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    That is a sweet space Hilltop. I am growing lots of stuff. I decided to do something about the local community garden which had been badly neglected and overgrown. This is actually what it looked like in September of 2017. A weedy mess. The few volunteers that remained were basically sitting around looking at one another arguing about whether dandelions were weeds or not (not a word of a lie). I just sort of rocked up and started pulling weeds... and, with the help from my volunteer friends, we turned it into this ... Now it is overgrown in a very different way. That's me on the left in the hat talking with a couple of people from the council about why irrigation should be an essential part of garden design. It is not a model garden, it is too big to keep neat as a pin and it gets picked over by the public, volunteers come and go and we all have other lives and other gardens but the few hours we can spare each week we do what we can. I love it.
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    Bottled this session ale yesterday. I ended up with a FG of 1012, so by the time the carb drops do their thing the beer should come out about 4.2% I'm guessing. Can really taste the hops and the difference made by the CCA yeast. Really keen to see how this one turns out. The beer is light in colour too, so hopefully swapping the APA out for Mexican cervesa as a base will have the intended colour on par with the original. I've set aside a carton of stubbies of this to take to the parents place for Xmas as my brother is always asking when he can sample it. Got 11 long necks and 35 stubbies in total so if it's a winner this recipe could be on high rotation. Will let you know how it turns out in a couple weeks
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    If she's true to form, she'll change her mind yet again! Make the beer she originally asked for. In the end it won't matter anyway, because whatever you do will be wrong. Cheers, Lusty.
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    I deal with sterilising water and non single use equipment nearly everyday. To sterilise you need to kill all bacteria, fungi, spores, everything. My work is in medical research, chemical agents aside, we sterilise water by bringing to at least 121C in basically a special pressure cooker, the water is maintained at this temperature for not less than 20 minutes. Simply boiling water at standard atmospheric pressure will not yield sterility, and ‘swishing around’ water that is cooling from an atmospheric pressure boil will certainly not yield a sterile surface - likely not a sanitised surface either. Chemical sanitisation is by far the most convenient and reliable option, especially in a domestic environment.
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    Currently fermenting 2 brews which I have tried tweaking a bit from previous attempts. I've made 8 batches since July and kept notes and recipes in beersmith so I picked what I thought were the better ones to try again. Nothing really special compared to the AG and BIAB efforts I read about here but if they are as good as, if not better than the first effort I'll be cheering. first up - pimped pale ale version 2; 15g Centennial @ 15mins 10 g each of Cascade and Amarillo @ 5 mins 18 g Amarillo & 12 Cascade @ FO 1.0 kg LDME 1.7kg Coopers APA 1kg x BE2 1.5 pkts US-05 @ 19c - started after approx 12hrs 26 ltrs, OG - 1.047 - Currently sitting at 1.013 after 8 days, been dry hopped on day 5 with 30g Amarillo, Crashing in next day or 2. second up - toned down session ale of sorts ( I gotta make up decent some names for these brews one day) 200 gm crystal malt steeped 20 mins 15gm Centenial @ 60 mins 15gm Amarillo @ 15mins 20gm Galaxy @ 1 min 20 gm Galaxy @ FO 1kg LDME 1.5kg Coopers LME 400gm dex 1.5 pkts MJ - M44 @ 20.5 - took approx 24 hours to get going, which I'm happy with given many comments about m44 being a lazy starter 24 ltrs OG - 1.041 Hoping they're easy drinking , Cheers Guvna
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    Bang - deal done $40 FIS. Review to follow. Ales & Lagers in summer here we come.
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    I downloaded and installed it last night and had a quick play. Keen to see what I can do with it
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    About a month ago I came across Cooper's Craft Beer kits heavily discounted at ALDI. At $19.90 for the full kit I thought that I couldn't lose - this is about the price of a 6-pack off the shelf. The kit brew was named as an amber ale which is my normal choice in a beer anyway. I followed the instructions and for help I read a bit more here in the forum. Being Spring in WA temperature control was easy as my inner office stayed within range for the whole 2 weeks of initial brewing. I am now drinking the first bottles. It is excellent!!! No need to make excuses for a home brew. I would happily pay normal price for this amber ale. Don't know the alcohol content but it's got a heavier kick than my normal off the shelf full strength purchases. Certainly couldn't drive after a full 750 ml bottle. Thanks Coopers and the Forum. Now to read more here on what I should do next - e.g. cut down a standard brew to fit the 8.5 litres, buy another craft brew, buy a full size kit etc? With summer almost here I've got to get this done before the WA heat arrives.
