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    Buzzing with my new set up! Bought the kegerator and a corny this week, couldn’t be happier! Got a Kölsch in fv at the moment, gonna keg that and have a centennial/citra pale ready to have my first 2 beers on tap by the time my old man gets here in sep!!! Happy man.
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    Bramling cross hopped EB. Really nice. Very smooooth bitterness, subtle berry flavour. I like it. I have a bag of Marrissssssss so next brew will use that and more of this. Imperial Berry Bitter???
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    Grabbed a 6er of these today. I don’t think I’ve had a bad beer from Mornington
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    Better do my tax if that's what you can get.
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    Finally had a taste, bit like a pale ale but with more aroma hops... overall good.
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    Just some chicken portions that I marinated over night. Turned out sensational
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    Well gave it a taste on Sunday and was a little undercarbed so left it at serving pressure until now. Has carbed up well now. Can certainly taste a malty backbone and with 400g of crystal you can definitely taste it. Definitely has a lingering lemony/mandarin taste that is unlike anything else I have had before. Mild bitterness, nothing too strong. Overall quite nice. Have had two tonight and quite enjoying them. Definitely different tastes to anything I've had before but I guess that's because I've never had lemondrop hops before Will try to get a better pic in the sun this weekend. I'm guessing the first few pulls will be a little cloudier then the rest too so it may clear out a bit over the next few schooners. Will have to try and find the commercial version somewhere to do a comparison. Cheers, Mitch.
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    Last time I did my tax the tax man bought a kegerator.
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    I simply bottle out of the FV tap through a wand, add the measure of sugar, then cap. Why bulk prime? What's the advantage? My bottling process takes 30 minutes max for 27 bottles. Oxidisation...schmoxidisation... Cheers
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    3 beers and all were good but not great
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    I have to say after just 7 days in the bottle I wasn’t t expecting much - but this is great! I’m really happy with it. Nice aroma of citrus and mandarin and tastes fantastic - with a nice smooth bitterness. Great head and body.
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    If your worried about oxidisation then the easiest way is to ferment in the keg. 0% chance of any oxygen. Beer is carbed when its finished. Chuck it on a tap. First schooner is yeast then your good after that. Seriously though you have to be trying to oxidise your beers. If your bottling you have to be splashing the crap out of it to put enough oxygen in it for the secondary ferment not to clean it up and if your kegging as kelsey says you just purge the headspace after you fill it.
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    This was really good: Cheers, John
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    Following on the Firsts. First All Grain Hefeweizen and first time use of Liquid Yeast WYeast W3068. Following the 17 deg C protocol. Progressing well and smells GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT. Good enough to drink right now... but... will need to wait a bit longer.
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    After making the change from bottles to kegs about a month ago have already updated my keg fridge set up .... Gone are the old kegs and old fridge with freezer and have put together this little beauty .... still 3 taps but now 4 kegs, 2 x 19l and a 12.5l and a 25l so can have a keg lagering at all times if needed ... the 12.5l is for the wife's cider ... Very happy with this system ... no more stuffing around with old post mix kegs with dodgy ball posts that cost a zillion to up date ... sold of some old gear to get this together and as of right now made a $20.00 profit on the deal
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    Yeah, that beer probably wouldn't age too well. Pretty good on tap fresh at the brewery though, but unfortunately many 000s of kms away. Cheers, John PS I decided to crack one of these tonight. Was really good.
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    I do like @Worthog. Tried bulk priming once. The actual bottling was quick, but with all the mucking around before and after, I have not gone back to do it again. I even decant the last 3L via the wand into a sanitised glass pyrex jug and pour it into a couple of bottles. Between the open jug and the pouring into the bottles, this last 3L gets exposed to plenty of oxygen. However, I have not noticed a difference between these beers at drinking time.
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    Left over chicken went into my “world famous in WA” chicken and vegetable soup. The smoked chicken has added an extra layer that surprises my palate. Delicious homemade chicken stock been on the simmer since 11 this morning has made this soup great too.
