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    Gettin' back into the NZ Amber Ale tonight...
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    It's a simple kit + extract brew based on the OS Dark Ale can and yet it's perhaps one of the nicest if not THE nicest beer I've ever brewed and it poured with a beautiful tight creamy head too. It's an early tasting of my brown IPA. Couldn't be simpler - the can plus 3kg LME with Kohatu, Motueka steep/whirlpool hops and a generous dose of Mosaic as a dry hop addition. Absolutely bloody delicious!
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    Only wanted to see what it looked like but guess now ill have to drink it too mexican citra
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    Dad came around earlier with the jigsaw to cut a section from the bench behind the bar, in order to fit the tap tower and drip tray in. I didn't want the drip tray on the bench as the clearance wouldn't be high enough to fit all the different sized glasses I have. Now just to fill a couple of kegs with beer. Cheers Kelsey
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    It's in place now. I'll have to slide it out a bit to get the keg fridge in and probably cut a rectangular shape out of the bench under the bar top to get the tap tower to fit in behind it without the fridge sticking way out the back but otherwise it's ready to go.
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    At 9 weeks in the bottle, my Brew #6 Coopers Dark Ale can brew is going down very well! I added 500gms of dry dark malt to the can's recommended ingredients. Also the first brew where I bottled some into the Coopers glass bottles.
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    AS I'm new to brewing I havent got my hopes up. My first brew with just bewitched was so so.. I invested with the last ROTM so Road Trip Every Day IPA. My first experience with grains and hops. I got myself a cheap pot, muslin bags (yes spelt wrong) and also a box of water. The brew went ok although a few days shorter due to my tea strainer breaking and letting the hops swim around naked. As a test today (day ? the bottles were firm so decided for a taste test. Very impressed and this brew has now created a new hobby. Best purchase ever and a perfect brew for my taste. Couldn't be happier
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    This is my Pale Ale #2! Brewed 2nd December, bottled 22nd after 7 days cold crash. I like #1 which had 20gms of Citra dry hop, so went big this time and did 60gms (roughly, pre-scales) Citra dry hop. Managed to hold off to give it 3 weeks in the bottle. The Citra presence is amazing. Aroma and flavour. Almost too much! Housemate is loving it too! It does make me look forward even more to the experiment of Pale Ale #4, currently in the fermenter which had the hop boil. Pale Ale #3 is the same recipe as this one, but with the ~40gm of Citra left over used as a dry hop, currently aging in bottles. Definitely thinking this might feature as a regular brew in one FV, while I do experiments in the other!
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    Second harvest of garlic for the season. Approximately 50 bulbs. This type seemed to have better size ratio this year compared to other years. This is a tassie purple variety.
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    First crack, Brown IPA, only 6 days in the bottle. Loving this one.
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    Ok, this pulley system is way FN easier than trying to lift the bag by hand and stick a metal fridge shelf under it. I did try using it once at the olds but the clearance above wasn't high enough to pull the bag out properly. Here it's plenty high enough. No mess brew days from here on out!
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    This AG Midstrength Pale Ale is the pick of my summer brews and will be on the xmas table for lunch. Batch 67: Citra PA Mid 21L 3.6kg Maris Otter 400gCarapils 15g Simcoe@FWH 20g Cascade@17m 25g Citra@FO 11g US-05 rehydrated 25g Citra Dry Hop (3 days) OG: 1.032 FG: 1.007 3.7% ABV Bottle: 6/12/18 Allmost 3 weeks in the bottle, head and carb great, mouthfeel very good, light honey color (Maris), and drinking rather early the Citra dry hop is sensational, supported by the more subtle fruit characters of Simcoe and Cascade. Malt/hop balance could not be better. A satisfying hot xmas day midstregth drinker. Cheers
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    Tom Selleck IPA Surprisingly quite tasty. I have never kegged a kit beer before. It needs a little more time.
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    My typical boring colour facade hides a nice flavour mix of Bravo & Citra, with some nice aromatics from Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin & Chinook. It's not a hop bomb, nor was it meant to be. More of a session beer with nice aromatics, that I'm quite happy with for what I was aiming for. It's near the end of the keg & has gone down real easy. I thought it was worth notating. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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    Oh yeah, first pour from the kegerator. Brewdog punk IPA Such a good beer. Thinking this one will be on high rotation.
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    Hi guys. Given the number of posts across quite a few threads I thought this might make for a good off-beer brewing topic. I got a smoker for Xmas & have been dying to put it to use. Today was the first day since Xmas that was safe enough to do so using charcoal. 2 x 1.7kg rolled slabs of beef. I rubbed one with a pretty standard rub I would use if regularly roasting & the other with "McCormick's Grill Mates "Smokin Texas Slow and Low BBQ Rub". First ever time using a natural fuel source at home for cooking that tore my hair out trying to get to a good temp & then regulate, but I eventually got there. I used a mix of hickory & mesquite wood chips for imparting a smoke flavour into the meat along with the spiced rubs. I'm sorry I don't have a post-cook pic as I & those here with me were so anxious to taste the meat once it was cooked I had carved a good whack of it up & we had eaten about half of it before I remembered to take a pic! LOL Both pieces turned out well & with the desired smoke ring & flavour. The American based McCormick's rub was the more flavourful of the two. I've used a couple of their range before on pieces of meat & they are really terrific. Cheers & good BBQ'ing! Lusty.
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    Sampling the Vienna Lager again. It has been on the gas for 2 weeks and the head retention is much much better. How good is beer, live sport and relaxing out the back!!
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    cider for wifey, imperial pacific thing for me.
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    Pacific ale, Enigma and Galaxy. This beer is just getting better and better. Such a smooth bitterness and fruity flavour. Outstanding beer.
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    I suppose this is more the serving setup than the brewing setup but yesterday I bought this bar which will sit in what's meant to be the dining room but SWMBO decided she didn't like it there, so the table has been moved and the bar is the perfect size to fit into that space. Originally I was gonna build one in a similar style but her mum found it on Fakebook and sent it through, so I decided to go for it. Comes with 4 bar stools as well for an even $500. I am picking it up tomorrow but this is a photo of what it looks like. I'll probably have to slightly modify it to fit the kegerator in behind it, and I might stain it a darker color too. Overall though, pretty stoked to get it this quickly and looking forward to putting it in. Might stick a TV on the opposite wall too.
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    Bloody phone data switched off again, but I did get a picture of the pale ale. Didn't use any isinglass in this batch as I didn't have time, so the yeast haze is pretty crappy, but I did throw some polyclar into the keg which has helped clear it a bit. Still looking for a good location for beer pictures. Found one spot that would probably work well later in the arvo when the sun's gone down further, but this one will have to do for now.
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    This "Bizarre Brown Ale" is a crack at all malt and no kit base... heading towards an Altbier... 16 days in the bottle it needs a bit more time... but as a cleansing refresher in the heat it is ok:
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    Annnnd it's in the glass.... Clarity will improve since I only fast carbed it this morning (no finings used) so shook it like it owed me money Kviek plays really well with rye, I was right about hops and esters melding well. Citrus, orange and tropical fruits, low pine / dankness spicy/ earthy malt with bready backbone and a smooth, clean bitterness . Doesn't taste green at all , no off flavours at all Have a cube of my version of DSGA warming up and a vitality starter spinning away so going again!! 6 bloody days pitch to package..... I love this stuff!!
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    Still knocking back my AG IPA, great drop but may up the hops next time round.
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