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    So thought I’d start a thread about what your growing in your space, whether it’s vegetables in the garden, herbs on the sill, aquaponics, crops on your farm or taking over the local urban farm plot. Picked up a few of rosella plants today from the local nursery. This will (hopefully) be enough for a batch of rosella saison and a few jam jars. Second lot of garlic is a couple of weeks away from harvest. Red onions getting to a point of harvest and tomatoes about to go in, along with the jalapeño plants. Lime tree is still spitting out ripe limes, continuously. Avocado trees are starting to look healthy after a hard winter. Im looking forward to this growing season for sure.
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    Thanks Captain, I started small. This my nature strip. It is one of the best things I have ever done. The neighbours love it (The council doesn't). Plants sometimes appear by magic, donated by some anonymous local. People pick at the herbs for dinner and I want them to. Herbs love a good picking. It encourages them. Herbs are generally quite hardy and don't require a lot of care.. Some even thrive on neglect. I raise things from seed that I collect myself so it costs me nothing. I love seeing the local kids, clearly on a mission from Mum, come and pick the rosemary. Hmm. Guess who's having lamb for dinner... It is great to see what others do with the space they have so I'll try not to crowd the thread but I do have a lot more to show and tell - some of it could useful to other gardeners too. Lately I have been drought proofing the garden by the use of wicking beds and polypipe irrigation. It has quartered the time it takes to water the garden and is much, much more water efficient. But as a result we are a little behind schedule this season and the garden is a little bare at the moment as several beds had to be stripped out and moved (thirsty work). It's all systems go now though especially since Hughie has come to the party... 'Tank Land' on Melbourne Cup day morning
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    Put this one down today: Easy Amarillo Pale Ale 4.75kg Pale Ale malt 0.5kg White wheat malt 0.3kg Caramunich HOPS 15g Magnum 45 mins 20g Amarillo 10mins 20g Amarillo 5 mins 24 litres in fermenter 28 IBUs SG: 1.052 Really been enjoying the smoothness of Amarillo lately, nice and breezy...... Cheers James
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    I might do a similar brew but use my leftover galaxy instead. Cheers.
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    I've often wondered why you did/do this. Your practices for yeast re-cultivation are excellent Kelsey & your ability to track cell counts is very rare for a home brewer. I think if there was anything wrong with those practices it would surface well before 15 generations had past. The reason I mention it, is PB2 has maintained a hybrid strain (of sorts) of the CCA yeast for many years & he's not mentioned any problems with doing that. Also the commercial labs re-culture over & over again, just on a larger scale. Your practices seem sound, & credit to you. If I could legitimately maintain a strain for 10 generations, I doubt I'd buy that strain again unless it failed. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    I'd give the kit a bash, $35 isn't too bad really, minimal chance of balls up too, i have made a few tippers with kettle souring until i did the cube sour which worked a treat. i would not use lactic acid, i think it would be shite. you could do a flander red style with a lambic blend but that will take months. my first attempt is two months in and i have no idea when i should keg it.
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    I have Wyeast Budvar well over 10 and a belgian yeast 1214 well over 10 as well. A belle saison which must be in the early 10s as well. They've have also been done with an overmake of a starter and keeping some as Kelsey does. If i harvest slurry then i usually only pitch it once. The beers have not changed taste wise but the floculation characteristics definitely have for the Budvar. It is good anyway but its dropping quicker for the last few pilsner batches i did. I think ride it all the way till you get a nasty or little off one.
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    They're all different I find. Liquid strains I've taken past 15 reuses and they still haven't gone funky. Bear in mind I'm harvesting from starters, rather than fermenter trub. I don't know if it makes a difference or what difference it might make to how many generations you can go to before it drifts too far, compared to the starter method.
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    Must have had too many great bears @Titan
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    I really wish I could find the appropriate emoji for you now Hairy. I know there’s the turd one and it’s kinda close..... but not really.
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    So you were drinking cawfee in New York then?
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    As many times as it takes to throw crappy flavors. US-05 I found about 7 generations would be a safe level. It started getting a bit phenolic after that.
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    Enjoying a Cigar City Jai Alai IPA by the pool in Orlando. Thawing out after New York.
