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    I receive Stan Hieronymous' "Hop Queries" in my email in which he shares news of the latest hop research. In the most recent issue he reported on experiments being done on reusing dry hops for bittering. I don't think Stan would mind me copying what he said here on the forum. Interestingly he mentions research by Dr. Tom Shellhammer, whose other research has been discussed in other threads recently: “An Overview of Sustainability Challenges in Beer Production, and the Carbon Footprint of Hops Production” in the Technical Quarterly should be required reading for every brewery operator. The paper by Dean Hauser and Tom Shellhammer at Oregon State University examines CO2 emissions that result from hop production, the main sources being agricultural machinery, irrigation, fertilizer, soil, pesticides and kilning. Traditional literature reports the impact of hops are negligible compared to barley, because the world’s largest breweries often use less than 1 gram of hops per liter in producing their most popular brands. Craft brewers, on the other hand, add between 6 and 7 grams per liter, on average. They may use more than 25 grams per liter in highly hopped beers. Hauser previously conducted research that revealed just how much punch is left in dry hops after brewers are done with them (Hop Queries Vol. 2, No. 10). When I asked him about this, he replied, “The reuse of spent hops in particular could provide smaller-scale brewers (who often use more energy and water to produce their product) with a way to mitigate their impact, while at the same time providing a novel, potentially more sustainable product that may differentiate them in a rather saturated market.” He followed that first study with additional research reported in Brewing Science (subscription required). In this experiment, utilization was higher for spent dry hops than pelletized hops. “From a sensory perspective, although the spent dry-hop bittered beers were significantly more bitter, no consumer preference was found in terms of aroma, overall, or bitterness liking between the two sets of beers.” His paper acknowledged the challenges of reuse on a larger scale. However, on a smaller scale there is this. Reusing hops II: A case study For Josh Chapman at Black Narrows Brewing in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, Hauser’s initial research was a “light bulb moment.” Black Narrows has a five-barrel brewing system, and he is constantly aware of how much more proportionally he spends on hops because he buys in small quantities. In addition, “not getting the most out of our ingredients is wasteful both in practice and ethos.” What resulted was a beer he calls Cruisin’ the J. Chincoteague is a small island, covering only seven square miles, and the story goes that back in day for Friday night fun locals would meet at the town marina, drive down Main Street, hang a right at Beach Road, take it to a roundabout, then head back to the town marina. The route loosely resembled a J, and a tradition called “cruisin’ the J” was born. Chapman figured a low ABV beer seemed perfect for a Friday night on the town. He outlined the process he uses, and the thinking behind it, in an email. I’ve left it in “brewer code” – something I would never do in a blog post or print – because I figure subscribers speak the same language. * Did some back of napkin brewing theory jotting and everything seemed to point to the following: If beer transferred from FV to brite is clean, and then from brite to keg is clean, and then from keg to draft/can is clean, then what’s in the FV should be “clean” as far as ingredient integrity is concerned. Add to that the fact that if contamination/quality degradation were present it’d show most often in the yeast, which I cone to cone pitch. It stood to reason that those dry hops were ripe for stripping more aroma/oils from. * Figured I’d start with something mixed-ferm/brett so the margin for error was less re finished beer. We do a mosaic dry-hopped mixed culture saison w/ sacch and three brett strains. First run takes about three-ish months, with one month on dry hops at .5#/bbl [note: that’s about 2 grams per liter]. On transfer day, I brewed the same wort, and knocked out directly into the tank on the spent hops/yeast combo. Within two weeks I’d say we had roughly 85%-90% the same beer as the first iteration that took three months. With the amount of trub/hops/yeast/beer I left in the FV, I missed my target OG by about 4 points, because I didn’t take into account that on the hot side that I’d basically be diluting the wort. * The second hop runnings saison took about a month and ended up needing a dry hopping of .2#/bbl touch up to meet the aromatic/flavor profile of the first beer. Fantastic proof of concept brew and helped dial in how we’d handle the concept from there on. * Recognizing that both hop and wort targets would be slightly lowered due to both the roughly 30% initial dry hop utilization and the spent beer/yeast in the tank, it made the most sense to take our most hop-forward IPA and brew a pale or session on the seconds. * Four Mouths (our house IPA) is a combo of 2:1 Mosaic/El Dorado to Hallertau Blanc/Callista. 1#/bbl at whirlpool, then 3.5#/bbl at dry hop. 90/10 English Pale Malt (Murphy & Rude Malthouse, VA)/Flaked Oats. English Ale yeast, roughly 1.056 OG, 6.8% ABV beer. * On transfer day, knocked out a target 1.042 OG wort, 1#/bbl whirlpool hops (Blanc) into the spent Four Mouths tank. OG became 1.038 after knockout (anticipated per the saison test). Didn't dry hop at all, and post racking/carb beer had a wonderfully aromatic, soft bitterness. A very cohesive 4.65% pale ale. I didn't call it a session IPA, because it wasn’t hop forward enough in my opinion to qualify. * It was the fastest selling beer we’ve ever had. I think the combo of enticing aromatics and ease of drinkability make it incredibly accessible. We’re at the point now where whenever we brew Four Mouths, we know that on racking day we’re brewing Cruisin’ right on top of it, and you’d be stunned by how many folks are always asking when Cruisin’ is coming back, because it’s beating the IPA off the taps." So, has anyone on the forum tried reusing spent dry hops to bitter their next brew? Cheers, Christina.
