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    Hey mate, I appreciate that, I suppose the other reason is I am busy with other stuff at the moment as well, still sorting out the transfer and mortgage etc. That is moving forward though which is good, but I'm happy to have a little break and start up again once everything is done and settles down. I do have enough pilsner grain to make something with even though it'd be a bit different to using ale malt. As for my mental state, I have improved over the last month or so. There was a low period there around late November for a few weeks but I'm out the other side now and feeling more positive going forward
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    Got the Vienna Lager in the PFV at 7PSI and ambient (low 20s)... pitched with a W34/70 Starter... hoping for a nice clean beer... we'll see how it all goes Brewhahas!
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    VB Clone, simple K&K recipe (well intermediate anyway). Washing down some home made pizza's then a glass of nice red to finish off the evening. Cheers - AL
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    I bought this 8 litre model from Aldi. It was $89 or $99 from memory. I put the 2 litre milk bottle in it to show it's capacity. Funny story on how I managed to get this: I'd heard airfryers from Aldi were very popular when they came up on their "special buys" so I got to my local store 10 minutes before opening to ensure I didn't miss out. When I arrived there was about 40 people already waiting. A staff member came out and informed everyone, "We only have 8 airfryers!" So I asked a number of people in front of me if they were after an airfyer too. They were and I was resigned they'd miss out and so would I. I get inside and naturally all of them had been snapped up. I see a guy walking the floor with one in his hands. Being the extrovert I am I offered him $20 for his. He gave it to me! Didn't want the $20. He'd just got off the phone to his wife who'd lined up at another store and had got one also. He was walking back to return his to the shelves when I cheekily approached him. Winning.
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    $13 brew!? Bah, “tell him he’s dream’n”. Give me enough time, to have enough leftovers from all my other exbeeriments, and “I’ll try t make yer stinking $8.23 brew!” Just a shame I still have 6 ish brews pending in my roadmap first!
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    Hey OVB, I know you have been having a bad trot and doing it a bit tough lately so how about we "the Coopers Community" set up a simple "fund OVB" thread. Does your LHBS have gift cards or similar? say that I / we could buy directly and you could use to get yourself brewing again. You have contributed heaps in here bloke and I for one would like to help you out, even if its a small token of my appreciation some others may want to help too. If they can, together we might just be able to get enough $ in your kitty. Let me know if that would work for you and lets see if we can get you firing on all cylinders again. Cheers - AL
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    Ok, so I found about $13.00 in TOMKA Woolies vouchers from the "Return & Earn" (bottle recycling) machine sitting in my wallet and I got to thinking could I make a extract brew batch with the 13 bucks? Ingredients: 1.7kg Woolies Home Brand Draught Extract Kit for $8.23 500 gram jar of Rice Malt Syrup $3.80 500 grams of white sugar $0.50 Cents ($1.00 per kilo) 300 grams of Rolled Oats $0.57 Cents ($1.40 per kilo) Hops: Reboiled/ recycled dry hops from a previous Brew (and bottled): Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook (originally 15 grams of each): Free (otherwise they would have been discarded) Rationale: Home Brand Extract - Absolute cheapest I could find. Rice Malt Syrup: Cheap alternative to LME which would be at least twice the price. Cane Sugar: Cheaper than Dex (and carbonation drops), I'm hoping the hops will cover any off flavours... Rolled Oats (steeped): to improve mouthfeel. I'm considering what batch size to do: Option 1: Batch Size: 10 Litres. Estimated OG for this batch size is 1.095 with an estimated FG of 1.027 and ABV of 9.02% I'm tempted to do this one as I am not sure how good the Home Brand Extract is (I've never used it) and because I'm not using a lot of malt. I'm concerned however that I'll be using the kit yeast and it may not cope with the high ABV.... Option 2. Batch size: 20 Litres (2 x 10L in 15L craft brew fermenters) Estimated OG for this recipe is 1.048 with an estimated FG of 1.013 and ABV of 4.51% This batch size seems true to the concept my experiment: A cheap full-sized batch of beer. Both batch sizes are to be brewed at 18 degrees for as long as it takes. Any thoughts on how I could improve this recipe without breaking the budget?
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    Decided to use up the Cooper's Lager can that came with the brew kit I bought 5 months ago by laying down a Dr Smurto's Golden Ale today Not sure what the final ABV will be around but OG was 1046 - thinking if it ends around 1010 should give me a bit over 5%
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    Bloody hell PM, you are on fire with all your AG brews. Glad you survived Mitchell Street. I think I left part of my liver down the North West end somewhere along with my breakfast, lunch and dinner back when I last tried "the pub crawl" from one end to the other. Where are you picking up your recipes? Cheers - AL
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    Thanks guys!