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    Hi guys, Voss Kveik yeast is an interesting choice for higher ferment templeratures. I have used it the once pitched at 35 degrees and fermented at 32. Finished in 4 days, the flavor didn't do much for me. I found it did have a orange sort of flavor in the background, but a bit murky. I purchased my yeast through Hoppy Days, it arrived here in Darwin, still cold. I will have another crack at it from some harvested yeast. Regards Chris
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    Agreed, go and have a coffee Hairy. Welcome aboard Claude
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    I'm waiting to get my hands on a strange Norwegian strain called Kveik . A local craft / farmhouse brewer here in Radelaide has been fermenting at up to 40 bloody degrees and still making clean beers. I have to try this stuff for myself!!
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    Welcome aboard, Claude. Good luck with the brewing. It is a bit early for Xmas salutations but then again you may be Santa Claude. Sorry, it was an early start today.
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    Done! Now, time to play.
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    Brew Day yesterday/today (Brewing with 4 kids is nuts) Golden Rye Ale 3kg Gladfields Light Lager malt 0.6 Kg Rye Malt 0.2 Kg Gladfields Crystal Rye malt 0.5 Kg LDM 10g Warrior FWH @ 45mins 25g Cascade @ 10 mins 25g Cascade @ FO 21L Repitched S-04 slurry OG 1050 (Was aiming for 1045. Will have to adjust my efficiency for future brews) IBU 30ish Brewed this late yesterday arvo. Let it sit in the stockpot overnight. Added the LDM this morning. Hydro samples tasted good. Colour was a bit darker than anticipated. "Rose" Golden Rye Ale? Cheers, Dave.
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    Still doesn't look like beer LOL but the taste I had today as I was eager to see how it tasted. Being my first of this style of beer. I think the biggest problem with this beer will be is that its easy on the palate .Its only 8 days in the bottle conditioning at 19.5C with the pineapple coconut wheat that is finishing off fermenting.Well I am amazed I thought the hops would have been a little more bitterness but in saying that its well balanced cant wait to taste it after 2 weeks is very fruity but balanced even could do with a little more hops cheers Brian
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    Not 2 bad of a fail but was walking out of the garage after taking another RIS sample and the bottom of the tester fell off .. rich dark beer on the floor and walls but luckily the hydrometre survived .. did it in front of my little girl and the first thing she said was oooohhh I'm telling mummy then she ran off haha.
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    Gidday All, Just an update. Decided set up a fridge with a controller for continual brewing. Did purchase some BE 134 yeast which I will also try later. Thanks to all for the input.
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    I bought this fridge off gumtree for $100. Bought the heater bands fans off ebay for $50. I got the stainless free from scrap at work. Panel cost me $300 to make.
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    The only mistake I've made this year is using: Pacific Gem
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    RIS is coming along nicely topped it up to 20L and took the reading, as you can tell I'm surprised how much it's dropped in less then a week.
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    Yeah I'm in Australia. I suppose if I was really keen I could just bottle some in the plastic PET bottles and put them in the suitcase. Seems a lot of stuffing around. Maybe the in-laws can just go without n stick to their megaswills
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    Hi all, Great topic. Im in Adelaide put my summer vegies in a few weeks ago. Got cherry and full size tomatoes, lettuce is still going, sweet corn and a few herbs. Also have mandarine, plum, lime, lemon and fig trees. Winter harvest was great had heaps of beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and spinach.
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    I reckon you could make some pretty awesome wild fermented beers with figs.
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    Only fruit and vegetables at the moment, thinking of growing hops at some point. Currently growing: Cucumber Tomatoes Pumpkin Bunch of green leafy stuff that looks like weeds to me, my wife ensures me it's edible though Mandarin Orange Passionfruit Figs Cherries
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    Other than hops, just a pot with sweet cherry tomatoes. Swmbo wants to have a vege garden when we buy a house though so once that happens there will be more things.
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    I only have a small area for vegetables but manage to squeeze a bit into raised garden beds. At this time of year I have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and herbs growing. The last couple of years I have been getting into the heirloom varieties. I have a dwarf Lisbon lemon and dwarf Tahitian lime, both have a large amount of fruit on them. The dwarf peach is only in for its second year but has fruit coming on. Everything seems to grow well with my own compost. I need about half an acre to grow what I want . Now to find some space for hops
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    My housemate has no interest in brewing beer, but watches your videos just for the thumbs up at the end! ????????????
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    No got stuck on a 2 year plan where i'm paying double for the data.. Tristan
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    dammit just upgraded to version 3 two weeks ago Tristan
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