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    I don't own a dog but I walk him everyday. He belongs to an old bloke who has had a hip replacement and is struggling with the rehab, so for the past 12 months I have walked Cody. He is a husky and he is almost 14. But he loves his walk except in the hot weather. I have to get up early and walk him before it gets too hot. It's good exercise. I get all the benefit of owning a dog and none of the costs. And I help old Vic out in the process...
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    A local yeast company had given us vials of 3 different yeasts with instructions to ferment at 21° in a very simple German pilsner grist I got vials marked A so just did as ordered and and came out with a super clean, well attenuated Beer Others got what tasted like an English ale and a wheat beer. Even highly experienced judges couldn't find any ferment faults in beer A, turns out I'd been supplied with 34/70 but enough healthy, vital yeast that even at such high temps it was still uber clean
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    You'd have mastered that by now
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    I’d say it’s because of that little 5 letter word at the bottom of the can...........
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    Check out your local brewing club, many brewers would be happy to have a brew curious visitor. I like visiting other brewers, seems impossible to visit without having a beer though
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    The same as wine the flavour and aroma portion of assessment is often done with eyes closed. Colour/ appearance is only worth 3 points in judging so not that big a deal unless it makes the difference between placing or not . Are you implying I'm not impartial Hmmmmm? There were a few beers I gave scores below 20 but they deserved it
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    I had thought that too ben... different folks...
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    still odd, i would think that would be desired not needing balancing out.
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    Brilliant, this spreadsheet will save me truckloads of time, thanks!
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    When I get my second ferment fridge I'm gonna try the traditional lager fermentation described on braukaiser as well as a guy on ahb who is working at a German brewery as I'll have the time to do it while the other one takes care of ales. He posted some really interesting info over there recently. It shouldn't really take any longer in the fermenter than my current process though, maybe an extra week. In that method, the fermentation never gets above about 9 degrees the whole time. (Roughly) it starts at 6, rises to around 9 over a week or so, then gets slowly brought back to around 2-3 degrees where it's left until it's ready to drink. I'll probably rack it to the keg after 4 weeks in the fermenter and continue the lagering in there like usual. It'll be interesting to compare to my usual process.
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    Hi Mitch What OVB said - He's forgotten more about lagers than I will ever know. I do the same as you describe for most of my brews these days. Especially if doing some type of boil of grain wort or hops. All that hot water in the fermenter is not going to cool down quickly without some pretty cold water added in. I use a couple of the 10 Litre water containers from the supermarket, refilled with tap water and popped in the temperature controlled freezer at 1 or 2° a day or two before brew day. I would do a diacetyl rest on the Oktoberfest. Both yeasts are lager yeasts. Following something like OVB advises, I ferment at 12° for a week. On the 7th day, set temperature controller on 18°. Takes a few days to rise to 18°. Once I get stable SG readings (about the 14th day) I drop temperature by 4° every 12 hours until I get to 1°. Leave it at that for about 4-5 days. Then bottle. This beer is probably best after at least 3 months. I did a plain Euro Lager as one of my first brews, left it for 3 months. It was one of my better brews to date. The Robust Bavarian is only my third proper lager. Looking forward to trying it. Cheers Shamus
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    Loved this one, almost had a little bit of funk and great balance.
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    The beers in the Beer Cartel calendar have been fine but nothing fantastic; until tonight. This is a 3 Ravens Xmas Trifle Milkshake IPA. It was awesome! Tasted like jelly beans (but in a good way). A well made beer.
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    So i saw a bar fridge on Gumtree at work today. 70 bucks. 5 mins away from home. Dimensions are good. Bugger it. Im going all in. I have my keg conditioning fridge. Can even fit my bucket fermenters. Picked it up and getting my sales story for the missus on the way home before she sees it. Glasses out of the main fridge. My yeast bank out of the main fridge. Everything out of the main fridge!!!. She sees it and i sell the shit out of it. Best sales job ever. Then the comeback. What about the hops in the freezer.. damn. Didn't think of that.
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    Mr Rat, remember when you take your initial OG sample it has to cool to 20 deg (or whatever your hydrometer has been calibrated to) else you will get a false reading, either that or you adjust the reading based on its temperature. For example a sample sitting at 30 deg will give a reading of 1.040 on the hydro when in actual fact the corrected OG is 1.042.
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    It was down to 1.015 when I last checked this afternoon, so definitely still chugging along. I don’t see it coming down too much more, but it has only been fermenting for a handful of days.
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    Think it may have been the postie or a random Christian soldier who dared to trespass on the property. Didn't need to feed the Dog for a week. Big part of the family.
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    Why not just brew it yourself? Coopers DIY recipe: Coopers Celebration Ale I've brewed this recipe when it used the Thomas Coopers Traditional Draught kit (now discontinued) & it made an outstanding beer the equal of the commercial version (I thought). Cheers, Lusty.
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    Some minor corrections (spelling etc) made. Version 1.1 attached. Coopers Recipes v1.1.xlsx
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    My boxer, she loves to watch the sunrise haha
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    Dog person here. Very sadly we have just lost our eight year old female Blue Heeler (Brandi) to an ilness. She left us too early and broke our hearts. My shadow dog' date=' she would nudge me with her nose to say hello in the morning and follow me around all day. We still have Boof the twelve year old male Blue dog, he simply just thinks he's human. Hes a fantastic mate. Couple of pics. Brandi first then Boof.
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    Yup dog person here, this is our three year old collie-x-whatever rescue. Best part she likes ale too, enjoys my homebrew more than pub or shop brought ale :)
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    I've noticed the same thing, we love our dog he is our fur child. Your dogs in your videos always gives us a smile. Six years ago I came home from work and he was standing at our back door, this skinny pot bellied pup swarming with fleas about 4-6 months old, I gave him a pat and he fell over. The missus had fed him a cheese sammich we put out a cardboard box so he slept in that for the night and never left. The next day we watched him chase a huge wolf spider across the courtyard pounce on it and eat it he was so hungry. We de-flead and wormed him, I've never seen so many worms come out of a dog. He was very sensitive and would run if we picked up a broom or fly swat I think he had been mistreated and will still flinch if you put your hand on him while he's not looking. We had him chipped, registerd and DNA tested to try and figure what breed he is but it came back as mixed with one of his grandparents a Bullmastiff. This is Buddy
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