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    Could be residual herbicide in your soil Muzz, cannot quite see from your pic but some of those new leaf branches look a bit club footed, what I call it anyway. My wife bought two cherry tomato plants from our local green grocer as they were in quite big pots she though they were bargain. Anyway with my nurturing and care they produced bugger all fruit and I first though they had a disease as they looked weird and the fruit trusses were all mutated and crazy, so were the leaves. Looked it up and sure enough the same images show what happens to the plants when there is residual herbicide still in the soil. See above conversation with RepSpec. Check out these pics of the two plants my wife bought and compare closely with yours to see if anything like it. Photo 1 shows a leaf which is not a normal cherry tomato leaf, looks more like a fat caterpillar. Photo 2 shows the mutation that's gone on with the fruit truss, its grown much flatter, wider and looks weird. Stems coming out were they should not be and looks more like an praying mantice or a flat bit of sea coral. We are reluctant to eat what little fruit these plants are producing as down the bottom of the plant they look normal but as you go up the plant to the top and new fruit they look like small birds eye chilies. I've included a photo of one of my own cherry tomato plants which I grew from my stock of seeds (harvested from prior years) and its been grown in my mix of soil, just to show the difference in the leaves and plant health. The plant immediately behind it is one of the suspect ones so you can compare the leaves in right of pic. Cheers - AL
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    Haha that is outrageous.... what will be next... glow-in-the-dark edible glitter haha ; ) Luvyerwork SC great stuff... I suspect if you waved that bottle at me I would run in the other direction but that is not to say by any means that it's not a festive invention mate haha!!!
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    Thanks @Graubart. I should read up a more before planting things. I tend to get a bit impatient. I look up what things will grow at that time of year and just stick them in the ground. Usually I'll try and use the correct fertilisers but if I don't have them I tend to improvise with substitutes. I guess if I continue to get poor yields it will smarten up my thinking a bit.
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    @Graubart spirit, sugar syrup, melon essence and edible glitter. Easy as to make.
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    Yeah plant production is all about genetics and conditions... so it might be crappy genetics too... But with tommies there is this thing about trimming out the 'Laterals'. Now I don't think that Cherry Tommies are quite the same as the standard tall fellas... but there will be some happy medium there... cos the plant might be putting all your care and water and nutrients into vegetation and not fruit... the below might be worth a brief look... for next time. Am also wondering whether the tiny fruit are still in development and might get a bit bigger still - we can hope that is the case? https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/pruning-tomato-plants/11892614
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    Must have been fine, cannot remember though
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    @Journeyman I meant frozen chips, mate. We've made pretty wedges though and just yesterday I used the airfryer to reheat some leftover fish shop chips. 3 minutes @ 200C and they came up quite well. Far better than microwaving.
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    @Shamus O'Sean still a bit of a pain not to get it as you want though would be less alcohol and thicker? hope it goes well.
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    40% Midori clone and meh I made it sparkly because I can
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    You are right, it would not be a big deal if 1.030 was the final gravity and I kegged it. It would still be beer. I would not bottle at that FG. I was hoping to bottle most of it for aging. At 1.030 it would still be pretty sweet. I could taste sweetness in the sample. If the FG does not get into the teens, I will just keg it and do a couple of PET bottles that I will drink early.
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    For those interested I have finished brewing this. The coopers yeast performed well when used under pressure. Pressure was not applied at the start, and was left to build naturally. More experiments to come
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    Maybe I could “fall on the sword” for the team, lol. Erm, on second thoughts, it’s a “Not yet” from me too.
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    If any of my home brews turned out fluoro green, or sparkly, or both, I’d give up making home brew!
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    @Graubart Thanks mate. I just followed up on page 1 and I’ve bottled the lot of them. Yeah it’s just been warm. Times it with a nice run of 4 x 30C+ days. I closed off the room during the night and covered the fermenters with towels which barely dropped thanks to the ambient temp in the room. They probably floated between 28 and 32.
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    @iBooz2 Get the airfryer! Aside from the less oil benefits, they are worth the money just because you don't have to bother with preheating the oven. We only do simple tasks with ours like Shamus does. Dim sims, hash browns, chips, nuggets and the like. Roast vegies if we're short on time, otherwise vegies get done in the Weber.
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    Some good news with my 2020 Coopers Vintage Ale. The SG of the second sample has dropped from 1.030 to 1.027 over the last day. The main fermenter has a newly formed layer of bubbling foam on it. The slight temperature increase and stirring up the yeast a bit seems to have had the desired effect. Hopefully I can get the SG into the low teens.
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    @Graubart I think the branch growth might be the problem. It's in pretty rich soil and I've been fertilising it.
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    Yep BB. Ale this one. Used US-05. My Joe White Wheat i used Lallemand Abbaye Belgian. Both tasty beers.
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    deep fryer rather than an air fryer and yeah, was too busy eating it to think to take a picture. next time i will i promise. corn flakes sound like a good idea, haven't thought to try that! happy new year indeed.
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    Ale. Gladfield Munich, Veinna, Wheat. Hopped with Cascade and Amarillo. Very goodly.
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    Got two dedicated glass carboys for the flanders reds mate and a bug only plastic FV/bottling bucket for doing lacto beers and bottling the flanders reds. My kviek sour was a good beer for a first try so will be doing another in the next few weeks. Enjoying playing around with the sours. The missus loves it too. She loves a shandy and reckons the sour shandy is the ducks nuts.