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    Grabbed a 4er of these too. thinking this would be better fresh however still a very nice pale
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    Now you'll have to wait half an hour to drink it
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    It'd be a lot of faffing around for no benefit. Just don't splash the beer around during bottling, get the caps on quickly and you will be very unlikely to have any problems. There's really no need to go to the trouble of purging anything with CO2. I don't even do the closed transfer with kegs and I have no oxidation problems, although I have considered it. The only thing I do is purge as much oxygen as I can from the keg headspace, because I don't do the secondary fermentation.
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    @YeastyBoy I've had a look at BoozeBud and Beer Cartel but they didn't even have it in their catalog. I did google and had a hit at some mob but they were out of stock and offered no other info. Still looking. Nope, no relation to Rick Stein
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    I was of the opinion a little oxygen would get eaten through the referment process. I certainly haven't had any issues with oxygenation when bottling.
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    I don't see any point in purging anything. The CO2 won't do what you are thinking it will, it will simply mix with the air already in there and not be of any use. I think kegs are probably the only thing you can do a proper oxygen free transfer with because they can be effectively purged prior to filling by completely filling them with water (or sanitiser solution), and pushing it all out with CO2, thereby completely filling the keg with CO2. Then you transfer the beer in through the out post, relieving pressure as necessary. I think with the bottles, just be as careful as you can with the transfer, and get that smaller hose size. I did plenty of batches with the bottling bucket method and they were all fine.
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    I split a batch of pilsners into two fermenters to try out WB-34/70 and S-189 side-by-side. Looking forward to it!
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    So yeah, completely to your taste, do you prefer dry beers? I made a couple of Brut IPAs over summer and however nice, not really for me. It honestly is all about what beer you want to make. If you want a dry beer with no body left in your beer then use it, if you prefer body and malt character, leave it out
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    Or simply coat it in 2 or 3 coats of varnish to stop any moisture getting into it. Probably a cheaper solution.
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    Be wary of the wood route Kelsey. They are really prone to the development of mould, & wild yeast staining. Better to go to your local glazier & have them cut you a piece of the reinforced glass suitable for weight bearing/fridges etc. So easy to keep clean & free of bacteria. Just my 20 cents. Lusty.
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    Yeah I don't remember it being that cloudy, but anyway, I got him!! Hahaha!! You have to throw a lot of hop weight at a Bavarian lager yeast fermented beer because you're fighting the malt friendly characteristics of the yeast. Now to get the shirts printed up... In all seriousness, I was just glad Capt. liked the flavour of the beer. Cheers, Lusty.
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    Grabbed a case after work today. Wasn't even on display
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    Just finished attaching my decal holders. I put them on the bottom because you couldn’t really see them at the top and my fingers would bump them when grabbing at the taps. All I need is a computer and some skills to make some labels
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    Yeah. My brother in law loves the stuff but I haven’t had them for ages. I forget how much I like it. I used to enjoy the XXX Sparkling Ale that you could only get at the XXXX Brewery at Milton. Hated working a 5 minute walk from there. Building up a few glass tallies for my stout for next year
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    Not a six pack as such but picked up three of these on the way home. Old school this week!
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    So I finally found a NEIPA that is any good, or at least how I would expect a NEIPA to be. Soft and fruity. I went back for a number of these ones. Well done Mount Brewing Co. If you ever get a chance to get a hold of this, do yourself a favour. Also if your in the vicinity of Tauranga NZ, get down to Our Place for a taste of anything you desire.
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    Hi Folks - Time for an update. I have been maintaining a similar spreadsheet to @James of Bayswater from about the time he created his. It has been a little while since the last update so I am attaching a copy of my spreadsheet. It includes the ROTM released today. My spreadsheet is similar in functionality. You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see. For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose OS Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries ? Post them to this thread. Cheers Shamus Coopers Beer Recipes V2.0.xlsx
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