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  1. Hi Kelly, Thanks for coming out and saying that. One of the benefits of club membership should be that we, on here, should be getting 'from the horses mouth' type Blog information from people involved in the regular running of the club, things that are going on behind the scenes.. and also stuff that's going on at coopers. More nitty gritty than the odd quarterly newsletter announcements. Management could obviously have control over what information is passed on, in case some sensitive info which could harm their competitive advantage got out.. but really a perfect example of such info is exactly what you've just posted above. "We're going to reshape the club, its early days yet, but we're considering x, y, and z.. but we're not sure yet" Wonderful, at least there's something there that makes us feel like membership actually encompasses something that is non materialistic, and meaningful.. to me, that means so much more than getting a club pack, 10% discount on cooper's gear (and the ridiculous my rewards crap that never gets used). cheers, kieran
  2. That's all I needed to hear. :D
  3. First, to clear up a couple of things: I've never been happier, actually. My little girl is growing quickly, 5 months old now and goo-ing and gaa-ing, an absolute joy. :D Also, she's 6th Generation Australian, which makes me 5th generation Australian mate, so stick that in yer pipe and smoke it! ;) Pom.. pheh.. my ancestors were irish, scottish, and german. So, there's just a couple of things re: Coopers that have been bugging me. Club membership vs value for money is one of them. While much of the merchandise is great (clothing, top notch!), some of it really sucks and is a shadow of its former self... and there's nothing for big bastards either. Basically, if Paul had his own club, I'd be a part of that and the rest of it could get stuffed. I originally signed up as a 'Homebrew' member, but membership is not heterogeneous, it turns out. Homebrew and regular members are just piled together - and we have completely different expectations, I think (I do)! I'm in it for the homebrew, and as such I've probably learnt as much as I can because there isn't anything targeted specifically towards me in the club other than PB2 columns in the newsletter. This is disappointing, because there are thousands of homebrewers, and now microbrewers out there who started off with Coopers' kits. cya, Kieran
  4. Some time in 2020, I'm sure.. they're probably too busy organising the Easter, Anzac day, and Adelaide Cup club parties for Adelaide.. :wink:
  5. .. if you're an all grain brewer who has a fetish for Teutonic style brewing, and therefore want to stay as close to the Reinheitsgebot as possible, dose it with wort.. :)
  6. Yet another Adelaide party ticks over while we still wait in Melbourne.. where the last party was 2006. I'd stick an emoticon here, but there is no single one that represents disappointment, frustration, sadness, and a hint of anger.
  7. More expensive, cheaper quality, and less features is all the rage with Coopers' merchandising these days mate. What happened? Someone needs a major kick up the bronze. Take your chair to the brewery, and trudge around until they swap it with one they have in some dusty old shed somewhere. There has to be some dilapidated old style chair around there somewhere, surely.
  8. FE: I went there once also.. not even on TAP!!! bastards! May have changed now though, coz that was about 10 months ago now.
  9. Give them a RING, call the club hotline Mr/Mrs X. :)
  10. Kelly, there are plenty of Melbourne members who've gone nearly 24 months without a show.. .. ... hint hint. :wink:
  11. Sanitise, not even most science lab environs are sterile. To be honest, I think your UV lamp will just have the affect of making your PVC bottles brittle as buggery, wasting your investment in the bottles. Just use the old technique of washing with sanitising agents (miltons, etc).
  12. Yeah, if you're that keen to control temps, buy a 2nd hand fridge and go to mashmaster.com.au and get one of their temp controller kits. Then you can turn your fridge into a big brew incubator, and it will control your temp to within 1C. Works like a charm. You can also use it to control a lamp or whatever to heat it, if necessary. I did a nice north german styled lager this way.. (except I have a converted tuckerbox). Came out brilliantly.
  13. Redback Hotel on Flemington Rd, and the Hotel on the crazy roundabout right near there (Parkeville) -- where the last VIC Cooper's clubnight was held near 18months ago now. Both on tap. Heaps of others.. If you dont mind the bottle, you can buy longnecks at Transport at Fed Square for ~$8 (at least you could last time I was there).
  14. They need to fix their web pricing then. Spelling errors land smack bang on the head of the editor. Perhaps they need a new editor, one that can at least correct any errors not picked up by a drunken proofer. ;)
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