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    This is a flanders red that didn't get much sour. Everything else was close to perfect I think. A little saison character and lots of Brettanomyces character. Colour is great as well. Nice deep red. Just lacking the sour. But as a saison brett beer it works pretty darn well on its own.
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    Update: Just tried the Seltzer again after another two weeks in the bottle, looks like to 440ml Soda Stream flavouring was not grossly excessive at all. Seems the yeast has eaten the extra sugars, and it's no longer sickly sweet..... It's still sweet, but I reckon somewhere between 1/2 a bottle (210mls) and the full bottle would be about right. I'm going to keep an eye out for a traditional lemonade flavour though - the Seven Up Sodastream flavour is not the best.. I'm going to try a bickfords for the next batch and see how that goes.
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    My kegerator is set at 4°C it is fine. I upped it from 3°C because that temperature made my teeth numb.
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    Just. I've come back from Darwin. Mitchell Street is everything they say it is.
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    Over on the RDWHAHB thread: I gave it 3 stars out of 5. So not bad at all. Flavour: Some fruitiness, a creaminess, hint of coconut after-taste. I would be interested in doing a brew of my own with it.
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    Nothing for the next little while. Haven't got enough spare cash at the moment to buy ingredients so it'll have to wait until I get back to work in a couple of weeks time and start getting my normal pay again. Once I get some ingredients I'll be brewing pretty regularly to keep up supply.
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    I did the Sabro hopped Pale Ale a few weeks ago. They make a nice beer. I think @NewBrews did the Citra XPA just recently, not sure his has reached drinking stage yet.
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    Just started a split batch, a simple pale ale and Vienna malts beer with Vic Secret as the single hop. The batch was split into two small fermenters @9l, one @18C in a fridge using US-05 and one at ambient, fermenting with Kveik Voss. I pitched both about 2 hrs ago. Check the difference between the two yeasts. Kveik is a beast.
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    The mould was on the top of the can. If the can was inverted and the extract hot and runny from being soaked in hot water I'd never have known there was mould in it until it was emptied or perhaps not discovered it at all. This idea of soaking the tins in hot water to make it runny is a waste of time and water in my opinion. I just pour and scoop the extract into my FV. Then I fill the tin with hot water and stir. This removes all the extract from the sides of the tin. Then I pour the tin into the FV and mix all the ingredients. I've almost finished my brew day while others are still waiting for the tin in a sink of hot water.
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    Got the boxes in, stone/topping down, fire pit in place...just need to fill with soil. The boxes aren't perfect, the edges are a bit squiffy, but I did it all! Pretty happy to say the least! A mate is a wholesale flower grower and they use peat to grow their flowers in. He's getting me leftovers to partial fill the boxes, then will get some decent soil! Had my school mates over the christen the firepit and a few beers! Was awesome!
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    You have, search for information pertaining to a cereal mash. In order to get fermentable sugars from the oats they need to be mashed with base grain.
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    What is the idea behind that? Rolled oats will only provide starch
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    Side-by-side taste test of my Fresh Wort Kit - All Inn Sabro hopped Pale Ale On the left is half of the brew done naked as instructed. On the right is the other half of the same brew that had a hop tea of 25g of El Dorado added before pitching the yeast. Naked version Slightly hoppy aroma, but malt is more noticeable Sabro hops seem to have an identity crisis Flavour: Some fruitiness, a creaminess, hint of coconut after-taste Seems marginally more bitter than the other half? El Dorado Hop Tea version Fruitier dry hop aromas, but mild Reading up on El Dorado, pear and watermelon are suitable descriptions Seems to have a more tropical flavour too - Maybe from the heat of the hop steep Both are really nice. I could not split them preference-wise.
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    I've seen a couple of comments over the months about a 'more compact' trub, (so not specifying Otto alone here ) from various posters and giving various causes. I've kinda looked and thought, doesn't that just mean not as much is dropping out of the beer? I would like to suggest some corrected English - the word to use is COMPACTED. See... I stopped throwing my sediment out in the yard - although I do hops tea so there's bugger-all hops in it, one of my dogs seems to like to go eat the grass that it landed on and then coughs a bit. So I figured, it has to go down the sink with lotsa water. The sink is up against the glass window/sliding door to the outside. I just kegged a beer - there was probably a bottle left in the FV but it's like 35° in the brew room already so 'meh' can't be bothered. Took the FV to the laundry for cleaning. Took the lid off the Coopers FV (it matters) and cleaned that, then hoisted the FV and tipped. Now, under normal circumstances I'd get like a thin porridge or gruel to wash down the sink. The FV emptied the remaining beer and before it could find the plug hole, dumped a solid plug of trub the size of the bottom of the FV and about 3 cm thick into the beer. Beer! All across the narrow window beside the door. All across the glass door. All over the sink and tap. All up the effing WALL! The only thing it didn't get was me, because the FV was between me and the splash! The WORD, gentlemen, is COMPACTED, which means like, packed down, harder or thicker. Not COMPACT, which leans towards small or taking up less room!
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    Did some Vikings sack your ancestral village or something?
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