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    Special beer for a special day, The last tallie from my Coopers Toucan Stout, 5 months in glass with one carb drop. Standard recipe with reactivated CCA yeast. Been saving this one for today. Today I'm celebrating 2 years of being GAMBLE FREE. I was a compulsive gambler (pokies) for 17 years, since I was 18. Life has definitely changed for the better...... no time for that crap now, too many different beers to brew Cheers everyone, this forum has been a big part of my recovery for the last 12 months or so. Thanks. Cheers, Lee
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    If I was ever to enter a beer in a competition this would be the one. Amberillo (Mk2)
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    Gettin' back into the NZ Amber Ale tonight...
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    Finished adding new lines, clamps, manifolds and disconnects today. All that is left to buy is a small 9.5L keg and I’ll make a little platform so I can double stack the small kegs. I also colour coded all the lines to make it easy to sort everything out in there
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    Enjoying a few AG Pales. Bittered with Centennial, late, cube and dry hopped with Cascade and Mosaic. Probably the best brew I've made so far.
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    Win blood test come back as negative. Looks like tumour is benign and has not changed shape or size over last month.
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    It's a simple kit + extract brew based on the OS Dark Ale can and yet it's perhaps one of the nicest if not THE nicest beer I've ever brewed and it poured with a beautiful tight creamy head too. It's an early tasting of my brown IPA. Couldn't be simpler - the can plus 3kg LME with Kohatu, Motueka steep/whirlpool hops and a generous dose of Mosaic as a dry hop addition. Absolutely bloody delicious!
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    First pour of my Anarchy IPA. Very happy with it, especially being my first IPA.
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    Bit of a brew n bbq day today haven't got my base malt out but or lactose, will do a Milkshake Pale Ale with magnum Citra mosaic and Ella followed by a small batch tweaked Diablo IPA in the small FV with Vic secret and ella. Going to fire up the smoker and do the ribs multiple ways dry rubbed and glazed etc. First all grain brew day since being home again so thought I better it a gooden. Gotta bottle my alcoholic root beer I made also.. at least I can enjoy some ribs with that tedious process.
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    enjoying one of my AG English Bitter atm
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    East Kent English Bitter Put this one down today. 1.7kg English Bitter 1kg Light Dry Malt 100g Carapils Grains 45min hot steep 10g EKG 18min boil 10g EKG 12min boil 10g EKG 6min boil Boil was 4L including 2L of the steeped grains plus 380g of the LDM. Used a Nottingham yeast I harvested from slurry in early May. Was from the Bilby Chocolate Porter. Did a Shaken Not Stirred starter with this yeast the night before as suggested by @Norris!. I was a little bit underwhelmed by the outcome with this starter. I was expecting froth and bubbles and high krausen in the jar. But just had bubbles on the surface. Temperature may have been an issue with the starter. Not over 20°C for the whole time. The proof will be in the finish beer though. I was going to do this brew on Saturday until Norris suggested the starter to improve the viability of the yeast. PS This arrived during the week. Christmas in June. Actually the wife says it counts as my Father's Day, Birthday and Christmas pressie for the next two years. Saturday brew day freed-up let me run it through the cleaning-before-using process. I am planning a Little Creatures Pale Ale clone next weekend.
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    Dad and I enjoying the big 8.5% stout at the bar, after fixing the shower taps. He's been keen to try it ever since I mentioned brewing it last year. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed it. He's the one responsible for me getting into all the brewing science, or that's my story anyway If I'd been as into chemistry 15-20 years ago as I am now I may well have followed him into industrial chemistry as a career. Legend. Cheers Kelsey
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    Only wanted to see what it looked like but guess now ill have to drink it too mexican citra
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    Dad came around earlier with the jigsaw to cut a section from the bench behind the bar, in order to fit the tap tower and drip tray in. I didn't want the drip tray on the bench as the clearance wouldn't be high enough to fit all the different sized glasses I have. Now just to fill a couple of kegs with beer. Cheers Kelsey
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    It's in place now. I'll have to slide it out a bit to get the keg fridge in and probably cut a rectangular shape out of the bench under the bar top to get the tap tower to fit in behind it without the fridge sticking way out the back but otherwise it's ready to go.
