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    Kegged a red ale today which is on high pressure til tomorrow morning. There's a keg of pilsner already in there from last week that's been carbonating on serving pressure as well, so two on tap as of tomorrow night. Got a pale ale to ferment when I get a starter made up and also need to brew another batch for the other fermenter, probably another pilsner. I haven't been around here much lately but still brewing, smoking bacon and playing golf. Been doing a bit around the house lately, next job for me is renovating the lawn, which is basically just aeration and top dressing this year. Been sidetracked looking up other stuff online and keep forgetting to check the forum
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    A bonus upside to bottling cold is less foaming than when the beer is warm. Making the job simpler.
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    Not a RIS, needs double figures you WIMP
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    @Otto Von Blotto @The Captain!! Slackers.
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    Ok so this is what I brewed: 3kg Voyager Atlas 2kg wheat 250g of shepherds delight 150g acid 10g jester @60 20g jester @20 30g jester @ flame out 35IBU OG 1.044 FG 1010 In the initial tastings I was getting a heap of the cola taste that shepherds delight tout. This did mellow over time though. It was quite strange to taste this in a beer, dunno if i'll use it again but if I come across something that needs it I know where to get it. Now the jester hops.... in a nut shell?? Woody, wood WOOD flavours. The beer was balanced but was overpowered buy what I presume is the woody flavour brought on from bittering with this hop. At times there were floral aspects to the brew but yeah they didn't last long. This brew was kegged and drunk fresh over a weekend, probably 4 weeks from ferment to empty. I was to do it again I would throw a heap in at flame out and use something else to bitter.
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    @Shamus O'Sean guess he calls out bullsh!t. Ha ha however style says 8% -12% Please..... discuss! Ha ha ha
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    Im a bit the same of late but mine is Im building a house so most of my time is devoted to that. still brewing, growing veg, smoking bacon and reading heaps of brewing/horticulture literature. The forum has been put on the back seat in this phase.
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    BE3 is 50% LDM. Which is why it worked! You also gave your brew a Dextrose and Maltodextrin head start too!
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    The SO likes the English Bitter more than me, but likes the Dark Ales we made more. I think it was just such a "raw" bitterness, no other supporting flavours, I guess.... I certainly like bitter beers, maybe I just missed the depth/range of flavour on these brews. I wouldn't not brew with it again... but as I am starting out and trying a variety of brews styles and techniques, I will see what ingredients/techniques have what effect and start having more meaningful targets as to what I am trying to achieve with a brew!
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    You are correct Shamus, the narrator says sugar, BUT a visual on screen says "for best results use 60gms of Light Dry Malt in place of sugar". I also noticed Coopers seems to have been refreshing some of their "how to" videos lately. I only specifically remembered this because I noticed this when I looked up the video here when did my Pale with Coopers yeast brew in July just gone (2020). (Hence I used LDM in mine)
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    fair drinkum pale ale is one i will make again. it was a good clear recipe to follow and for my first beer that was more than a K&K or toucan, well worth the added effort. goes down pretty smooth and has a good after taste. have yeast and hops on hand to make another batch in the near future
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    @Hairy I thought you might get a kick out of this... Sweep the leg Sensei?....Sensei?.......Sensei??... ...Never mind, I'll don't need you anymore, I'm the Sensei!! I've watched the first 3 episodes & really enjoying it. They've done a good job moving their lives into the present. Crazy seeing these guys 35yrs+ on from the original film! Lusty.
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    Just found out Tim Smith from the Cardiacs die a couple of months ago. A bonkers, eccentric band from the 80s. This one has stayed with me since '88. Didn't even know there was a vid to this til YT came along... From the same era, another band that reminds me of my thoroughly misspent youth... the Psychedelic Furs
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    The term I was looking for was ironic! Wrote all that and all I had to say was "irony". Oh well, the main thing is my beer tastes pretty good, it had a slight salty taste from the tears that blended well with the other ingredients. Good brewing Norris
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    Cheers for that Muzzy. I will stick with glass swing tops from now on and maybe just try a few PET bottles with each batch and see if I can improve the end product.
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    Only sad cause I wished you tried the raw wheat...... Cant wait though
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    Already bought the grains. Ale and 3.5% caramunich iii
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    This is going to be pretty good from the looks. So much goodness!!! I am with Cap, I cannot wait to see this tasting video.
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    I like dry beers. so I don't use too much crystal, or what not anymore. What I use is Raw Wheat to provide body. up to 4% for Pales or IPA's. Try something simple like 50% pale, 44% Pils and 4% Raw Wheat and if you need acid, 2%, if not, add this to the Pils. Be a fruity XPA Either way. Interested to see this how go on the Fast Homebrew Channel.
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    Just pulled a sample of my latest pale ale with the "holy trinity" hops in and its sitting it 1.014, so the sample is a couple of points from where it should end up. Its a tiny bit sweet, and with the precursor of bubblegum in my head, OH MY GOSH. Its bubblegum. Looking forward to tasting attenuated, dry hopped and carbed.
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    I decided to throw both yeasts in, hit 1010 today, cloudy as hell so will give it bit more then dry hop & crash
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    I have just finished watching the two seasons of Cobra Kai. It was great; a little cheesy but in a good way. It is easy to binge on this one.
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    Left it the two weeks as needed before trying one. It needed longer. I found it took a while to condition/carb. Originally bottled on the 16/8 so they've had 45 days. I've only had the odd one here and there. There's one in the fridge that I thought I'd give a go tonight again, but I found for me it was just too sweet and rich. Don't expect a refreshing style beer here at all, you won't be smashing them down on a warm sunny afternoon. Happy to help answer any questions you might have about this one, but It could just be a palate thing. As much as I was looking forward to it, it just wasn't for me. Nearly 1kg of non fermentable lactose is a lot of "sweet" to have in the beer. I know that now
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    The 30g at flameout and 20 minutes addition will be what is bringing the woody taste, the bittering addition gives a little flavour not a lot. I would blend the hop to reduce the woodiness.
