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    Belgian Pale hopped with Nelson...
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    First AG beer.... Mosaic SMaSH. Don't think I have posted it yet lol....
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    Trophic Cascade Pale Ale made with Voss Kveik yeast, cascade at flameout and Ella hops in the cube. Mostly pilsner malt with some wheat and some caramunich. The cascade were flowers I picked at my buddy's house and they are coming in strong. Distinctive aromas and flavours of Sierra Nevada with the Ella providing a tropical lift but the esters from the yeast are helping the beer along also. It is weird, clean but not? It is definitely the yeast contributing a fair bit to the overall beer flavour and aroma. It is hard to explain, but it is a slightly tart thing going on, in the flavour and aroma. Nice beer. I didn't fine it because I wanted to ensure I didn't mute any of the flavours from the flowers or the yeast and I didn't think it would clear anyways due to the ingredients and large flameout additions. I give this a 3/5 because I am not a huge fan of yeast derived flavours, but this is fairly crisp and very drinkable with nice aroma and flavour. I cannot wait to see what it is like in 3 weeks, for better or worse. Day 10 of self isolation, Norris
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    There's a craft brewery somewhere that would can that and call it a Farmhouse Sour.
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    Well I am starting my journey back to old school brews. Below is my take on a 1917 recipe for Tooths XX Ale. I have modified the cane sugar fraction which was equal to the raw sugar fraction and put some wheat malt and used Caraaroma instead of black malt for colouring. Now a question for the brains trust. What can I expect from the sugar. I am thinking that as it is 100% fermentable it will offer a lower FG and not add anything to the body of the brew. Hence my thoughts on putting in some wheat for a bit of body and head retention. Am I on the right track there? Apart from that the IBU and EBC are as per the 1917 recipe.
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    Thanks Yeasty. I didn't know the Lost Seed Company so thanks for that reference but it seems they are selling out fast. It is the same across the board but it might not matter anyhow... The Covid19 crisis caught up with the community garden yesterday. Not only are supplies getting hard to get but our monthly 'food swap' has been cancelled. In previous years if I needed planting garlic (or anything else) I would rattle the network and the universe would provide but the food swap was the hub of that network and it has been shut down. Secondly the council has dropped a whole range of restrictive measures on the garden yesterday including a maximum of 2 people in the shed at one time limit, and whole bunch of hygiene and social distancing measures that are going to make the garden group unviable. We cant even hold a meeting to discuss it. The numbers at yesterday's working bee were significantly reduced (understandable) and council wants to restrict our numbers to a maximum of five. It seems only a matter of time before the decree to close the garden is made and that will involve changing the locks on the shed so we cant get at the tools. Basically the garden will revert to the wilderness it was three years ago and all my good work will be undone. So it looks like my gardening will be restricted to home again for the duration of the lock down. I am not happy about it but what can you do. I am not going to bust a gut trying to keep the garden running if the powers are going shut us down at any moment. I am better off putting my energies into my own patch which is generally neglected because of the amount of work I put into the community garden.
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    And you can even balance your fish tank on top of the glass.
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    Did a Hazy IPA. Pretty expensive brew coming in at close to $90 as i bought two packs of WhiteLabs London Fog yeast 4.5ks Pilsner 1 kg Golden promise 500gms each of flaked oats and what 10 gms Magnum 60 mins 50 gms each of El Dorado, Azacca and Galaxy at flameout for 20 mins Dry hopped with anorher 50gms of each of the above 2 packs of London Fog and use Lactic Acid in the mash to lower PH
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    First pour of a saison done with the 3726 Farmhouse Ale. Needs a little more carbonation but its a nice drop. Simple recipe and simple hopping leaving the yeast to shine. For me if there is one saison yeast to buy. This is probably it.
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    The good news is I scored a couple of bulbs of Austral garlic for planting and a four seedlings of Early Purple from Diggers. The rest of the shop was cleared out. I have never seen anything like it. As soon as new stock hit the shelves it was snapped up. I'll plant that lot at home. I just don't have a lot of confidence that the community garden will be accessible in the not to distant future. My plans for the community garden are simple : I am going to strip it down and dig over the garden beds and sow mixed green manure crops, broad beans and spuds... and walk away. My understanding is that May/June is likely to be the worst of the Covid19 situation and I am hoping that by August/September I can be digging the green manures back into the beds and be harvesting beans and spuds. These things can look after themselves for the duration of the lock down. In the meantime I can give some much need attention to my own patch. Maybe I am an optimist but this will be good for the community garden, We have planted season after season for three years now and the lock down will be an enforced fallow. The green manure and the broad beans will fortify the soil and the ground should be revitalized for the Spring.
