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  1. I’m having a hankering for the old coopers IPA Premium tin. Nostalgia is coming back a bit. anyone got an AG or Extract recipe that hits the mark? *quietly hoping PB2 - you might be able to help out
  2. Hey guys Thought I would finally make good on my promised review Coopers very nicely donated me a sparkling ale can and 1.5kg of dme The brewing process I put the beer down on 1 February. Brewed it to 23 litres. I followed the recipe except that I used a 1ltr starter made from recultured coopers commercial ale yeast. Brewed at 19.4 degrees c in the beer fridge. Kegged 20 litres on the 14th of February and bottled the rest. Waited 2 week and cracked the first bottle on the 27th. Review Overall I think it's a decent beer. I would recommend anyone looking to emulate a coopers sparkling ale try this kit. The previous coopers sa kit I always found cloyingly sweet. This one didn't seem to have that (maybe less malt??? Dunno). Also, as it was only dme + the can, the brewing day seemed a little easier. I would brew this again when I'm looking for a coopers sparkling to keep as a house beer on tap. Next time though I think I'll brew it a little warmer as (having compared it to a commercial version of the csa) it was lacking the ester profile somewhat. All in all, good kit and is close to the csa commercial version. Go out a buy it if you like the original and want to brew it at home.
  3. I'd like to try the sparkling ale if available. Happy to try any though :)
  4. Thanks Nashibeir and Scottie. I'm sold on the DIY Fermenter now.
  5. Hi All Long time lurker, first time poster. For those of you that have the new DIY fermenter, how do you find racking from the tap into kegs? Or do you need a racking cane or the like? I am looking at buying a new fermenter and can see the benefit in DIY fermenter with the KK. My only concern is how I get the beer out to the keg. My current fermenter has the old style tap on it and the plastic tubing fits nicely over the down tube part of the tap. The tap on the DIY fermenter is cause for concern given it's much wider and doesn't look like it will fit the tubing as well. Any thoughts/comments would be great. Thanks Guys
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