nearer the bottom of the wort rather than the top (hence they are referred to as bottom-fermenting yeasts, as opposed to top-fermenting or ale yeasts).
  8. Perhaps Coopers should bring one out, now that the mighty crown seal bottle has made its long-awaited return?
  9. Kieran, I think the hotel on Spencer Street to which you refer is called ... the Spencer Hotel! If you're walking out of the city it's on the left about five minutes or a little more from Spencer Street Station (or, as The Great Bracksy has now renamed it for some stupid reason, Southern Cross Station). The address is 475 Spencer Street, West Melbourne. It certainly does have Coopers on tap. Pale and Sparkling, from memory. A damn fine pub, renowned for its food. It's not really a pub you'd go to for a big night out, but pretty good. Cheers, Oliver
  10. Further, I note that only 73 of those 29209 members have made it into double figures as far as posts go. And only 368 have *ever* made a post! Cheers, Oliver
  11. Oliver


    Hi Paul, Another thought ... Given that so many people don't have a name set up as an alias and this seems to cause much grief due to apparently anonymous postings, why don't you get your boffins to either: (a) Set things up so that the default name is the membership number (for instance, mine would be c4162). Isn't this how it used to be? Users could then change it if they wanted to. OR (b) Force users to enter a meaningful username the first time they log on. This seems like the preferable option to me. Cheers, Oliver
  12. Sorry, Kieran, wasn't meant to sound like I was having a go. I was, but just didn't mean to sound like it :wink: Oliver
  13. Hmmm. The dark. A glorious beer. See this thread: www.coopers.com.au/club/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=751 Cheers, Oliver
  14. TB, I tend to brew about a half measure for stouts, and a little less than a full measure for dark ales and the like.
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