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    Don't be silly - not a problem!
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    Thank-you JM Excuse the newbie Q's
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    Ferment temp - because ain't nothing going to happen at CC temps.
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    I'm with @Shamus O'Sean Shamus on this one - not a bad recipe per se - each style delivers different outcomes... you are on the journey of discover and will quickly determine what you and SO believe are your favourites... here as Shamus says - maybe higher level of non-fermentables and not a high-attenuation yeast... Different mash temps - different malt combos - will give different spectrum of fermentables/non-fermentables - each giving different results... different yeasts - again different results - different fermentation temp regimes - different results. If you brewed that same beer with something like a saison yeast - read 'serious muncher of whatever it can find in solution' - you will likely end up with lower FG - a 'thinner style' beer and higher ABV. So it really depends upon what you are aiming for and that lovely spectrum of Malt-Hops-Water-Yeast-Temp combos that you are employing?
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    i could knock down the whole batch in a few weeks but i like variety and having mulitiple brews on hand means some might get looked into more than others etc i think im fermenting brew number 7 currently and brew number 3 & 4 are just finishing secondary bottling fermentation stage and will be ready for drinking now, my hoppy pale ale which was my second brew is just reaching half way finished and still tastes good even though not as punchy as the first time i opened a bottle. seems at this point i will have to experience things first hand to know for sure huh ? *it does make me wonder what tricks 4pines, little creatures and all these other people making hoppy pale ales etc do to give their beers such and extended use by date on the bottles ?
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    In the meantime @Bec williams has decided to take her business elsewhere because of the crappy service here.
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    Not is the reading was taken from the tap and the syrup was put in 1st.
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    Hi @Bec williams, Welcome to the Forum. There might have been some higher concentration wort trapped in the tap when you took your sample. This will increase you Original Gravity (OG) by a fair bit. It pays to clear the tap by running out say half a sample tube worth of wort, tipping it and taking the proper sample. Alternatively you can use some software to calculate you OG for a basis kit and kilogram of fermentables. In your case your OG should be around 1.039. Cheers Shamus
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    There you go. I never noticed that caption before. Sugar was probably the go originally because everybody has it in their home. LDM is recommended for yeast starters and the like because it gets the yeasties chomping on more complex sugars from the start. Rumour has it that if you use sugar, the yeasties get a bit lazy and take longer to adjust to chomping the sugars in worts.
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    Assuming you used 23 litres I would have a guess and say it has not been mixed correctly which is not an issue. All will be good.
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    Pick Axe BB. I'll have to give it back to him. Getting rare.
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    The Coopers Reactivating Yeast video says to use sugar. I used sugar for most of my Coopers Yeast Reactivation batches. It worked fine, but seemed to finish a few gravity points short. For the most recent I used Light Dry Malt in a proper yeast starter process using the yeast from six bottles. It seemed to do the trick. I used it in a golden ale. The next generation will be revived with LDM and go into the 2020 Coopers Vintage Ale.
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    Ding Ding! Priming Taste Test Battle! Brew 007- English Bitter with Dry Malt Brew 007: Carbonation Drops Brew 007x: Maple Syrup Brew 007x2: Manuka Honey So..... I'd drink Carb Drops and Maple primed at any time, they both taste fine by themselves! But the Manuka Honey primed bottle was the work of the devil! A chemically nose, and a very odd flavor: the SO said it was ok, but definitely terrible compared to the other two primes/finishes. Comparing 7 and 7x side-by-side, the taste was very very close to each other, but the Maple finish had a slightly thicker mouth feel. If I had the time I would batch prime with Maple over Carbonation Drops, but we both found the taste of the English Bitter not to our liking. Drinkable, but I'd brew another variety over English Bitter going forward.
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    Actually the Coopers hydrometers are calibrated in distilled water @ 20°C to read .998 Really needs to be distilled water too as I was getting inconsistent readings using tap water.
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    Thanks for the advice BB, much appreciated.
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    I'd ask for a recipe but I'm not rude. This Stout is absolutely cracking. Makes Coopers taste like water.
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    You have to taste to know BB. It's a malt flavour explosion.
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    Side-by-side taste test: Fruit of the Woods ROTM versus the Coopers Commercial version MINE COOPERS · Much clearer · Fruity aroma with a hint of sweetness · The same fruitiness is evident in the flavour · Subtle bitterness · Mine is like the little brother to the commercial version · I did dilute it to 5.1% instead of 5.5%, which will also reduce the bitterness. I also used 1.5kg liquid malt instead of 1kg LDM · Reasonably clear (first photo, ¾’s of a can) until whole can poured in (second photo) and yeast dregs got into the glass · Same fruity aroma, but dialled up a bit. I did not notice the sweetness of the HB version · Again, the same fruitiness in the flavour, but dialled up in the same proportions as the aroma. · Bitterness stands out more in the commercial version · Head retention in this version is outstanding Verdict: As I note above, my homebrew version is like the little brother to the commercial version. Both good beers in their own right. I am really happy with my version and I like the Coopers version too. Maybe mine is the XPA version to the Coopers IPA version.
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    Hey hey hey.... I'll have you know that my first brew with my Kegerator where I can easily cold crash is also the first brew where I steeped smashed grain, so yeah, there is probably a BLANK load of suspended particles in my FV from my Noob 'cracking grain neatly' technique!
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