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  1. re: the Canberra night, perhaps it's just me but I feel that All Bar Nun is a much better pub than PJs? better food, a long time Coopers supplier to the Canberra drinkers and not a franchise....surely Coopers would prefer a family owned business to a franchise....very timely comments ( I'm so clever )... Canberra: Tuesday, 25th October P.J. O'Reilly's Cnr West Row and Alinga Street Canberra City
  2. many many years ago ( '82, '83, '84 perhaps ) when I first started buying Coopers Sparkling in the original cool shaped bottles with the rip off tops, I was living in the Blue Mountains and I seem to remember that a special label had been printed that had a picture of a Rosella and maybe The Three Sisters on it?? is this correct or is it yet another fantastic Sparkling induced memory?? If it's true, I'd gladly give up my first born daughter to get a six pack again. :wink:
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