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  1. It's been a while since I was here but its nice to see/read all the familiar faces. My favorite fail is to not close the tap when I've finished bottling, then remove the bottling wand and have trub filled beer spill all over the floor. Once is funny, five times is getting a bit old. Mind you the dog likes it.
  2. Hey Ant, At what rate do you carbonate your wheat beers? Cold crashing my first wheat right now. During ferment all the samples were quite fizzy - took about 30min to de-gas them.
  3. Scottie Other than some discolouring I don't see anything wrong with your fittings. I use brass fittings an haven't had any problems with them. Having worked in the water industry those fittings look like new almost. Brass gets a thin corrosion film over it which actually helps to protect it. When brass starts to get nasty it turns black and furry. As Roger mentioned its not ideal to mix metals which are also in contact with liquid, but on a small scale probably not so bad.
  4. Do you guys who bulk prime let the wort settle at all before bottling (presuming you have to stir the pot to mix the sugar in)? or just straight into it? Along similar lines - does anybody give the wort a stir before bottling? I've often wondered if after letting in sit for 2 to 3 weeks if there are layers created in the wort? If doing this in the primary then the trub will be disturbed hence negating any cold crashing done. Perhaps another good reason to bulk prime from a secondary. On the side - am I a bad father because my 5 year old's favorite word is "trub"? Seriuosly he wonders about the house muttering "trub, trub, TRUB!, trub"???? In my defense Trub is a region of Switzerland, at least thats what I tell the neighbours.
  5. At last we're back. Can't describe the anxiety I've suffered the past few days. Way back in August I bottled a basic Canadian with a few dry hops and such but also added 2 large lemons which I diced into thumbnail sized pieces. I had forgotten all about it til earlier this week and thought, "You bewdy!!" I held it up to the light and there are hundreds of black spots stuck to the inside of the bottle. I turned the bottle over a few times and they didn't budge. I immediately thought the worst and headed straight to my beloved Coopers forum, those guys will know what to do. Arrrrrrrrrrg!!! No forum. What else could I do but drink one. Smelt good, lovely looking head, tasted great. The look on the wife's face was priceless as I drunk that black spotty beer, but I couldn't stop. I gave it 24 hours to see if it would kill me, and rest as they say is history - I'm alive and I've got a couple crates of "Return of the Urn" Lemon Blonde. The black spots are still a mistery. Each bottle has it and they are somewhat difficult to rinse off. As my 6 year old says to everything these days, "Weird!?"
  6. I tried drinking it once... ... it left me feeling a bit husky.
  7. Just a little side track here. When ordering the specialty grains, do I want them whole or cracked? Plus, could one of the learnereded folks here go over the process of steeping specialty grains?
  8. O-Oh. Am I a bit special that I refrigerate my glasses before pouring. I have most of a shelf dedicated to chilled glasses. I convinced the little lady that this was normal practice amongst beer aficionados. +1 to the second pour creating a bigger head. Perhaps because the CO2 has been released from suspension longer???
  9. Ok update on this marathon brew. Finally bottled it on day 40. FG was a neat 1000 making for an ABV of 6.93%. I went with the idea of secondary priming by adding another bottle of mango juice and it has worked a treat - carb wise. Its been in the bottle for about 3 weeks now and while the taste isn't offensive in anyway, it does lack any real flavour. Question. On day 20 it probably tasted best (SG 1012), is there a way to stop the ferment once a certain flavour has been reached? [unsure] As it is, it tastes like watered down juice with bubbles that sneaks up on you to leave you with a nice warm buzzy feeling after a few.[love]
  10. Yeah, taking SG's has been a task. The mango nectar was particularly chunky to start with. They should be close though I re-check each several times before recording them - I'm a bit OCD with an instrumentation tech problem. There's been two parts to the ferment. Originally I had it at ambient which ranged from 22-28 degrees. From day 9 I've been able to keep it at 20 (when space became available in the brew fridge). If you put a ruler up to the two sections then its a reasonably straight line for each part. See... Mango Juice update If the bulk prime idea works then next time I'll just use the black rock or big-w cider kit then flavor it up at the end. They only take 6-7 days.
  11. So, it's now day 26!!! This sucker is still creeping along. It's now down to 1008. Unfortunately its starting to dry out a bit and is losing the mango flavor - more like a dry cider with hints of fruit and ginger. To return the mango flavor I was thinking of doing a bulk prime with another bottle of the mango juice + extra sugar to make up to the required level???? any thoughts. Anybody have experience at stopping ciders dry out? The three before this all fermented to a FG of 1000. Mango juice tracking graph The OG changes are when I take a new reading. It's not sitting at one point for 4-5 days then dropping. I'm not an Excel guru.[innocent]
  12. OK. So its now day 20 and SG is 1014 and appears to be dropping ever so slowly. STC set to 20.0 deg. Still fizzing when stirred. Takes over 30min to get a repeatable SG reading. I know I'm having a mild freak out but anybody else have a brew take so long?[crying]
  13. So I'm at the supermarket the other day and mango nectar is on special. Its the fresh, no-added preservative, colour and sugar type. The wife's been liking the cider I've brewed up for her so I figure why not a mango nectar alcohol cidery type thing. Formula... 12lt Mango juice (about 2040g of sugars) 100g of ginger boiled for 25min 500g dex water to 25lt US-05 11g OG was 1048, pitched at 24 deg, fermenting at 22 deg. Here's my question; its now day 4 SG is 1039, there is no visible signs of fermenting. I gave it a good stir with a sanitised spoon and it started fizzing??? I would have though after 4 days it might have progressed a little further. Any ideas on how to keep it moving? Thanks.
  14. If you leave the hydrometer in the tube for a while little bubbles form on the the bottom of it which pushes it upwards giving a false reading. Take the hydrometer out, tap the tube on the bench a few times and try again. Its a good idea to let your samples sit for 10-15mins to let it degas before taking readings. You should be able to do the test several times a get the exact same result. The secret to good instrumentation is repeatability. 2 weeks in the FV should be OK. Perfectly fine if you have good temp control.
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