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    My take on the Chubby Cherub based on the description is - Cross between a Fat Yak and LCPA. Chubby are Nelson/Cascade (FY) and Cherub Chinook/Cascade (LCPA). After spending July overseas I brewed a modified version using both the light and amber malt extract tins with Chinook and cascade pellets and cascade flowers as a quick brew. I've brewed the coopers recipe to the letter and after both versions I find the amber tin a little much. Still a great extract beer though. Currently drinking a Victoria pale ale no chilled with magnum (the horror of it all) 78% Gladfield Ale 14% Golden Promise 6% Munich 2% Crystal 80L 5g Magnum 60mins - 6 IBU 300g dried Victoria hop flowers (Estimated 13%) FO 5mins - 40 IBU Only two weeks in bottle.
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    So today I went to Wild Hop brewery. Had every ale they had. Standout was the Saison...... surprise, surprise. Very vast selection of beers. Had a Russian imperial stout, a raspberry porter, simple pale ale and a hazy. Not one beer disappointed. Well done Wild Hop brewery.
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    I finally sorted out my signage and got some chain to hang it from the roof. I changed the design after seeing someone else with a better setup Sorry @The Captain!!
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    Time for a Black Beer Brew posting. My Extra Stout cracked last night. Dark as night, bit of froth & smooth as already. Fittingly a few more will be sacrificed tonight watching the All Blacks play Ireland.
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    The big bad BLIP is settling around 1015-1016 down from around 1080... as you guys suggested. B - Basssstard L - Late Hopped I - India P - Pale... Just slammed in 99g of CCC in the SS Hop Tube for three days Late Hoppage then will cold crash. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!
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    In the process of putting my fridge setup together. 2nd hand fridge that was completely covered in stickers Stripped and sanded lightly then painted with chalkboard paint. A friend has 3d printed 4 tap handles for me as pictured but this was a practice tap handle, it has a slot in top so you can slip in a piece of paper to show what is on tap, it will also say '3 chins brewing' on top as that is the name i have just trademarked
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    This is my house pale, finally got it to where I want it after three attempts. So it now gets a name Faded Jeans Pale Ale. My initial reason behind this pale was to brew something that was cheap, inoffensive and easy drinking. Hops are Centennial, Cascade and Mosaic. All are easily accessible and fairly cheap. Basic malt grist and easy peasy to brew. At 5% it’s very very easy drinking
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    Side by side taste test: I have wanted to do this for a while now. Session Ale Pineapple aroma Paler colour Good balance of flavour Lingering bitterness Pleasant dankness Smoother flavour XPA Citrus aroma Darker colour Lively flavour Less intense bitterness Both great beers (but we know that). I cannot split them. I love them both. I do not know why, but the only difference is I am drinking the XPA quicker (or there was less in the can). Do yourself a favour.
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    +1. You can take advice two ways. Always like lustys comments. Sometimes i think whatever. Other times i think fair call. Thats what a forum is for.
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    Hey BB, did you put a marshmallow in it?
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    Yeah mate I just cannot afford to pump my drinking and brewing water through a system as heat-exchange coolant... had resorted to showering at work until a recent storm top-up so as not to waste my beautiful drinking and brewing water ; ) When you are not on town-water retic you certainly work out that water is precious. I catch the first cold water in a bucket till the shower warms up (if tank levels can afford me to shower at home) and water me hops with it Am hoping for no late late frost now the seasons seem to be soooo pharqued up as the hoppers are just starting to show interest in being alive.
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    Hi @Journeyman, I reckon it will be fine. I am guessing that you used the Coopers yeast from under the can. It is pretty robust. The yeast at the warmer temperature may have produced some flavours such as banana. I had something similar in an early English Bitter I did that got up to the high 20's. Thankfully, this flavour suited that beer. This flavour would be suited to the Real Ale too. It is very possible to have fermented from your SG of 1.035 to 1.010 between Wednesday and today, especially with the warmer early temperature. I have a temperature control brewing now and set my ales at 18 or 19. Check you SG tomorrow as you intend. Even if it is stable at 1.010, I would give it another two days to "clean up after itself". The yeast can clean up some of the slightly dodgy flavours it creates, it will also settle out more with time. You will see the beer become clearer looking. The fermenting observations you made about the krausen (top frothiness) and the bubbles on the surface sound perfectly normal. I think you will be ready to bottle by Tuesday. Let us know how the brew turns out. Cheers and welcome.