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    At 9 weeks in the bottle, my Brew #6 Coopers Dark Ale can brew is going down very well! I added 500gms of dry dark malt to the can's recommended ingredients. Also the first brew where I bottled some into the Coopers glass bottles.
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    Well there she is. In all her glory. She’s a bit green as only in bottle a week but first taste and am very proud of how she turned out. Bitterness is good, how I expected. A good hint of malt as well. Mosaic pine is prevalent. Fresh hoppy aroma. Absolutely stoked. Cheers to one and all on here for making me push myself
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    This thread is the home of the Cooper's Recipe Spreadsheet. It has been around for a while now but has never had a place to live that is easily found. I update it with the release of the new recipes of the month and I will post the updates to this thread. The spreadsheet lists the vital statistics (Alc/Vol, IBUs, EBC's, Volume) of each brew and lists the ingredients (base kit, fermentables, hops, grains). It does not list the quantities of the ingredients but each brew title is hot linked to its recipe page on this site. The spreadsheet looks like this - The little arrows that are alongside the titles of the columns are auto-filters. Click on them and they will produce drop boxes of the variables in each column. For example, under difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed. The spreadsheet also details the recommended recipes for each of the base kits, a breakdown of the ingredients of Coopers Adjuncts, a legend to decypher the acronyms on the spreadsheet, a colour chart and no doubt other stuff as time goes by. These can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The lastest edition of the spreadsheet as at 23 February 2019 is attached. Subsequent updates will be posted to this thread. Any queries ? Post them to this thread. Coopers Recipes v1.4.xlsx
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    I have looked into my future and see Homebrand Lager with 1kg white sugar.
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    After a busy brew n bbq day relaxing with one my ESVA's that has been in the bottle about 5 months now. Had the privilege of being apart of the decommissioning crew for this old girl and tempted to crack the bottle open. Over the last few months got to sample alot of beers from alot of different countries but can't beat the taste of me own stuff. Glad I let this one age abit as I accidentally used a extra 500g dex in this. Gotta admit was rusty as hell on the robobrew and realised I forgot to put the bottom grate in but luckily lifted it up while the misso slid her in just before the boil .
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    Spent some time building the brew room and buying equipment little by little. Makes brewing, kegging and bottling much easier.
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    Red ale. This batch interestingly has much better head retention than the last one did. Still a nice thin layer on it getting down to the second half of the glass. Cheers Kelsey
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    First ever brew - Coopers Draught - surprisingly good !!
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    Here it is, unsure how much is left but lovely beer as always. Cheers Kelsey
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    Gashslug's Coopers NEIPA (Topaz, Vic Secret & Amarillo) Great fruity aroma. Citrus, mostly grapefruit, some passionfruit. Carries through to the taste. Bit of a bland colour. Hazy. Pretty happy with it, but plenty of room for improvement.
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    Having a pale ale with the ribs cooking in the background!!
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    Call your next batch “Pink Panther Ale “ dead ants dead ants dead ants deads ants dead ants dead ants dead antssss
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    Really? I always found glass bottles much firmer to squeeze at first whereas the PET take a bit longer to firm up.
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    AS I'm new to brewing I havent got my hopes up. My first brew with just bewitched was so so.. I invested with the last ROTM so Road Trip Every Day IPA. My first experience with grains and hops. I got myself a cheap pot, muslin bags (yes spelt wrong) and also a box of water. The brew went ok although a few days shorter due to my tea strainer breaking and letting the hops swim around naked. As a test today (day ? the bottles were firm so decided for a taste test. Very impressed and this brew has now created a new hobby. Best purchase ever and a perfect brew for my taste. Couldn't be happier
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    Drinking my RoboChoc. Put in an extra 100g black patent which has made it nice and roasty. Going to age these until winter months.
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    This is my Pale Ale #2! Brewed 2nd December, bottled 22nd after 7 days cold crash. I like #1 which had 20gms of Citra dry hop, so went big this time and did 60gms (roughly, pre-scales) Citra dry hop. Managed to hold off to give it 3 weeks in the bottle. The Citra presence is amazing. Aroma and flavour. Almost too much! Housemate is loving it too! It does make me look forward even more to the experiment of Pale Ale #4, currently in the fermenter which had the hop boil. Pale Ale #3 is the same recipe as this one, but with the ~40gm of Citra left over used as a dry hop, currently aging in bottles. Definitely thinking this might feature as a regular brew in one FV, while I do experiments in the other!
