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    Hi, just tasting the 2nd brew - ( aka Guv's Brew 2 Session Ale in elswhere in threads) , it's come up trumps ? this was allready fermenting before I' tasted my first attempt, somehow this brew has a more present bittreness and pleasant flavour, and this time better carbed (raised psi from 10 -12 & dropped temp to 2c). just by sheer guess work and playing beersmith, ive think this brew suprcedes regards Guvna
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    I see you are using the 'Dry Wit' of Seth Mcfarlane to accelerate the drying process
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    Yes I heard the bullet smokers work well and don't use much fuel at all. You'll make some great food I'm sure!
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    Thanks Headmaster I'm in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne, so almost ideal weather for hops. I have two of each of these plants and last year they only sent up one main shoot. All of these have a few this year and the Goldings looks like it could go coco bananas. I reckon you could carefully dig up and cut off a couple of rhizomes away from the main crown and replant. Just get to it soon. Cheers Shamus
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    My Cascade; Red Earth and Goldings that I planted last year, and had a harvest from them all, are up again this year too. Cascade Red Earth Goldings
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    Hi Simon Nothing special with the recipe. Just the Coopers English Bitter kit and kilo of Light Dry Malt. I reckon it is one of the nicest of the Coopers kits on its own. Although I did split the wort into two 11.5 litre batches (by witchcraft and trickery). One I left plain and the other added some of my home grown Red Earth hop cones: 11g 5minute boil and left to steep for 20 minutes & 11g dry hopped on day three. I will have to do a side by side taste test. I've tried them separately and pretty happy with the result. The plain EB is less banana-ry than before. More consistent temperature than last time though. Cheers Shamus
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    The POR I got about a month ago and planted threw up 2 shoots last week as well. From what I read online the crown maintenance and rhizome cutting should happen when they are still dormant but doubt it matters. They are supposed to be pretty resilient things
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    So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong in bed!!! ? Kelsey, what smoker u upgrading to?
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    The water profile works really well too.
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    I have been using Brewfather. Great response time for questions on the Facebook page. He is adding new stuff all the time. Check it out.
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    Just adding another option to this list. I used to use Brewmate but it isn’t Mac compatible so have been using it on an old laptop at home. I recently started using Brewfather; a new online program that is really easy to use.
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