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    I finally found a six pack to try. It’s average and nothing special.
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    For dry hopping I put mine in the bags you described with my stainless rings to weigh it down I boil the bag with the rings inside for 15 minutes (without hops) prior to use others use chux wrapped up with a zip tie or tied with a strip of chux I haven’t tried that and some go commando. If you use the bag or tea balls make sure they are big enough so the hops can expand. I used the tea ball the first time without issue but use more hops now so it wasn’t big enough
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    Yours is way cooler than mine. I still can’t decide on a name and you have a cool phrase at the bottom!!!
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    Maybe check out the malt bill for a beer like Brew Dog's "Nanny State". This can be found in their DIY Dog listing. The malt bill is very interesting & creates a lot of flavour at an extremely low alcohol level. I made a beer back in late 2015 very loosely modelled on this premise. Bar 100gms of dry malt extract, it was entirely all grain based. It ended up at 2.49% ABV & was full of flavour. It is still to this day the lowest ABV% beer I have ever made. On my own rating system, I gave it 4½ stars out of 5, I was that impressed with it. Might be worth a look. I'll continue to follow your progress in this thread. Cheers, Lusty.
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    I have found a very strange phenomena with home brew both bottled and kegged .... no matter how crap it tasted at the start it is always at its best when you get to the last 2 litres or so of a brew ... it is a bit of a bugger really ...
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    That's usually what I do. Bit of Sodastream cola syrup, Jack and fill it with soda water. Tastes better than real coke to me.
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    21L batch - Helles Lager- 7 days at 12c then rise for 7 days 85% Pilsner 10% Vienna 5% Acid Hallertau to 25 IBU 2 packets W34/70 13L batch - Chinook PA 97% MO 3% Gladfield Crystal 105L 12g FWH Chinook Pellets 12% 150g Chinook ( dried Flowers Est 13%) FO 5 mins -See the yellow Lupin from the chinook flowers in the pic US05
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    Day 10 taster of the Chubby Cherub. Can't see this being a second time brew for me. And the Coopers description is a bit all over the map. First, Coopers recipe pic shows a light golden beer, much like Little Creatures, one of the styles it's based on. My beer, brewed to their recipe is a medium copper more like any of my winter ales (LC on the left, CC on the right). The taste is closer to Coopers description - stone fruit and marmalade, nothing remotely like LC, which, having just bought one, is subtly hoppy and floral. However, both LC and the CC use the same hops - Cascade and Chinook. Don't know what other beer they based this on, but it must taste more like that one.
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    Maybe I should get one and stick it on the bar somewhere
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    Everyday Pale Ale. Amarillo and Centennial. Nose is all pine and a hint of citrus. colour is more orange than I expected which is good as I was trying for a orange beer. Mouthfeel is perfect. Bit of body but it finishes dry. Taste is citrus and stonefruit. Like nectarine maybe, then a bit of pine and citrus peel. It’s got a really nice lingering bitterness Bloody nice beer.
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    Belgian Golden Strong from my new batch. I dont make golden strongs as often as my othet belgians and made a change with this one and pitched at 1.0 v my usual 0.75. A touch muted compared to the 0.75 but im actually liking it better. Maybe its the weather. Zero alcohol taste as well despite the 8.5 ish ABV level.
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    My White IPA .... keg must be nearing empty as it is quite clear. Bowl of home grown pepper next to it.
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    Dorada Especial. Slightly more bitter than their normal lager. Tastes like a good german Pils. Very nice.
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    I haven't noticed a change in price but if thats the case it is really disappointing considering it is now a large internationally backed brewery. Another reason to brew your own!
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    That sounds relieving. I will take your advice and check SG but leave it a while before the bottle part. I have to organise a decent way to do the sanitizing anyway - I was going to use the spare FV I got but I think I can get one of those 'press & spray' bottle rinsers. I trust my nose in most food things and the smell this AM from the SG sample was pretty good. I turned on the heater today - it lifted the temp slightly but it has been steady all day so I plan to leave it on overnight, checking (just in case) temp before bed. cheers...
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    Well I don't drink Bundy so it's all good. I'll drink it with whatever cola is available, and although I do enjoy proper Coke I still like the syrup and soda water more. I used to go to the pub every weekend
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    GOLD... geeze Louise... buying by the Kilo... you are now really setting the pace RD!