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    Second harvest of garlic for the season. Approximately 50 bulbs. This type seemed to have better size ratio this year compared to other years. This is a tassie purple variety.
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    English bitter... still yummy.
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    After 34hrs In transit, I thought it would be rude not to sample some of the German cuisine immediately. The krombacher pils has my top vote.
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    For the sake of accuracy, should I edit your topic heading and replace "strange" with "foul" (fowl)?
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    Hey Brew Legends! Made my first Brew in over 6 months yesterday, back to kits and bits but it was good to have the house smelling of boiling hops and malt again! Citra Mosaic Amarillo IPA Brewed 14/6/19 11am 24 litres OG 1.060 Predicted FG 1.011 Nottingham starter 1.3L IBU 49 Coopers Lager can Coopers LLME can 600g LDME 250g Wheat DME 200g White Sugar 300g Caramunich II cold steeped overnight in 2.5L of water in fridge HOPS Citra 25g 10min Mosaic 30g 10min Citra 25g 5min Mosaic 25g 5min Amarillo 25g 5min Will Dry hop day 5 Citra 35g Mosaic 35g Amarillo 30g Cheers James
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    Cracked my first stout tonight. Been in the bottle about 10 weeks. Probably could do with a little longer but definitely Yummo.
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    My last red rattler. Will defs make again.
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    First try of the Kilowog Krush II, it is good and the wife and family loved it, so pretty happy with this one. I forgot to grab some c02 on the way home so this will have to wait until tomorrow or Thursday night to really have a little session. They kept saying it reminded them of Kaiju Krush....fair enough but I wasn't going for a clone and honestly I doubt it is one due to the hops used, but I will take the compliment. The in-laws literally said it was a beer they would buy and commented on how my beers have improved so much from when I started brewing, uh thanks, I think...hahahah. I wanted to thank the brain trust for their guidance and assistance throughout my journey...which is still going! I will let the bottles ferment for another week before I send them out for tastings. Cheers Norris PS. @Beerlust I went with a tad more wheat and carapils in this batch and the head stood up pretty well on this first couple of pours. Cheers Mate for the suggestion, it definitely seemed to help, but still very early to know for sure.
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    "Lucky Dip" Porter.... a partial brewed from 2kg of an unknown grain bill milled in error and a can of light LME, dosed up with Fuggles and Goldings. Disappointing head performance which curiously has be a recurring theme with most dark beers (porters/stouts) I've brewed in the past, but otherwise... not a bad brew.
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    So this is a beer made with my brother, which was inspired by Pirate life pale ale. Pulled back the bitterness and upd the flavour hops. Such a good beer and going to say that this recipe needs no changing.
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    Enjoying a big handle of Cat's Piss! (Citra PA)
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    My NEIPA only in the bottle just over a week but had to crack one as bottles were pretty firm it doesn’t have the colour granted of an Neipa but that’s due to the coopers APA being used. Gash Sluggs version looks the same. However the taste is so fruity and juicy. No hint of alcohol despite it coming in at 6.7% stoked with the result
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    Nirvana dark ale mate's ! You will be feeling Zen like with this extract & grain combo- of Cooper's light malt extract base with crystal & dark roasted grains with plenty of english hops! Bound to bring out you spritual side!
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    First crack, Brown IPA, only 6 days in the bottle. Loving this one.
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    Tom Selleck IPA Surprisingly quite tasty. I have never kegged a kit beer before. It needs a little more time.
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    My typical boring colour facade hides a nice flavour mix of Bravo & Citra, with some nice aromatics from Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin & Chinook. It's not a hop bomb, nor was it meant to be. More of a session beer with nice aromatics, that I'm quite happy with for what I was aiming for. It's near the end of the keg & has gone down real easy. I thought it was worth notating. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    Oh yeah, first pour from the kegerator. Brewdog punk IPA Such a good beer. Thinking this one will be on high rotation.
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