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    Another crystal clear and perfectly carbed IPA.... Bramling Cross... very yummy
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    Lunch time wheat. Classic WB-06 flavour, yummy.
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    Stunning, perfect blood orange flavour. I hope Asahi treat Green Beacon well. Lovely Red IPA. Like an imperial amber... good malty back bone. Yummy smoked pork crackling too.
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    I wish. At least I now know what all your regular visits to the USA are about. A free shave, & filming. Cheers, Lusty.
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    Centenarillo Ale. Sh*i photo. Good beer. Has only been in the bottle 12 days but is very good already.
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    I am having/had a Kaiju Krush and Balter XPA. Love the hops coming from the Krush so far, but I have made comparable, in my not so humble opinion. Always like the XPA and will top it off with the Munich lme ale I have. In between a chorizo and pepperoni pizza. I think it belongs to my wife but I am eating it. It could be the calm before the storm, fellas. 2 pieces left . Cheers Norris P.S I did use a glass, I didn't just chug it from the can...Or did I?
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    Got myself a pack of these bad boys for tonight. Grim RIPA, a Black Rye IPA from Noisy Minor Brewing.
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    Drinking a Black IPA and Pale Ale from my new glass that my mate got me when he went to a few pubs by himself.
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    You’re disgusting ha ha ha It has a 4.2 star rating out of five. Who the bloody hell rates these beers.......... clearly people who are dyslexic
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    There is a happy medium. I got the intertaps with flow control that were significantly cheaper than perlicks. I love them and even my beer friends comment on them, that is a lie, I only have the 1 beer making friend...I am lonely. Either way, we all have our budgets, except for Kelsey . The goal is to enjoy what we made, so accomplish that anyway possible, hahahha! With that said, I love pouring beer from the taps out of the kegerator and so does anyone who stops by that I can trick into having a beer or chlorophyll into staying. It took me 9 months to get 2 taps, and it will take me another 3 months to get the 3rd tap, budgets and wants vs needs and my own personal vices, ciggies! I used a picnic tap for several months and the beer was lovely, but Lusty, you gotta get a tap or two. It isn't JUST bling, it is pretty awesome pouring that beer like your at a beer vs at a college kegger and it looks good. Do a DIY and enjoy the work and time it takes to build it. Just my $5 worth. One thing, you are right though the slope is slippery after that, shanks, tubing, regulator, co2 tank and other bits can add up. Cheers Norris
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    LOL... I drank Great Northern the other day. Amazing... NO flavour at all. Better than VB at least.
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    If you're ever out drinking at a bar Kelsey & notice 4 drinkers sipping on Asahi or Kirin in perfectly spaced angle intervals around you, you'll know you're in quite a bit of trouble. As they be the silent samurai of Feng Shui. Lusty.
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    Yes, think I got too pissed and left the 60 psi fast carb on too long. Just turned the gas to that keg off and will pour until it is better. Odd thing though it doesn't taste/ feel over carbed.
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    That is two years from date of manufacture. There is a date on the can. Before putting the kits in storage, I recommend removing the lids and putting the yeast in the fridge. Cheers, Christina.
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    You don't really believe Otto drives a bus do you? I mean, $90 beer taps!!! He just says he drives a bus to fit in with us peasants on here. His secret is out now. I knew something was up when he offered to buy me a beer at Harts Pub. No normal person can afford to buy others a craft beer in Sydney.
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    I didn't know Bugati made buses.
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    I bet you drive a Bugati too. And possibly date a Kardashian too.
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    The banana taste would be from the production of the ester Isoamyl Acetate. It will fade over a long period of time. However storing the beer for a long time may also change the taste in other ways and other esters may also be produced. Regardless of that, I have always found the taste of a beer at bottling different to when it has carbonated and also conditioned a little. Hopefully in a couple of months it isn't so pronounced.
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    I'm confused. We are talking about a $45 beer tap, not a Bugati, right?
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    I think this is more a case of hate the player not the game.....the player didn’t aerate his wort. ps don’t hate me.
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    I so wanna bag out lagers again............. please, it’s too easy............. Just another reason lagers are sh!t. sorry Mitch, couldn’t help myself. Kelsey will chime in soon enough. He loves the sh!t.
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    I have a 3 c's pale ale on the go also. I have to say the aroma and flavour is pretty awesome. I open the fermentation fridge like 6 times a day just to smell it. I realize now that I haven't used cascade enough. Centennial, citra and cascade are amazing together, so far, I haven't tasted a carbed up version yet. After this I will be revisiting some hops like Chinook, simcoe, and Columbus that I haven't used in a while.
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    Beaut thanks Greeny. Much appreciated. 'Tis US05 in the main FV with IPA so reckon I am looking at brewing on the weekend (got a free FV) and leaving the IPA/Dampfbier (W3068) develop a little further to get it down a few more points maybe and cold-crash mid next week for bottling the following weekend. I will look to pull out the dry hops tomorrow though as it seems 3 days is good - Mr Palmer - and longer may induce grassiness? Anyone any advice on late hopping and avoiding the grassiness.... am at 22 deg C....
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    Sounds good Lizzy - am with you there ; ) Further, encouraged by the earlier stirring discussions I did the deed and got in and gave bottom FV a stir with long handled sterile SS spoon... hopefully it will help the brew.... as it certainly did me a favour... The Triple C aromas of late hop Cascade Centennial Citra were G for Gold!
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    Hey BB. Overnight only and you would be lucky to drop any yeast. My cold crash depends on the yeast. Saisons and other belgians i cold crash for 2 days only as i want some yeast in the bottle. S04 like 3 days only as it drops like a stone. US05 and lager yeasts for a whole week.