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    Asian lager which i kegged mid week. Was going to lager both asian lagers but put this one on tap. This one for whatever reason had 100% attenuation from the budvar yeast. As a first taste it is dry as all hell. Very Chang like but super dry. I cant believe how clear it is after only a gelatine treatment and absolutely no chill haze. Forever had problems with haze with rice lagers. But looks like a longer mash and boil did the trick.
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    You guys need to stand up for yourself and not let SWMBO control your life as I said to mine the other night when I put her in her place "will you please stop telling how the dishes should be done" ....
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    $12 for the Steve urkel and $20 for the Sierra. Not behd!
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    It's like when I am putting together mixed six packs to give to my mates. You know how it goes: One of those and one of those and one of those. If one of those happens to be my last one of those, I have terrible trouble giving it to them.
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    That’s the beauty of having no mates...........
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    You do-ed gooderer mate. And yes, that is approval. She doesn't want you bringing any junk into the house. If she DISapproved it would have been a much different response! They's like that, SWMBO's...
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    Having another crack at this Helles. It seemed way too sweet a couple of weeks ago but for some reason that doesn't seem so apparent now. Nice enough beer otherwise and I'll have no problems getting through the rest of the batch but as there's other styles I'd rather brew I don't think I'll be brewing this one again any time soon.
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    The second fridge is in place, waiting to be filled I had to put it on an angle because the door opens left to right and I couldn't get in the corner to put a FV in. Note, I replaced the pink curtains
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    You need to find an accountant that failed the Ethics module.
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    A Hoppy Black Saison made the IPA specifications with a Saison Yeast fermented at shed temps.....
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    Crew Republic Easy Summer Beer. Tastes like a lager. Not much bitterness, aroma or flavour from the hops Citra, Amarillo, Comet, Tradition, Cascade. Modern hops but very traditional German beer. Easy drinking and good taste but the craft beer price does not justify. Still yummy though.
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    Clarkey from Qld is the next finalist. Watch to the end for a good laugh. https://www.facebook.com/267371566608084/posts/3436744369670772/
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    Three weeks off... 83% for my last uni assignment..... BEERS Flanders
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    +1. Use hop socks in the boil and also in the dry hop. Quick wash with a couple of spoons of napisan or di san and they are good to go. I find i get about a year of use out of them before they start to fall apart.
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    I rinse under hot water and get all the gunk out. Then I chuck in a quick 40’degree wash with just star san and she’s good to go im no tree hugger but we need to reuse more people.
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    I really don’t mind at all that they come and drink my beer. That’s what it’s there for. It’s just this time, I was left with nothing at all.
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    You’ll get him fired up with that comment.
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    Yes, I do too. I think the door would've preferred my wife doing it.
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    Well, theoretically, because the hops haven't actually been boiled the alpha acids should still be largely intact so from a bittering point of view they would presumably still be similar to virgin hops.
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    To say it with Radio Yerevan, in principle yes but... ...the space to the right of the "red" fridge is limited, the cupboard would obstruct the power points and it is filled with approx. 250 bottles of beer, which makes it a little heavy to move
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    Heh Actually, I really do appreciate the simplicity of my urn. These all-in-one things don’t appeal to me
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    The Home Brew Network on Youtube recently posted a video on the Inkbird ITC-310T-B Programmable Thermostat 12 Stage - Temperature Controller. There is a link under the video to buy one of these for $49.20 - 40% discount. Still might be on the expensive side though. If I were buying a new one I would get the 308 with wifi. I know jack about electricity and am not allowed to burn the house down.
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    Oxygen. tank and stone set up. water testing kit Eventually 3v system after I build another house....... maybe before. new mountain bike. To ride off all these beers
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    No!!!!! Everywhere!!!!!!!! Different shed, property even if you can ha ha Brettanomyces will quite literally eat anything in your brewery. It’s been known to change the colour of beer over time. keep any beer you don’t want tasting slightly funky away from this stuff, it’s bacteria so a little different to yeast. id say if you don’t like your nephew, lock him in the cupboard with an open carboy with this stuff in it within a few hours the Brett would have eaten him too. Amazing stuff.
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    In regards to hop fade. Here’s two pics. Taken approximately 3 months apart first pic is my very first AG brew. Mosaic and Citra IPA. Amazing aroma and taste. Very hop forward. Small bit hazy next pic is the last bottle I cracked tonight of it. Clear as day. But not as hop forward as the above but still a great hop presence in terms of aroma and taste clarity doesn’t bother me as it tasted better when hazy but only natural that the taste fades after a prolonged period even with 200 gms of hops all up.
