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  1. Recently I received a Coopers draught home brew tin that was only 2 weeks away from it's use by date.I didn't think to check the yeast use by. It brewed very slowly and when finished had a thin orange scum on top. Not at all like my normal Coopers draught brews. I tried one bottle after 8 weeks and it was much darked than my normal draught and also tasted quite different, but quite nice. Anyone know why its properties would change? I always make draught and I made this in exactly the same way I always do. Stefan
  2. Three days seems a bit early. In summer I always leave it 6 - 7 days and then bottle.
  3. Try leaving your beer a bit longer before drinking as the head retention should improve with age. Make sure your glass is clean and never washed in detergents. If you still have trouble drop into your glass a very small piece of sterilised house brick and a head will form everytime. Good luck and merry xmas.
  4. Give your beer another month to age then try again. I never drink mine until they are at least 3 months old. Pretty hard to go wrong unless you've made some fundamental mistake, like not carbonating your bottles. Tip: A small piece of sterilised house brick in your glass will give you a good head every time.
  5. If it's brewed , bottle it. No special 2nd fermentation necessary. 2nd fermentation will take place in the bottle.
  6. Hi there, I have recently noticed Brisbane City Council buses driving around with "Coopers Australian pale ale home brew" plastered right across one side of the bus. Is this part of a new push into the Brisbane market? It's bit unfair because I work at a bus depot and everytime I see one of these buses my mind wonders and I start thinking of the delights of Coopers home brew.
  7. In reply to Sediment - I meant let it sit in the bottle for a couple of months , ya drongo!
  8. I agree with Kip c41977. There is no need to rack your home brewed beer. Just leave it a couple of months and the yeast will settle on the bottom and you will have a lovely clear beer every time! This is true for every Coopers home brew I have made.
  9. Your fermemter is probably not sealed perfectly but it won't affect the brew. My pale ale didn't go below 1.010.
  10. My normal swilling beer is Coopers Draught. I only ever use white sugar with this and it comes out beautiful every time. Have never had a "home brew smell" with my beer but then I never drink them until they are at least 4 months old. Maybe the smell dissipates after time. Also I make it mid - strength and only put in half a kilo sugar per tin.
  11. My Pale Ale would not go below s.g.1010. Is this normal for the Pale? I used brew enhancer no. 2 as recommended. Looked brewed going into the bottle so I guess everything is fine. My draught brews usually get to 1.005.
  12. Coopers bitter should come out a very dark colour.
  13. I've never sterilised caps and have not had any problems. Mates of mine haven't sterilised anything for years, they call it the dirty brew. But I must admit they have never had an off beer.
  14. I always use 750ml glass bottles as beer always tastes better out of glass.
  15. Just test it anyway.I've never had any problems doing it this way and I've made 457 brews. If the specific gravity is at the desired level and your bottles are clean and sterilised you will never have exploding bottles. Good luck.
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