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  1. Well... I grew up and still live in Colorado where Coors comes from. I was raised on Coors mainly, but drank Bud (brewed here also) and Millers. So In 1982 when a chum from Boulder turned me on to Watneys, I was instantly in serious like. I found the St. James Pub frequently to drink 20 Oz. Watneys on tap. This I have to admit... When Watneys began to be brewed in North America, it definately went downhill and was not at all the same. Then it just disappeared in about 1990. Also it was never consistent in flavor. Sometimes killer good and sometimes to bitter. I have to admit, I'm in love with the flavor of Real Ale. I just wanna tweak it a lil and get away from the BE1. I don't understand what was so bad about Watneys. My other favorites are newcastle brown (on tap) and Bass ale. I feel the same about the traditional north american beers the way the UK feels about Watneys. I can't believe they are still in business with such lame products. Coors and Millers have sinced merged. BTW... On a lighter note, I'm interested in a Kilkenney recipe also (when it was good).
  2. In the early 80's I was turned on to a beer called Watney's Red Barrel... The brewery isn't in business anymore and Real Ale tastes to me like an exact clone of Watneys and I'm thinking that Coopers can't blantantly claim their kits are close resemblances of other well known beers. This theory is just my opinion. I absolutely love Real Ale with the BE1. I've tried it with several variations including light malt extract and the unreal ale recipe and still come back to the original kit. However, I plan to experiment with crystal malt and fuggles hops and try to enhance the flavor that way.
  3. Well, I don't want to risk a non-alcoholic batch, so I'll stick with the kit yeast. My wife will be happy once I get the bottles outta the fridge. Maybe I'll try a small batch. BTW, the sparkling ale was much better than my batch. I also have one pkt of nottingham yeast, but I understand it takes longer to ferment. Thanks for the info !!
  4. Hey everyone... I managed to get ahold of a couple sixpacks of sparkling ale here in colorado (pretty hard to find). The use after date is from a couple years ago. When reactivating yeast, do I use strictly the reactivated yeast or use it in addition to the sachet of yeast. I'm planning on making a real ale using it. I was hoping to make 3 (or 2) different batches using the yeast. BTW.... I thinks the coopers real ale kit is most excellent. I think it is the best beer I have had since the early 80's when Watneys Red Barrel was still alive and well. I've tried several variations and like the kit with BE1 the best. Thanks for any advice
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