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    Second Try: Again in @PaddyBrew2 recommended on special Spiegelau Beer set ; )
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    IT IS PURELY THE POWER OF ADVERTISING: Same with bloooooody Great North Throw-out NONE OF THE PUNTERS WHO DRINK THIS BEER WOULD EVER WALK UP THAT MOUNTAIN... LET ALONE CARRY THAT BEER AND CATCHING MARLIN - WELL TRY IT... SEE HOW HARD IT IS... BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO - YOU JUST NEED TO BUY BLLLLLARDY GREAT NORTHERN MEGASWILL DOGGEREL BEER CAUSE YOU CAUGHT MARLIN ON THE BLLOOODY LABEL?! And Besides That... IF you think that your Marlin and the other fish that feed Marlin are gunna last... please have a look at this and focus on ocean water acidification. https://www.csiro.au/en/Showcase/state-of-the-climate At least us HB folk are brewing our own and not perpetuating the ongoing waste of energy through megaswill and it being carted around the World.
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    Wow. Initial pour was phenolic and reminiscent of my dreaded house yeast. That has gone and this is light, fruity and very lively.
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    Is this taking the piss? It'd be pretty expensive buying a new one every brew
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    I started to mark kegs gassed but got over it
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    Yep. Just insert a row, alphabetically. Type in the hop name and the alpha. The other cells about styles, substitutions and descriptions are optional. I have added in Lemondrop, Vic Secret and a couple of others. When I make these changes I save the file as a new version (4.1.3, 4, 5, 6, etc). I also did this under the KITS tab with the Thomas Coopers and the Mr Beer Series cans that were not in the 4.1 version of the spreadsheet. I do not know how to adjust the sheet for hop steeps. I think some people just put in the hop and give it a short (say 5 minute) boil to add some IBU's for flame-out hop additions (still above 80°C). You might need to do some research to find out the equivalent short boil duration for the corresponding IBU's extracted from a flame-out hop steep. Steeps once the wort falls below about 80°C are not likely to add many perceptible IBU's.
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    Don’t put it in the freezer, just a nice cold fridge
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    Those thongs got me turned on too.
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    I have a GT Avalanche Sport hardtail. Entry level but does the job for a scaredy cat like me. I used to do a little road cycling and only just started riding mountain bikes. It is so much more fun. I live across the road from the bush which has heaps of tracks.
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    I recently upgraded to 1x11 on mine, best thing ever. My riding has improved too recently after the fear got a hold of me, hitting 6 foot wooden drops and gap jumps again. So what if I am 46?
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    Yes. I transfer it to another for bottling, anything that come in contact gets hot water then bleach for 3 days. The transfer hose, the bottles it goes in, the LOT
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    Wow. I had never even thought about doing it.
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    That would be yeast sediment and is normal in bottle conditioned beers. It ferments the priming sugar then drops out to the bottom.
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    @PaddyBrew2 Thanks for that. When you say "200gm of hops all up," do you mean in the dry hop, or altogether? What kind of bottle did you use, PET or crown cap glass? Thanks, Christina.
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    That takes me back (way back) to shouting the Friday wooden crate of Lion Brown long necks for the boys which went under their table in the public bar. Moved to Oz and have not seen or purchased another Lion Brown since then.
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    Could be worse. We've had a cosy 36 here in Brisbane, while the in-laws in Tassie sat at 8 with rain. Tasmania is either cold or on fire.
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    Thanks for all your advise guys, I took a sample to East Maitland brew shop to see what I could do. He said it taste very sweet and said it had to ferment more, I told him I added more yeast last night and he was happy with that, he gave me the same advice that you guys have and now I will just check the FG in a couple of days. I think my problem from the OG was that I didn’t tip out the first part when testing and then refill. So i have added more yeast, the temp is now 20 degrees and happy to say that it is bubbling away again. Thanks again and knowing me I will be on here wanting to know more about everything to do with brewing my own beer. LEGENDS
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    So have got into an old DRA - the Disaster Recovery Ale from August... pics below - with the conditioned version... very clear now... and quite a different brew... liked both... but the clear malty caramel flavours in this are just outstanding...
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    Today.. White IPA + NEIPA.... what could go wrong (all in the one beer) Whirlpools are flameout and then @ 80°c Two seperate dry hops. White IPA style in that it has a fair whack of wheat and a wheat yeast.
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    Replaced a hop sock withe one, hated it, now throw hops straight into the kettle (from 10m ... I am accurate)
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    I vac seal mine and put them straight in the freezer. I do have a hop addiction though: 385g Cascade 790g Citra 470g Galaxy 55g Pride of ringwood 50g Organic Nelson Sauvin 85g Chinook 50g Pacific Jade 12g Styrian Goldings 75g Hallertau tradition 5.8% 50g hallertau MF 100g Fortnight 70g East Kent Goldings 83g Topaz 19.8 % 100g Styrian wolf 100g Styrian Dragon 575g Ekuanot 100g Vic Secret 540g Riwaka 540g Sabro 340g Kohatu 175g Amarillo 150g Centennial 500g mosaic 450g lemondrop 200g huell melon
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