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    Must be a day for darker beers. Drinking one of my hop Gobblers. It's matured quite well but I'm not a massive fan of the strong clove flavor especially after accidently chomping down on a full clove in a Christmas ham.
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    It's a simple kit + extract brew based on the OS Dark Ale can and yet it's perhaps one of the nicest if not THE nicest beer I've ever brewed and it poured with a beautiful tight creamy head too. It's an early tasting of my brown IPA. Couldn't be simpler - the can plus 3kg LME with Kohatu, Motueka steep/whirlpool hops and a generous dose of Mosaic as a dry hop addition. Absolutely bloody delicious!
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    I have found the answer ! Cheryl to the rescue... One of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. I love this on so many levels...
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    I'm in a similar boat too with moving house coinciding with holidays so that interrupted production a bit and obviously consumption increased from the working period of the year. I'd have probably had my lager kegged by now and onto another batch if it wasn't for that but I am planning a brew day next week and maybe another one on the 14th to get production going steady again. Just gotta give the urn a touch up clean (majority was done after last brew day) and come up with a couple of recipes.
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    I'd like to help you out Muzzy, but being an SA boy myself, I'm in the same boat atm! The weather has been awful for brew days etc. the last month or so combined with all the Xmas & New Year's hustle & bustle. I haven't put a new brew down since late November. I've been predominantly on a Coopers commercial Pale Ale diet through this period just savouring the odd glass of my very nice Ella, Columbus, Simcoe, Riwaka, Motueka Pale Ale from the keg at random intervals. That keg is almost empty which means I'll be completely dry of keg beer before I have something to fill them with. That will be a 1st (I think?) here at the Beerlust Brewery since I switched to kegging my beer. Good luck with the beer donation drive, & let us know how you get on.....as I might try it next year around this time! Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    That is PB2’s role; managing all the clowns on here.
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    The wife's simple session pale going down a treat also. Taste 10x better when it isn't a slushie!
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    My eyes are pretty bad but the reflection in the beer looks like a naked person!!!!
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    Grassy tones often appear with very leafy whole hops &/or in conjunction with longish exposure times. Some hop varieties are more prone to this trait than others as well. I've tested this theory with Saaz as a dry hop & proved (to myself at least) that it can be dry hopped successfully. Just limit the contact time they are exposed to the beer. Either wrap them so they can be removed, or time your dry hop with it so that the hops are not exposed to the beer for more than 3 days prior to you bottling/kegging it. As a dry hop Saaz is not highly aromatic, & I found it only lended a light lemony aroma. It's much better used in the boil phase or steeped (IMHO). Just my 2 cents. Lusty.
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    I think im good. What saved the day was fast carb at ambient temperature. Poured one this morning and all good.
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    Behold lads!! The Shiraz of beers!... the covenant ... ...Coopers Best Extra Stout! 6.8 % of sexy in your face roast and chocolate flavours with a subtle coffee finsh make an intensly black and intensly sexy brew! I brewed it back in june 2018 in some grolsh bottles, not exactly your typical summer quoff, but one or two from time to time is ..highly recommend!
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    Have you ever thought about trying a blended hop brew of the Saaz & Hallertau, but a little more the other way around? Hallertau has a better aromatic profile than does Saaz, so I'd be more inclined to use the Saaz up to approx. 10mins before the end of the boil & then Hallertau 10mins & below & flameout/whirlpool. You'd get the typical nice spice from the Saaz, but a better aromatic profile from the later additions of Hallertau (IMHO). If I could dare challenge you with something (you might find interesting? ) for 2019 with your brewing, it would be to experiment with the backend boil hops of your Pilsner recipe. Some food for thought maybe. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    Most important bit to hitting the flavour of the real thing is the Coopers commercial yeast reactivation.
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    Bugger it, brewing today as well. Bashed this recipe together this morning. Dry hop will be a mixture of those hops up to about 180g
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    Forgot about the early present the mrs got me the other day. A station clock, which was mounted on the end of a wall at the entrance to the kitchen.
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    Yep. The quality of their range is variable but I really liked their Hatlifter Stout.
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    Just fire and brimstone at my house. Oh damn this dyslexia, I need to stop writing letters to Satan.
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    ...I fixed the shower hun! Cheers, Lusty.
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    This is my bike at the same shopping centre. I'm glad I locked it up....it might have got stolen.
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    My kitchen bench and outside setup are often recognised when I post on Facebook. "Hey ... you're the guy with the videos!!"
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    I don't own a dog but I walk him everyday. He belongs to an old bloke who has had a hip replacement and is struggling with the rehab, so for the past 12 months I have walked Cody. He is a husky and he is almost 14. But he loves his walk except in the hot weather. I have to get up early and walk him before it gets too hot. It's good exercise. I get all the benefit of owning a dog and none of the costs. And I help old Vic out in the process...
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    Since I posted the spreadsheet I have found some minor errors that mess with the filters. You can fix them manually or just download version 1.1 below. They are : Some brews were listed with Hefe Wheat as the base, others with Preacher's Hefe Wheat - filter for those listed as Hefe Wheat and add 'Preachers' to the description. Some brews were listed with Cerveza as the base instead of Mexican Cerveza - filter for those listed as Cerveza and add Mexican to the description. Wee McHeravy should be Wee McHeavy Several brews were listed with Dark as their base rather than Dark Ale - filter for those listed as Dark and add Ale to the description That's about it. Version 1.1 attached Coopers Recipes v1.1.xlsx
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    1 handful of yellow sand (for colour) 2 cups urine make up to 23L [lol] [lol] But seriously just brew stuff you like and tell her you are trying to clone it.. Then get her to taste it and when she does not like it say you will try something different next time.. You will then have to drink the so called "attempted" clone...[biggrin]
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