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  1. Love the new site, its great. Keep the good work going. Jon
  2. SO how do we get shares :-) Ill buy some. Jon
  3. Good luck woth the take over bid. We are all barracking for Coopers to win. lets keep the multinational "Lion" out of COopers. Jon
  4. had it for not quite 12 mths i suppose, Not too worried about the replacement , thing is I beleive that it should last longer than 12 mths. Anyway I'll buy another one. Regards and thanks Jon
  5. mmmm a bit worried a Dear Jon Letter LOL I've had it a while and the parts that are swiveling( the joints) have broken away I know I need to loose some weight but considering I have three $ 10.00 cheapies from Big W that have lasted longer. Jon
  6. Bazza, you suck :lol: :-) good Idea though hope Amanda can help you, But honestly why not do like the rest of us Acqurie one. Jon
  7. Dear Amanda, Having gotten a Coopers Folding chair a while ago , I find today it's broken. Is there something I can do or should I get another one? Regards Jon
  8. Kick him anyway :lol: Jon
  9. John, THe Problem is your not drinking enough, to realy check the Alcohol content you should be checking each bottle. VTIC. Welcome to the Forum. Jon
  10. Hey Fruity, maybe you and I should get together and have our own COOPERS night? last one was over 12mths ago.. but I'll be in Darwin the night of the 21st and having a few in Cavenagh's you can't miss me I'm the UGLY one. Jon
  11. Hi all, I'm going to have a beer tasting :lol: with the coopers range (If I can get them all) besides www.cooperspubs.com is there anywhere else there is a guide to beer tastings? Should I include other beers? what should I include etc All help is thankfully received. Jon
  12. same here.... Must be the coopers that causes it LOL Jon
  13. yeh a crazed coopers drinking fool like you Kieren?? :P :lol:
  14. HI Amanda, I'm trying to organise a Beer tasting event here in Katherine for me and a few friends. thing is I'm on the bludge, can you ring me at work to discuss how much groveling I must do. My work number is 08 89 736346 regards Jon
  15. Amanda, If you need a hand to have a night in Katherine I'm here to help!!!! Jon
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