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  1. Amanda , thanks heaps for swapping the mild ale shirt for the pale ale one .Picked it up from the post office yesterday and am very happy. Cheers Juddy
  2. Amanda , just wondering if you have sent the replacement pale ale shirt yet . I have been looking in the mailbox everyday but still no joy . I sent the shirt on Friday 20/5 . Looking forward to it coming soon . Cheers , Juddeye :D
  3. Gday Coopers Clan , just wondering when that ginger ale competion will finish and you give us a chance to win other Cooper merchandise . It seems that the ginger beer comp has been well flogged and we just want a chance to win some more goodies. How about an all expenses paid trip to Adelaide , the Coopers brewery , accomodation , free beer and naturally a day with Glenn and company on a Golf course . A free hire car would be nice too . How about It ????? Cheers Juddeye 8)
  4. Gday Amanda , I wrote to you recently about getting the wrong shirt at a club night held in Perth and sending it back to you for another one . The shirt ( still unopened in bag ) will be sent friday 20 / 05 with the details of the shirt swap and my postal details . Thanks heaps and look forward to wearing it with pride . Cheers Juddeye :D
  5. The recent club night at the Paddo was a great night and well worth the wait . Good venue , good brews , good company and good tunes . Thanks to Glenn for signing all the merchandise and to Paul for putting up with many a question . Also thanks Paul for getting me in contact with Andy who generously supplied me with a grey coopers cap and Glenn for signing it . Cheers Juddeye P.S. thanks also to Chris from Clough for offering me his grey coopers cap but Andy came to the rescue . Hope to enjoy a brew with you guys down the track . Cheers :D
  6. Gday Amanda and crew , at the recent WA club night I purchased the black coopers shirt with the yellow monkey on it but the next day found out it is a coopers mild ale shirt . I dont drink mid strength beer at all and was wondering if I could change it for the monkey shirt or a pale ale or sparkling ale one. The mild ale shirt is still in the plastic bag and has not been worn. cheers juddeye :D P.S. the club night was a big winner and thanks must go to the coopers clan and the Paddo .
  7. Andy , would love to get a replacement grey cap of you if possible . Looking forward to the big night in Feb . Hope to see you there and all other Cooper lovers . cheers Juddeye :D
  8. Gday Coopers Clan , just wondering what extras club members might add to the Coopers green Pale Ale brew tin in order to give it maximum taste and flavour . Also do you replace the yeast with the blue Safel yeast or does the yeast supplied do the job ????? Cheers , Juddeye ( return of the ) :D
  9. Gday Amanda and crew , last years membership bonus of the grey polo shirt and matching cap was superb and one of my prized possessions until the weekend . I was at a function , and too my amazement the cap grew wings and leapt from the table into the great abyss . I am an avid cap collector and am hoping to get a replacement . Do you guys still have stocks of the grey cap and any chance of obtaining one . heres hoping , juddeye ( return of the ) P.S merry xmas and a very merry new year :D
  10. The Queens hotel in MT Lawley has Coopers Pale Ale on tap.
  11. Gday Claire and Amanda , Just wondering if the Coopers Clan make and sell ( or giveaway if we are lucky ) Xmas cards for the festive season . If not do you know anyone that makes Beer Xmas or Birthday cards ?? . You girls do a top job and hope to see you at the upcoming Club Night in Perth . Cheers and Merry Xmas , Juddeye (return of the ) :D
  12. Gday Coopers Clan , Just trying to create a list of pubs in W.A that have Coopers on Tap. The Stamford Arms in Scarborough has Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale on tap. The Norfolk Hotel in Fremantle has Pale Ale on tap. The Augusta Hotel in Augusta has Pale Ale on tap. Anymore pubs with Coopers on tap please list here. This may help the Team to decide where they are going to have their club nite . cheers Juddeye ( return of the ) :D
  13. Sorry about sounding like a broken record Claire And Amanda but just hanging out for the upcoming club nite . Everyone else in the club that has been to one reckons they go off , so we just need a taste of the good oil in good company . Thanks for being honest about the postponed date and will try not to bust your chops anymore. Andy , i live in Scarborough North of the river and my local watering hole is the Stamford Arms . It has Coopers Pale Ale and Coopers Sparkling Ale on Tap. Heres hoping to catch up with you and the rest of the Coopers Sandgropers for a quiet pint of two or three . Juddeye ( return of the ) :D p.s Andy any other pubs in perth with Coopers on tap ????
  14. Gday Coopers Club organizers , just read a posting from Claire and she still insists that the boys from South Oz are coming before 2005 . We may be a bit slower over here but we can count and the days left in the calendar year are rapidly evapourating ( like the beer in my pint and our patience ) . A wise old man once said " you are only as good as your word " and in Australia your word is everything . If you are not coming this year please stop telling us porky pies and getting our hopes up. You tell us the wait will be worth it so now is the time to put your money (or in this case your beer ) where your mouth is . Heres hoping , but like religion i am rapidly running out of faith . heres hoping Juddeye (return of the )
  15. Gday bruce , I use coopers carbonation drops all the time and find that when brewing 600 ml bottles 2 drops gives plenty of bubbles ( maybe even too much at times ) . For your brew size I would only use 1 drop and if this does not give enough gas maybe try 1 drop plus a good pinch of castor sugar. I would not go for 2 drops personally. cheers Juddeye ( return of the ) :D
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