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    As a guy directly involved in the industry, I just don't get the whole appeal of Great Northern & Iron Jack. It is purely marketing because the beers themselves are still crap. The two big boy breweries that produce these beers really need to have a good hard look at themselves & what they are about. These two beers just replace the same crap at the same level as their predecessors with just minute alterations in the bottle, colour, taste & sales pitch. One thing I would like to know is when did QLD orientated beer become the fit model for the whole of Australian mass produced beer? Cheers, Lusty.
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    Yes. Most sensible people would stay for the chlorophyll.
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    That is why I have to club em. Hmmm, thanks Mate.
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    That would be chloroform, chlorophyll is the stuff the wheatgrass smoothie crew are looking for!
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    Arc valley lager for me, don't feel like spending a crap load on beer this week and at $33 a carton it's not too bad for its price, better than local megaswill. Right up @The Captain!!'s alley I reckon.
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    Id prefer to drive a kardashian and date a bugati personally...
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    I am with you on this one ... there are many European companies that have made a reputation on making highly functional products that have style ... there is a place for aesthetics just as there is a role for basic function and simple design ...
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    There's a difference though, between buying something purely because it looks good and buying something that both looks good and has a practical function. It's a very long bow to be drawing between people who prefer proper beer taps over a bit of plastic and halfwits like the Kardashitestains.
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    Whoops good call Kapitan…. I had some silly idea that DKD was based in Toowong or Scarborough or Paddington, Fannie Bay, Glenelg or Manly ... mmm... maybe if not we should send some over !?!
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    Call an Indian too pragmatic and he will say thank you, those guys love to be thrifty. Wish I was more Indian..........
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    I've never heard that one could be "too" pragmatic. Bling is, & has always been about those who want to show off. That ain't me. Those that obsess in this space I've found to be fairly hollow & boring people without much substance once you move past this area with them. Much like Kardashians. Cheers, Lusty.
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    Everyone needs some bling in their life; whether it is a shiny SS beer tap or a Prince Albert ring. You are too Pragmatic, Lusty.
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    I was pretty skeptical of this beer at first glance, but it was actually really, really good. The guys at Green Beacon know their stuff... A shame they sold to one of the big guys (probably the best of a bad lot though). And no I don't count Coopers as one of the big guys. The blood orange and cherry flavour was noticeable but well-balanced, the whisky barrel notes were gorgeous and there was a lovely underlying feathery malt character. It came together very nicely.
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    As I've gotten older I just gravitate toward this type of music these days. It's just really cool laid back stuff that you can sit around with your friends etc. & enjoy whatever you're doing without offending anyone, & the lyrics hit a few cords with pretty much all generations on some level. Basically cool. Cheers, Lusty.
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    I used to not have a budget, not so these days. That's why I bought all that stuff back then instead of now Mind you, if I was setting it up now I'd just put a bit away each week and take a lot longer to get it all together, but I still would go the buy once and buy quality route.
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    Hi Christina, shouldn't these have been brewed a while back? I brewed a festbier back in May actually for my MOTB beer. 11 fermenter volume, half a Mexican Cerveza kit with a partial mash of 1kg pils, 500g Munich and 500g Vienna malt. You are wise to add a bit of extra bittering. I relied on just the kit tin IBU and I don't think it's quite enough. Also make sure you carbonate highly enough. I bottled into a mix of 500ml and 750ml with 1 and 2 carb drops respectively. The 750ml bottles are better, perhaps it helps compensate for the lack of IBU. The yeast could have something to do with it too. I used a Czech lager yeast which will not be quite as crisp as the Coopers ale / lager blend. Cheers, John
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    Mine looks a very similar colour in the sample tube. Thanks for the research. I will check the SG again on Saturday and if it is still the same I reckon I will bottle it up. Cheers Shamus
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    Also not metal. Redd Kross have a new album out.
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    I have just removed the dry hops from my current Coopers DIY Chubby Cherub brew, & squeezed all their liquid goodness back into the beer. The brew is now in cold crash mode. The aromatics from the Chinook, Vic Secret & Motueka dry hop came across really nice I thought for a combo I've never used before. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    Pacific Gold 1.7kg Coopers OS Lager 1kg GF American Ale Malt 1kg GF Vienna Malt 400g GF Wheat Malt 15g Kohatu @ 10 min 15g Pacifica @ 10 Min 20g Kohatu @ 1 min 20g Pacifica @ 1 min 15g Pacifica (Dry Hop) 15g Kohatu (Dry Hop) 5g Gypsum Nottingham Yeast | ABV=4.3% | IBU=29 | EBC=8.5 | First time my temp has landed under my intended pitching range! Still, it's Nottingham so no worries!
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    Working my way through my last extract batch before the world of AG came knocking. The steam ale from the coopers recipe section. It’s about 5 weeks in the bottle. It had a heck of a twang when first carbonated. That’s really mellowed out and now it just tastes like “beer” should be really drinkable in 2 or 3 not weeks.
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    Supernova PA My latest NZPA featuring a 50/50 blend of Kohatu and Pacifica hops - late flavour/aroma additions of 50g each, but no dry hop. I called it 'supernova' after the Gladfield specialty malt used - a drier substitute for med. crystal. It's loosely modelled on the SNPA approach to the beer which as it happens I actually tasted for the very first time ever when I was in the UK a wee while ago. The only significant difference being... this PA is better! These two hops are really mellow but their presence is still quite apparent, but I think next time I will dry hop as well. Might reduce the supernova malt a little too. Cheers!
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