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    https://community.diybeer.com/topic/13923-cubing/ Enjoy
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    Home improvements part. Had some candles and sh!t around it
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    Does that one use an amber malt tin? That would be responsible for the darker colour. I did a few extract batches with it back in the day and they were all the same copper colour, not like a pale ale. I reckon it would be closer to LC if it just used light malt and a bit of medium crystal, in color at least. I did brew a pale ale a while back using those two hops which came out pretty close to LC. It wasn't intentional though, at the time I didn't even know they used the same hops in it.
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    Yeah I'll see what happens. Usually I just leave them, eventually they get long enough and find a line. One of them tried growing through the fence into the neighbours yard but I think it fell back through to our side Over next winter I'll be digging them up again to fridge some rhizomes. During that time I'll top up the soil so it's not such a low amount in there. Being a flat surface might prevent them sort of falling away from the lines.
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    Cheers about the name mate. I made this beer for people that think local beer is awesome. Some of it is not. like ya say, one expensive hop to two less so. It’s easy to do. Pros do this sort of thing all the time. Subtlety is what this beer is about but at the same time, f**k you! I’m a beer! Such a w@nker!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got a kg of Vic secret from grain and grape as well awesome hops also very fresh got them during the Father’s Day sale
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    I've learnt a lesson very slowly. Never judge a beer by what it taste like on sampling. With some, don't even bother making a judgement till they're 2 months in the bottle. The last Pilsner I brewed had the rancid rotten egg fart in a spacesuit smell to it, right up to bottling. It was fine when ready for drinking. I use Coopers yeasts a lot as well. But didn't with the Pilsner. Hmmm....
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    Really like the name, I can already see the marketing campaign crossovers with whatever jean is in fashion. Nice hop selection Kirk and that beer looks lovely. I have been playing with the idea of, for multiple hopped beers, going with the 2 to 1 combo of a fairly low cost hop combo and a more expensive one to try to balance out the costs while still maximising flavour and aroma. The simple malt bill has to help with that, while allowing the characteristics you want to shine. Love your work Mate. Norris
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    I wouldn't put much value on what it tastes like when it hasn't even finished fermenting yet. I've never tasted a fermenters sample that was as good as the finished beer. A few weeks conditioning in bottles and it'll probably be fine. I've also had tartness in AG beers when I've added too much sulphate to the brewing water, which was accentuated by the use of 1272 yeast. I've since gone back to 1056 for those beers and reduced the sulphate addition, they're a lot better now.
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    It’s used for colour. Trying to get the red colour. Caraaroma and dark grains make red
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    GSP.... GALAXY Smash Pils… AG with Pils Malt and some Wheat... Rainwater and W34/70... in Bottles... Kelsey's recommended Pils cool Temp Protocol... Galaxy as first, final and foremost ... Crisp and tasty:
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    Redback Pale Ale - This is a kit/extract beer, which I don't do too often, named 'redback' because I've used Gladfield redback malt as a sub for the usual crystal. It's a mix of a Coopers OS lager and a 1.7kg can of wheat malt (equates to 25% wheat all up), plus the steeped redback malt of course. Equal doses of Motueka and Wakatu hops. Another reminder of how good a kit/extract beer can be. Will probably brew again as a partial-mash though, sub'ing in Gladfield ale malt and wheat malt for the wheat LME.
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    If it doesn't have a noticeable bitterness, it's not a true IPA (IMHO). It's the signature of the style. Without it, all you have is a higher ABV Pale Ale. I had the Pirate Life Mosaic IPA on tap recently while at a cousins birthday party. Then I had another, & another.....Yum! Cheers, Lusty.
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    Arrrr. Fruity, hoppy with a nice body and head to it but a tad too bitter for my liking. The main reason why I'm not a big fan of IPAs is that some breweries go a little overboard with the bitterness IMHO. But that's just me.
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    Grabbed a few Shapeshifter Brewing beers on the way home. The Red IPA is amazing. Having a Cashmere single hop pale. Don't know much about the hop but its a nice pale.
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    Something a bit different for me. Bee Mead. Found it online, then saw that BWS has it. Listened to a few podcasts about mead making. Thought I would try one. Nice earthy aroma. Similar taste. Somewhat drying in the mouth. Can pick up residual sweetness and a honey note in the after-taste. Pretty tame. Not sure I would rush out and buy a slab though. More like a very easy drinking sparkling sweet white wine.
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    Wow, that is the biggest Krausen i have seen ... or is it epoxy filler ...
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    I got some new signage to display what I have on tap. It’s only leaning so I’ll have to find way be able to fixit and easily remove it. Beer Baron
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