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    Congrats to @Greeny1525229549 for being the only brewer To ever manage to get SO4 to do it job
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    My belgian tripel is down from 1074 to 1020. Pitched on Sunday lunchtime so its only 3 and a half days and almost done. Expecting this to finish at 1008. The other beer on the go is the porter. The airlock has slowed and the hydro is showing 1018. The S04 has smashed through it in 2 and a half days. The slight acidic taste is gone also. Sample is tasting very nice. Supposed to finish ~1014. At this rate I will bottle these babies on the weekend and fill up the fermentation fridge with another 2 brews. Happy days!!!
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    That’s literally the worst looking thing I’ve ever seen. Looks like you threw a plastic bag full of poo in there as a dry hop
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    should get low/////
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    Yep you dont want the seeds as they have tannins. Like you say stick them in a blender at its lowest speed or pulse blend. Then into a fine mesh sieve using the back of a spoon to push as much juice through leaving the seeds behind.
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    By 'fair' you mean a lot, right? I've used crystal a few times and 300g is enough to flavour the beer - I think 1 - 2 kg would overpower everything else in there.
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    I'd dry hop a strawberry compote
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    Is that 1 to 2 kg of Medium Crystal? If so, that is a fair amount.
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    Local homebrew guy was out of DEX lol had a run on the joint, our dans is out of be 3 and 2 and almost DEX to! Might be malt cans for the end of the world if your like me and not an epic all grains brewer
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    @Shamus O'Sean thanks mate. I’ll fine it tomorrow I’d say...bio fine tends to work better once it’s been cold for a day or so, so I’ve read.
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    It’s fairly hard to get any garlic over here in WA. But I have a few from diggers. Dynamite, DandS cream, early hard neck Italian, soft neck Italian and another hard neck that I have no idea what it is.
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    Yeah you shouldn't have too much trouble dropping the mash pH with that water. My tap water is about 100ppm carbonate, so it tends to resist change more. I only use it in my red ale and dark beers now though, pale styles are all distilled water with minerals added back without any carbonate.
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    First pour of my wheat beer. 3 days in the keg so still lacks carbonation but a cracking head. Taste wise its right on the money lots of banana coming through.
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    Had my first glass of my leftovers pale ale yesterday. Turned out to be a cracker.
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    So popped in the stout tonight and into the brew fridge. Cheating a bit but last years was great so decided to pump it up a little more. Pitched 2 packets S/04 at 25. Temp set to 20 and dropping fast enough. Should be a big beer.
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    Yum. I'm looking forward to stout/porter weather in a month or so.
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    If it works for you fine. My comment and opinion was directed to a new brewer. I remember what those first brews were like, not knowing if things were right - was that muddy colour a bad sign, how long should the foam hang around, what's that stuff on the top of the beer, should all that beige stuff be on the bottom etc etc. The last thing I would have needed is... F me why is the airlock not doing anything!!!! That's why a hydrometer is better tool to rely on.
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    It's probably more than half way finished already mate. I'm not sure if this idea of lagers taking forever to ferment originated from brewers underpitching them or not (which would lead to sluggish fermentation), but if you pitch a reasonable amount of yeast they don't take much longer than ales. It's all the conditioning and shit that takes time. What I do with most batches is to take a sample 3 days after pitching for ales and 5 days after pitching for lagers. What these readings are determines whether I raise the temperature then or wait another day. I don't leave the samples with the fermenter in the fridge though, I prefer to keep them warmer so they ferment out quicker and give me an idea of the FG before the batch itself reaches it. IMO airlocks aren't a lot of use for determining how far along the fermentation is, SG readings are far more accurate and reliable. An airlock also won't tell you if a brew is stalled or not, but an SG reading will.
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    Just leave it up there once it warms up. Not much point constantly warming and cooling it. The bubbling could also simply be due to the temp rise, allowing a little more CO2 out of the beer along with the pressure going up slightly.
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